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Last night, after the Republican National Convention, and all the reporters and Republican hosts were patting themselves on the back for the great speech Sarah Palin gave, I got an invitation to join the latest Facebook Group "Sarah Palin is NOT Hillary Clinton".

Shortly after, I was invited to join "I have more Foreign Policy Experience than Sarah Palin" Although both groups are less than 1 week old, they each have more than 15,000 members and are quickly growing.

While Republican’s are praising themselves on Traditional Media like TV, radio, and even in the latest issue of Newsweek with Sarah Palin & John McCain on the cover, (the feature article showing Sarah Palin proudly holding up a giant salmon with the headline “McCain’s Mrs. Right”) the real conversation about what the actual public thinks and feels about the 2008 Presidential Campaign is happening in New Media (online and in the mobile space).

From the user-generated YouTube videos (see my earlier post about the Obama Girl and the 2008 Presidential Campaign ), Facebook groups, viral emails, blogs, and personal web sites, the public is creating their own support for their favorite presidential candidate – and doing so in a powerful way.

Obama’s campaign team understands the power new media has to persuade and influence voters. His team is running consistent and powerful campaigns across the major (and minor) Web 2.0 sites including everything from Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Digg, Flicker, MySpace, LinkedIn, Eons and more.

The Obama team is also taking advantage of the power of mobile marketing by alerting supporters via text message of important announcements. In fact, he even officially announced his Vice Presidential pick by sending a text message to supporters' cell phones. Many questioned this tactic, saying that traditional media proposed a bigger venue for such an important announcement. But when you look back at Obama’s entire new media strategy, it makes perfect sense. Text messaging, like the strategies he is using on the 2.0 sites, provokes one-on-one communication with voters. It gives voters and easy way to forward that message to friends at the exact time when it matters most. (Like the text message he sent minutes before his speech at the DNC) I can only assume that when Election Day comes, the Obama camp will be reminding supporters to get out there and vote, quietly, personally, confidently and directly to their cell phones or favorite social networking site.

How do you feel about the roll of technology in the 2008 Presidential Race? Do you feel that McCain has used the Internet or New Media effectively as well? If so, I’d like to hear your comments!

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Joe Poutous Sept. 4, 2008 @ 12:24 p.m.

The Obama Online Fundraising Machine's (yes, caps) ability to out perform the GOP efforts is evidence that the Republicans have missed the boat on new media. Did you watch any of the RNC and looked at the duffers in attendance?.. Can you imagine any of those old dudes rocking the myspace or even sending a text?

On another note: I enjoyed the constant reminder that Palin had actual executive experience, while Obama and Biden have none... just like John McCain.

  • Joe

jerome Sept. 4, 2008 @ 8:47 p.m.

well all i smell is something very fishy when it comes to PALIN


a2zresource Sept. 18, 2008 @ 3:42 p.m.

Chinese leadership totally clueless about Internet leaks on Tiananmen Square in the last millennium.

US military colonels and generals emailing Iraqi counterparts to surrender in 2003.

Obama text messaging supporters with timely announcements in 2008.

Boeing-SAIC FCS BCT by 2015.

An amusing timeline, no?


jerome July 3, 2009 @ 8:48 p.m.

so sad for that woman retarded things seem to eminate from both her VJ>"sp" and her mouth i hope she will just go back to fishing and shut up...........her poor child needs a mother full time. she is a quitter now; so that is the truth that can not be disputed, will she really quit politics and take care of her family or continue to spew crapola and photo graph her other young child spit on her poor kids head over an over an over; what love, so heartwarming right? we been taken again by republican manipulation.lets be real america.... she even said recently america is apathic, they just hunker down and go with the flow>very good description of her decision.


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