We live in a rather nice neighborhood in Oceanside, not the most affluent and not the seediest, but a nice relatively quiet neighborhood that is run by an association. They have there rules and we pay them to take care of the grounds and enforce the policies they say keep the neighborhood clean,safe, and esthetically pleasing to those of us that live there. The rules, I am sure, are probably similar to every other association run neighborhood. But let me tell you, they are getting out of control. Nit picking people for things that are everyday occurrences. For instance, they like you to keep your dog on a lesh and pick up his messes, I for one would really appreciate this one as we have no dog, and I have stepped in it several times this year, they like you to put your cars in the garage and not use the area for an extra room and get some of the cars off the streets. OK, we get some of these things but to fine people 100. for not bringing there trash cans off the street or being able to see a trash can on the side of your home because you can see through a fence, is a little much, people work and need the time to get home and then they do bring in there cans. I think the man with the clip board that I see slinking around the neighborhood during the day should write up the people that leave there trash cans out all week, that leave old couches and chairs on the curb for a week, that don't water and mow there grass, come on people, why do we pay you every month, surly not to mow the median strip upon entering the subdivision.

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kdeuce July 11, 2009 @ 9:12 p.m.

For instance, they like you to keep your dog on a lesh and pick up his messes,

That's not just an association rule. It's the law in Oceanside.


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