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Five on Friday.

Filling time and gut here out over the water at Anthony's Fishette (1360 North Harbor Drive, 619-232-5103) before the Reader's Feast! bash just south of here at Broadway Pier. 

Actually really pretty right now with the sun jes' six inches above the horizon, and waters lapping below, and the rigging of HMS Surprise making this seem like the sailing port 'Diego was, back in the day. 

Except, beyond, the whoosh of all those Friday commuter jets landing at Lindbergh Field drags you back into the 21st, and Austriana...


...the gal taking the orders here, blasts out "Seventy-nine! Seventy-nine!" on the loudspeaker. My chowder was #68. They're doing good business.

Got me a white chowder (could have had red) for $3.95, plus an iced tea for $1.95. Not bad for tourist central. With two packs of oyster crackers to dump on top, this is a real hunger quencher. 

And wow. There goes Huey, setting right over North Island. USS Midway clangs four bells. Distant trumpet from North Island signals sundown. Gulls on the posts right here caw back. Huge catamaran glides past. People around me are going ooh and aah in Japanese, Russian, English. Bay ruffles from blue to mauve to ink. Sky goes from big to huge. 


"Ghost ship" Star of India

I look for green flashes. No such luck. 


Mike and Ed appear on the floating jetty below. Untie their Storm kayaks. They've paddled over from Coronado for a snack. Took them half an hour.

"Been doing this fifteen years," says Ed. "We call it our sanity saver."

They get through the most difficult part, actually lowering themselves into their kayaks, switch on their little flashlight navigation lights.


"They wouldn't save us from an aircraft carrier," Ed says, "but at least we can see where each other is."

Then they push off and paddle out into the sunset. 


"Does it get any better than this?" says a woman sitting down at the next table with her guy. 

They look out west into the wildfire-orange and cobalt blue sky, above the sparkling black whale's back that is Point Loma. 

"I guess not," says the guy. 

Guess it's time to go partee!

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