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A song from San Diego cabaret-inspired music troupe, The Silent Comedy, is now featured on the trailer for the highly-anticipated video game, Dark Souls.

According to blogger Rosemary Bystrak, who heads up www.sddialedin.com, the trailer featuring the band's song, "Bartholomew," has already had more than one million hits.

Bystrak ran into brothers Joshua and Jeremiah Zimmerman from The Silent Comedy at a recent gig at the Casbah and asked them if anything has changed since the trailer was released on August 17.

"They...told me that their analytics changed drastically from 30-40 year old women to 13-19 year old boys. Not shocking, but pretty amazing," writes Bystrak in her blog post.

Read the blog post and watch the trailer here..

photo from The Silent Comedy's facebook page


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