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San Diego County Treasurer-Tax Collector Dan McAllister says his office will be sending new tax bills to 3500 residents of South Park and Golden Hill. This time, without any fees for the Greater Golden Hill Maintenance Assessment District tacked on.

The City has remained silent on the issue since a judge ruled the assessment district invalid on February 9. And without word from the City, residents felt they were left with the bill for the non-existent maintenance assessment district.

McAllister assures them that is not the case.

"The tax payers should all be receiving corrected bills by April 2," said McAllister.

"And, if the assessment was paid, then residents will be receiving refunds in next two to four weeks. The county has a reliance on the local jurisdiction, which in this case is the City of San Diego. We are sort of caught in the middle here, and as soon as we get correct data we send out refunds.

As for additional refunds for prior years, the city will have to determine how much is owed and when to issue refunds.


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BlueSouthPark March 26, 2012 @ 9:15 p.m.

Thank you, Dorian! And thank you, County Treasurer-Tax collector's office.

We certainly cannot thank anyone in the City - neither the two councilmen involved (Alvarez and Gloria), nor Sanders, nor the City Attorney's office, nor the Economic Development Dept staff (supposedly overseeing the assessment while ciphering off 4%). They would not tell us anything. And they've never apologized for the trouble and expense they caused us. The City and the Community Development Corporation owe all of us a HUGE apology, among other things they owe us.


InOmbra March 28, 2012 @ 12:09 p.m.

The hugest apology is due from the tiny group of people who call themselves the Greater Golden Hill Community Development Corporation. This little club consists of less than 10 people who appoint themselves to their pretentious committees and vote each other into and out of executive and board positions year after year, because they can't get anyone normal or honest to join their club.

They have milked the system for decades, grabbing up as much public money as they can and routinely wasting it. They have overdue debts owed to LISC and the San Diego Architectural Foundation and routinely take credit for others' accomplishments. Propaganda is about the only thing they ever get halfway right. And even their propaganda is laughable and transparently self-serving.

Thanks for linking to this article, CDC. That's your best-worst propaganda yet.


nostalgic March 31, 2012 @ 8:56 p.m.

These assessment districts circumvent the tax laws in every way - from the initial voting to the contracting requirements. The "one person one vote" we were all taught doesn't apply. In this case, the city itself decide to vote on behalf of its properties. The courts called this "mischief." This is so contrary to what Americans believe about the voting process that people don't understand how it works. It is never explained. And thanks to the Reader, the details have emerged over the years, and the court system has agreed. Thank you to Dorian Hargrove his investigative journalism has helped to get this "under the radar" scheme by the city to become visible.


ghillguy April 13, 2012 @ 8:49 a.m.

What I emailed Gloria this morning:

Thanks for the recent email regarding refunding the money we paid into the now-defunct Golden Hill MAD. I love that you're suing anyone and everyone to recover your money (our money), when the city arranged to give itself a disproportionate "yes" vote to form the MAD in the first place, redrew the boundaries to include city-owned property, then derided residents for suing the city after years of inaction to redress the wrongs done to us. Good luck explaining THAT in court.

Anyway, as complicated as you make the issue sound, this part of it really isn't. It doesn't take months of focus groups or stakeholder meetings or any other bureaucratic gobbledygoop:

  1. Send checks in the next 30 days refunding what everyone paid in over the years. I can even tell you exactly how much to send me. There's no need to wait for MAD/GGHCDC money to end up in the city coffers; that can come later, at your convenience. We shouldn't have to wait for all that. Goodness knows what you would have done to any property owner who refused to pay that part of our property taxes. It would have taken only a few days for you to slap a lien on my house.

  2. Call the head of public works, and have them pick up the trash from all the trash cans in the neighborhood, not just city-owned ones. If their union balks, have Jerry threaten to fire them. As the attached photo shows, it's becoming a sanitary issue for the neighborhood. I can only imagine you've let it get this bad out of subconscious spite (or conscious spite), to "punish" us for voting against the MAD, then fighting it tooth-and-nail for years. OK, you're made your point. Just make a quick phone call to remove the trash, then the cans, before you have a nice cholera outbreak in Golden Hill to rival 1850s London.


Jason Ford



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