Outdoor San Diego Entries for January, 2009


Later Sunsets, Ground-Hog Day, Big Ocean Swells, Waxing Crescent Moon and Venus

The Sun Strides North in February, swinging higher across the sky each successive day. Already quite noticeable is the change ...

Wild Lilacs, Acacias, and Winter Constellations

Ceanothus, or wild lilac, a late winter or early spring blooming native plant, could blossom profusely this month or next. ...

Waterfalls, Tree Aloes, and the Evening Star

San Diego County's Waterfalls could be at their very best during the next month or two, depending on how much ...

Lowest Temperatures, Latest Sunrise, Fullest Moon, Lowest Tide

Recent Chilly Days and Nights only confirm that San Diego's lowest temperatures (according to more than a century of weather ...

Rainfall, Gray Whales, Venus, and the Short-Lived Quadrantid Meteor Shower

Highest Monthly Rainfall totals in San Diego are most likely to occur in January and February (nearly two inches each ...

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