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I planned a surprise party for my mom who was coming from Boise, Idaho to celebrate her 67th birthday. Mom's on a gluten-free diet. The last time she spent her birthday here in San Diego, we found some gluten-free cupcakes at a local bakery. She loved them.

This visit, however, she came with a new set of rules from her doctor, one of which limits the amount of eggs and dairy she can have. So, I went in search of a vegan, gluten-free cupcake.

I asked around and called all over town. Several of the cupcake bakeries said they could offer gluten-free OR vegan, but not both. A couple of them said, “Well, we can try.” I did plan to purchase regular cupcakes for the gluten-and-dairy-tolerant party attendees, but because the birthday girl would be the guest of honor, I needed her cupcakes to be a bit more than “we can try.”

I finally lucked out with Cupcakes Squared in Point Loma. Not only were they only bakery I could find with a gluten-free, dairy free cupcake that had been tried and tested, but it was also a carrot cake – Mom’s favorite.



Along with the two-dozen minis for my mom, I also ordered eight each of the lemon, mocha baileys, and red velvet minis. Had I not mentioned that the carrot cupcakes were GF/DF, I doubt anyone would have known. My older brother alone ate between seven and ten cupcakes. Mom had four on the day of the party, two more the next day, and then took the final five or six home on the plane with her.

Please note: the lemon, red-velvet, and mocha bailey’s cupcakes are not gluten-free or dairy free.

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devinconway March 2, 2012 @ 3:01 a.m.

When I used to get samples from sites like "Get Official Samples" I would spend about $120 a week I thought that was good because I always shopped at Safeway and my receipt said I had saved 18 percent.


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