This is the extent to which how exciting my teenage life is. It was last friday, my best friend Paulina, my cousin Cassi and I were cruising around town in her little gold car that makes a funny noise when you turn it off. After getting some grub at our local T.G.I.Fridays, we sat in the parking lot of target for awhile, wondering what to do. We gossiped, talked about the latest drama between our girlfriends and the like. We all agreed that our lives were sad, us three girls in the prime of our lives with nothing to do on a friday night. Sigh. Don't get me wrong, we aren't ugg-os or anything. My boyfriend was working and my best friend's guy is kind of lame so we didn't want to hang out with them. Being near Jamul, and being very interested in scary stories, we decided to drive deep into the woods and look for blue people. (legend is there are blue people living in Jamul, look up blue people of Kentucky if you don't know the story) We drove so deep into Jamul, that when we hit Dulzura, lights ceased to exist. Looking into the mountains we saw nothing but black and then... a small blue light flashed on! We all proceeded to scream and speed away. We drove around for awhile longer, with Paulina leading us down more dirt roads and telling us scary stories. Eventually, we scared ourselves so much that we had to go back to the comfort that is my house. We where filled with such scared adrenaline that we went online to find more scary places in San Diego to explore. Other then the Whaley House, we couldn't really find any places other then a rumor that there is an old insane asylum somewhere in Spring Valley.

We need scary places! We want to be the next ghost hunters. Pretty, girly, scared ghost hunters. I need to know more haunted places in San Diego, I graduate in 4 days and I have an entire summer to explore :)

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