Fancy Country Comfort at Great Maple

Hillcrest eatery offers familiar fare with an occasional twist... and donuts.

I liked Brian's American Eatery, it was one of my go-to breakfast spots back when I lived within walking distance. ...

Soup with a view!

Surprise deals on top of Nordstrom's

"Sweetheart, corazon, will you be downtown today?" Warning bells! She's going to ask me to do something I don't want ...

El Tigre Digital: Mamut Brewery Co. grand opening featuring Sonidero Travesura

Tijuana micro-brewery celebrates grand opening with a free jazz cumbia show and a limited edition beer.

This week, I reviewed a burgeoning craft beer bar in the arts and culture alleyway of Pasaje Rodriguez in Tijuana. ...

Wingstop open in University Heights

A quick lesson in eating hot wings based on a too-expensive--but otherwise good--multi-state chain's spicy chicken bites.

So, a Wingstop recently opened in University Heights, right next to the Lovin’ Hut. 1901 El Cajon Boulevard, 619-297-9464. Maybe ...

Barrio Logan: Eat your fruit!

New fruit and ice cream eatery delivers health the Mexican way

Okay. Here's the menu for dinner: Apples, bananas, sandia (watermelon), mango, piña (pineapple), papaya, melon, strawberries, cottage cheese, granola, coconut, ...

Alien pods discovered in Marina District!

Ed doesn't believe they're just $5 home-made sausages. Who would?

I sit here looking down at this...creature. Things are weird enough already. Here I am, surrounded by an oryx, a ...

Lotus Cafe joins series of closed Hillcrest restaurants

What's next for the perpetually troubled location adjacent to the Hillcrest 24Hr Fitness?

Lotus Cafe gave it a go, but the Hillcrest location is done. Stick a fork in it. The original location ...

Late brunch, Old Town

Ed finds American comfort food in the heart of Old Town

Nothing more delicious than a guilty late brekky. Sitting on the red bench seats in the sun outside the Living ...

Aqui es Texcoco serves pulque!

In addition to off-the-wall barbecued lamb, South Bay's premier barbacoa restaurant sells ancient Mexico's favorite booze!

Aqui es Texcoco (1043 Broadway, Chula Vista, 619-427-4045) has mostly enjoyed success for lamb barbecue. Much like Mama Testa becoming ...

Fish Public opens strong

Kensington's new restaurant of note serves shellfish with style, flounders on the drinks, but rallies with impeccable service.

Fish Public (4055 Adams Avenue, 619-281-4014) got its fair share of hype following the public closing of the Kensington Grill ...

Counterpoint: No BS Brussels Sprouts

Ed's search for the best sprouts in town reaches a high point on Golden Hill

Most popular spot on Golden Hill? Has to be here, just about opposite the fire station. http://sandiegoreader.com/users/photos/2013/aug/05/50645/ Counterpoint (830 25th ...

Hitting the G Spot: G Street Deli

Luscious chipotle chicken sandwich and meatball soup for $7.49

Suddenly get the munchies coming out of Office Depot down near the Santa Fe. Instead of heading back to Broadway ...

Pasaje Rodríguez: Papas & Beer & El Muertho

Mamut microbrewery is the scene for eats and arts

“I estimate we have 60 microbreweries in Tijuana now,” says Juan Jose Quesada. “And maybe 20 in Mexicali, and 30 ...

The Heart & Trotter: Meet your meat at Alchemy

South Park lounge and restaurant joins Societe Brewing to showcase the farm-to-table flesh of The Heart & Trotter Butchery

A couple years ago, I crashed a party at a home in the hills of Valley Center, where about thirty ...

Natural Style Chicken is cheap and delicious

Point Loma chicken rotisserie and teriyaki is a strip mall hidden gem for cheap lunches and filling dinners.

Natural Style Chicken (3944 W. Point Loma Boulevard, 619-223-9887) is the kind of place you have to stumble upon, unless ...

Shot Cabo, a taste revolution on Revolución

El Colegio is a class in Baja-Med cuisine

Up on Revolución, thinking about maybe Chiki Jai for a Spanish snack. But at Fifth, kitty-corner from Caesar's, whoa, brand ...

First look at Lucky Bastard Saloon

New bar downtown makes an effort with the comfort food...and the chaps.

Skipping past the juicy but irrelevant PR hype (“ermhagerd it’s owned by a Playboy Playmate!”), the Lucky Bastard saloon at ...

TJ wine bar with mini-theater, home-grown eats

Place has its own ranch in Guadalupe Valley

I was wandering down Tijuana's Puente Mexico, aka First Street, ten at night. Near the wax museum. Only sign of ...

Taste Baja! in Hillcrest

Whole Foods and 7th Ave Pub host some of Baja's finest food and drink.

Have unpredictable border waits deterred you from crossing south to experience the wines of Valle de Guadalupe, the world-renowned cuisine ...

Meatball Cucina open for business

Downtown restaurant replaces Sora with an easy, fun concept and good wines by the glass.

Talk about taking something in the opposite direction! Sora, which wasn’t long for this world, tried an elaborate Japanese-Italian fusion ...

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