I've Got Issues Entries for November, 2008


Anyone Paying Attention to the Provisional Ballot Count in District 7?

Everyone is acting like this election is totally over when we have a huge race in district 7 that is ...

Is San Diego's Voting System Secure? Who's Running This Show?

How come every time our Registrar of voter speaks she changes the story? How come everytime we have an election ...

Know Your Rights at the Polls

Hey everyone, get your game faces on! Take nothing for granted, we have got to be ready for anything. This ...

Clawgate Press Conference: Citizens Speak Out About How They Were Slandered By Gloria Mailer

The Clawgate Press Conference held at 1:30pm on the corner of 4th and University attracted a respectable crowd of District ...

Goldsmith : B I G Backdoor Money + Ultra Right Wing History = :(

Goldsmith has so many people working for him, he practically doesn't have to lift a finger. I mean has anyone ...

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