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Los Angeles label Strong and Tough Audio recently released a 23-track compilation including tracks by local producers Puppy Kicker, Sleeve↓, EshOne, Misk, Demon Slayer, and Mastah Syphe, who also mastered the album.

Summer Solstice Compilation V.1 is the science fiction soundtrack to a midsummer total eclipse orchestrated by producers from renowned labels such as Smog, Saturate!Records, Alpha Pup, and San Diego collectives Liquid Geometry, Rogue Dubs, and Elk Beats.

Eerie, occult, and fecund with mystery, the compilation showcases the future sounds of experimental hip-hop and trap beats, minimal dubstep, and ethereal garage with interludes of dreamy liquid drum and bass.


The full compilation is available to stream (free) or download for a minimum donation of $.50 here.

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