Sitting here watching the rain coming down on a gloomy day in Vista, reminds me of when this type of weather used to deepen my depression. The doom and gloom in my mind being compounded by the lack of sun on my skin, and the damp and dreariness of the outside, taking me deeper into the rabbit hole of misery. Not anymore. To keep my overactive mind to stay focused, I now have multiple projects going, and along with this newly acquired grip on the negativity came a sweet bonus: I became successful also.

Too much time on my hands was a major contributor to my mind funks that no-one could get me out of, and we know who plays with our idle hands when we don't put them to work. I went back to reading more every day, either on the Internet or books from the library, and I gained something of incredible value- information. Reading more about the industry I was involved in on a daily basis allowed me to be more proficient and gave me the information I needed to help me target customers, friends or family, to find solutions. There are all kinds of projects we could be involved in, but the ones that generated passive income paid the rent, I worked even harder, and saw more results; a fun spiral to be in.

We all need help. Every single one of us on this planet needs someone else, this is our social order and paramount for survival. Taking some time out on a daily basis and looking around us, forgetting about the 'me' for a while and just looking at our surroundings, the people who walk by and the opportunities laying therein. We can start to formulate ideas for our future, practice foresight and prediction, for example: One of the first successful projects I started was distributing t shirts to local businesses. I had a designer friend integrate several stores of similar industries on the same shirt, it was popular and it sold, which led to online sales, and is now a growing company. If we can make use of a good idea, we can see how in reality a new business will form.

Time management is the key. The more seconds and minutes we can allocate to a project which helps someone, the more we take away from the darkness and the wasted precious time of useless thought. As our time is more wisely spent, we become wise also, we see the dysfunctions we're all infected with, and the needs of others, some of which we can fulfill. Getting healthy with our mind and body should be the first priority, a little time spent every day on this project will reaps rewards unseen. We're all capable of living a successful life, and when we start with this mindset, others notice and our circles get bigger, who doesn’t want positive people around? Of course there are times when we struggle, but with time and practice we persevere. As I write and look outside towards the pouring rain I smile, what a great, beautiful day it is. ~Timothy Clacton.

Here are some examples we can start working on right now as daily practices:

1 Exercise our bodies

2 Learn to read more

3 Smile at somebody

4 Find out how to help someone

5 Make the rounds, meet people on a consistent manner

6 Promise to learn something new everyday

7 Listen to someone more, speak less

8 Make a commitment to self growth

9 Work on the vices which we are riddled with, and replace with the opposing virtues

10 Learn to love ourselves.


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