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Two men and two teenagers were arrested this morning (August 5) after being caught in the process of burglarizing a home on the 1500 block of Robbie Jean in El Cajon.

According to Lieutenant Walt Miller of the El Cajon Police Department, officers responded to the residence after a report of four black males jumping fences from backyard to backyard. When they arrived, the suspects fled, each in a different direction.

Finding the front door unlocked and fearing for the safety of residents, officers entered the house and found a large pile of personal property stacked on the living room couch, apparently being staged for easy removal. It was later determined that the home’s occupants were at work at the time of the burglary, with the suspects gaining access by breaking a kitchen window.

As police established a neighborhood perimeter, local residents observing the situation provided tips as to the suspects hiding places. All four, 16-and-17-year-old juveniles and two unnamed adults, aged 20 and 21, were quickly located. After one of the break-in victims was located and was able to identify as stolen further personal property in possession of the suspects.

While the investigation continues, it is not believed that any more suspects are outstanding.

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