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San Diego Sheriff’s deputies apprehended two suspects related to a car theft in Vista yesterday, but not before multiple traffic collisions occurred.

A traffic deputy on Hacienda Drive observed the stolen vehicle at the intersection of South Melrose Drive and initiated pursuit when the driver failed to pull over for a traffic stop. While fleeing westbound on Hacienda, the suspect sideswiped a car before crashing into another vehicle at the intersection of South Melrose and Buena Vista Drive.

Two suspects exited the vehicle running. The driver, 29 year-old Miguel Magana was soon apprehended by a Sheriff’s dog, while 25 year-old passenger Roberto Saragosa was found and arrested at a nearby Circle K convenience store. Magana was transported to Palomar Medical Center for treatment of wounds suffered in the crash and for dog bites.

Meanwhile, a third collision occurred involving two Oceanside Police vehicles that were responding to secure the perimeter and help with the search for Saragosa. One officer complained of pain related to his airbag deploying and was sent to Tri-City Medical Center for treatment.

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