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The San Diego Unified School District agreed unanimously yesterday to extend its Project Stabilization Agreement to include all projects funded by state dollars and Proposition S, a $2.1 billion bond measure passed in 2008 to repair and renovate district schools.

The goal of the agreement is to create jobs by hiring San Diegans to complete construction projects. An independent study commissioned by the district was released last week that shows the program’s goals have been met or exceeded, without resulting in any added expense to the district.

Eighteen percent of all workers on projects included in the agreement come from ZIP codes specifically targeted for their low income status. Thirty percent in all live within the boundaries of the school district, and 94 percent of workers hail from somewhere in San Diego County.

While the number of project bidders has decreased to an average of 6.2 per project, this number is still considered sufficient to ensure healthy competition. Winning bids on projects included in the agreement were found to be no higher than those open to general competition. Furthermore, projects handled by bidders giving preference to a local workforce were completed an average of 51 days faster than others.

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