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Print versions of the Unforgettable history columns always include three sidebar quotations.

I want to include the ones for the Tets Hiraskai columns here — "Letters from the End of the World" parts one and two — because they help fill out the story of Japanese American relocation in 1942.

Part One (at Santa Anita Assembly Center):

  1. Roger Daniels, "Their guilt was their ancestry."

  2. Michael O. Tunnell, "Japanese Americans were as stunned by the attack on Pearl Harbor as the rest of the country, 'They are attacking us!' yelled a Nisei high-school student."

  3. San Diego Union, June 23, 1941: "The Escondido Humane Society has been called upon to handle stray animals [estimated in the thousands] from Encinitas to the Orange County border...We need help in mopping up after the Japs."

Part Two (at Poston):

  1. Roger Daniels: "The barbed-wire fences, the guards, and the surrounding wasteland were always there to remind the detainees that they were exiled, incarcerated Americans, who didn't know whether they would ever be allowed to return to their former homes."

  2. President Gerald Ford: "We know now what we should have known then...not only was the evacuation wrong, but Japanese Americans were and are loyal Americans...on the battlefields and at home."

  3. Clara Breed (to Tets): "You have been one of my restorers of faith in the human spirit. I know that you will keep your courage and humor in the weeks and days that lie ahead, no matter what they may bring."

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