I've lived in La Mesa for two years now. I lived in my car for most of that time and really stumbled upon the little precious neighborhood while walking the streets of the village. Finding beautiful and friendly La Mesa saved my life.

It was a Saturday evening and I could not sleep. I decided to walk up and down La Mesa Boulevard. I'd been there for Octoberfest and knew there were possible things to do. Although the tiny lit-up village was much more calm than when people dressed in Leiderhosen drank from beer steins, there was still a buzz. I walked by Cosmo's Coffee House and saw a woman singing with a guitar. The place was packed, entry was free, and the entertainment was top-notch. Cosmo's hosts an array of free entertainment, ranging from Open-Mic nights to jazz concerts and everything is free. You don't even have to buy coffee! I found myself becoming a regular, making friends with the locals, and this was my entry way into the lovely hills.

La Mesa is know as the jewel of the hills because it boasts natural beauty that shines. Tucked into crevices like dollhouses are some of the finest crafted homes. They sparkle during the daytime and illuminate the night sky. Just taking a walk through the neighborhood ignites the senses.

La Mesa also houses many fine shops, restaurants and eclectic services, and all are within a five block radius. Walking is easy, driving is a chore, and convenience is outstanding. There's also variety...in where you shop, who you mingle with, and what you choose to do. You can get a haircut, design custom jewelry, get a psychic reading, watch a football game, eat a burger, down a beer, create your own yogurt blend, go antiquing, see a good band, take the trolley anywhere, walk to Grossmont Center, spend too much money at Costco, enjoy an afternoon tea, pig out at Henry's, watch the day pass at Menlo Park...the list just goes on and on and on.

Even though I didn't have the means to rent an apartment or live in one of the grand houses, I still felt very much a part of the neighborhood. People in La Mesa are generally friendly, and there is a rich nature filled with dogs and birds and flowers. The weather is unbeatable and time passes in a gentle, lovely way. Some might say La Mesa is boring...a sort of snoring town. There's a little bit of truth to that. La Mesa doesn't have the shimmering nightlife of downtown San Diego, nor does it have the jazz and zest of the beach scene. There are no ocean breezes and no blaring stereos at four am. But there's a grace and elegance to this town.

Come check it all out for yourself. Spend a day walking around the village - in the summer you can watch the 50's car show and in the winter you can watch Christmas come alive. Anyday is really a good day to just let time pass. Once you come to La Mesa, you might not want to leave...especially if you find your own little jewel, tucked away in your own precious hill.


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