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Two arrests were made related to a gang fight and shooting in eastern El Cajon that occurred Friday night (October 11).

Sheriff’s deputies originally received a call reporting a fight involving several individuals on the 8500 block of Rosada Court. While responding, the situation was updated to reflect a report of one combatant wielding an axe, then again to an allegation that gun shots had been fired and suspects were fleeing in a white Cadillac.

Deputies located the car leaving the area, a small residential neighborhood with only one main access road, and stopped the driver. A search of the area quickly led to the recovery of a gun that appears to have been thrown from the vehicle immediately before the stop, as well as a blood-soaked glove and a bullet casing matching the caliber of the gun. A second matching casing was found inside the vehicle.

Both unnamed occupants of the Cadillac were arrested, one after receiving treatment for stomach wounds he was suffering at the time of his arrest. Additional units responded to the scene of the reported fight, but several individuals found in the street when deputies arrived all refused to cooperate with the investigation, though other witnesses helped identify those involved in the altercation.

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