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Thousands of Argentineans like their empanadas stuffed with chicken.

Parts of Colombia pack their empanadas with peanuts and top them with a spicy aji sauce.

In El Salvador, people take 'em with plantains and sour cream, while many in Ghana prefer them with corned beef or - in the Philippines - chicken, pork, and ground beef.

There are more than thirty different countries globally that have their own version of the empanada, but in Pacific Beach at Papa Luna’s Empanadas, anything and everything goes.

Known for their Thanksgiving dinner empanada(which is exactly what it sounds like) Papa Luna’s in Pacific Beach (1404 Garnet Avenue) will be celebrating National Empanada Day on April 8, when all purchases merit a free traditional carne molida 'nada.

“I moved to Argentina for a year and fell in love with empanadas,” says owner, Simon Baer.

“I want everyone to have the opportunity to discover empanadas. While I have fun creating unexpected flavor combinations for empanadas, I also really want people to discover the history of this dish as well. That’s why we’re giving our customers a traditional empanada during National Empanada Day."

An empanada is defined as: a turnover or mold of pastry filled with chopped or ground meat, vegetables, fruit, etc., and usually baked or fried and their origins can be traced to the Middle East and India.

Empanadas first appeared in a cookbook during the 16th century; Libre del Coch by Ruperto de Nola was published in Catalan and featured empanadas stuffed with seafood.

Gaining a huge popularity throughout western European history, the empanada crossed oceans with the Spanish during their colonization period and became a staple food item in many Latin American and South East Asian countries.

While the empanada was once the Power Bar fueling the conquest of the New World, today, the popular snack is a symbol of community, perseverance, and ingenuity enjoyed throughout Latin America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, much of Europe, and at Papa Luna’s Empanadas in Pacific Beach.

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