My name is Paula. My son Aaron and Daughter Morgan live in a busy yet cozy old neighborhood in Vista. Our house, the big yellow one on the corner, a big yard, trees, have become a daily routine stop for all the neighborhood dog walkers and their dogs. In the evening my kids and I enjoy sitting on the front porch watching all the pet dogs go by, always stopping in our yard. We have seen all kinds of dogs over the years and always look forward to playing with them all. Well the other evening, as we sat outside, a group of five neighbors and their dogs came up the road. There was a new dog in the group, one that was hard to tell what breed it was.As the dogs got closer, this unusual, fat, gray funny looking dog with a long curly tail came running up to our yard. Wagging his tail and jumping up on our legs wanting to play and pet him along with the other ones,caught us off guard. At first we thought this unusual looking dog may have been just an overweight weiner dog, but were we ever wrong. This freindly little dog wasn't a dog, it was a pet pig!!!! He just fit in , just like one of the gang...We could not believe it. It was the funniest thing you ever saw. What was even funnier was when my son asked the man what his pigs name was, he said," Hamlet". Everyone just laughed, especially when aaron looke dat the man and said why didn't you just call him "BACON". It was hilarious. Just when you thought you had seen it all. Now our neighborhood is even more entertaining. What to expect next???????????

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