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Carla and I were dining out the other night. Tent City (1100 Orange Avenue, Coronado, 619-435-4611). We went a little wild, for us. Carla had the beef tournedos (tender cuts with blue crab meat, bearnaise sauce, and crumbled blue cheese). Loved it. So she should at $24.


Carla's meal, halfway through

Me, I had the Tent City Burger (1/2lb patty, topped with bacon, avocado, jack cheese) for $13. In a ciabatta sandwich too. Crispy bun, delish.

Only trouble? And this has happened with maybe the last three bacon burgers I’ve had at other places too… the bacon's as thin as wood shavings. And flavor? Like a Bud compared with an Arrogant Bastard. Is it because it’s thin-cut? Or hog farms have taken bacon flavor out of the bacon? Are they raising salt-free pigs?

Because honestly the rest of da boiger’s squishy and delish, and plenty of it. Yes, one or two eateries have great thick wads of bacon, and somehow it gives you the deep salty taste that lets you know, just like the bacon bit-loving dawgs on TV, that this is the real thing. The whole hog. The salty reward for chewing through all the bun and lettuce and onion and tomato.

My best bacon experience? No contest: The Big Kitchen (3003 Grape Street, South Park, 619-234-5789). That's where Judy the Beauty on Duty gives you, like, Baaay-Konn! Thick, thick, thick! Muy crunchy, and best of all, rockin' with gill-rattlin' tangyness, nothing wimpy about it. “It’s 10/12 shingled bacon,” the server Mark told me last time I got me some of that hog-candy. “Ten-twelve shingled’s about as thick as it gets.”

Sigh. I mean this burger's fine. But am I the only one who’s yelling, like in that famous old “Where’s the beef?!” ad for Wendy’s, "Where's the bacon? Bring home da bacon!"?

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Ian Pike Jan. 15, 2013 @ 7:48 a.m.

"Tent City" seems a somewhat tasteless name for a restaurant. I mean, what is appetizing about a transient encampment? Perhaps there is some other meaning to the name?


Dave Rice Jan. 15, 2013 @ 9:24 a.m.

My guess is it's reminiscent of the "tent city" that rich Downtown residents would erect on Coronado for their summer vacation homes around the turn of the last century...


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