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Students for Justice in Palestine at the UC San Diego campus were successful in a bid on March 14 to pass a resolution through the Associated Students body calling for the divestment of the university from corporations including “Northrop Grumman, Alliant Techsystems, General Electric, and others whose technology is used by the Israeli Defense Forces to violate the human rights of Palestinians.”

This was the fifth time Associated Students heard the proposal, after similar measures failed in 2012 and were either shot down or were tabled without a vote.

“Companies who profit from the deaths of Palestinians should be singled out and condemned for their actions,” said the group in a release. “This is a tactic of the Boycotts, Divestment, and Sanctions Movement called upon by Palestinian civil society to draw attention to human rights violations perpetrated by Israel.”

The proposal was originally submitted on February 24, but only came to a vote after “many attempts to delay and filibuster” its presentation over the following three weeks.

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