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I don't make it a habit to post menus, but some sound so tantalizing that I can barely help myself with Grant Grill's Father's Day Beer, Barley, & Hops menu, June 18 to 24.

Grant Grill's beverage director, Jeff Josenhans, has come up with pairings for the brew-friendly courses and created a cocktail called the "Hopped Manhattan Sour."

This tipple starts out with a base of muddled Williamette hops (used in brewing to impart mild bitterness and a massive floral nose) and builds courtesy of a 100-day barrel-aged variety of rye whiskey that Josenhans crafted in Utah to commemorate the US Grant's 100th year in operation. Pressed lemon and egg whites add dimension and texture to stand up and with a duck sausage dish that includes figs, cherries, a wild fennel tart (likely made using wild fennel from the Grant's rooftop garden), and a syrup made from yet another beer ingredient: malt.

Guests may choose to have three courses ($40 alone or $60 with pairings), four courses ($60 alone or $85 paired), or five courses ($80 alone or $110 paired). It's a bit on the pricey side, but if your dad is anything like my son's dad, his love of suds and their power to make the trials of parenthood seem more bearable makes it all seem worth it.

Beer, Barley, & Hops Menu (excluding duck sausage dish above):

Crispy Pork with Apriums, Cascade Hops, Pickled Mustard Seeds, and Maltose Crackling paired with Blue Star Wheat Beer (Mendocino, CA).

Dry Aged Skirt Steak with Toasted Barley, Sweet Corn Custard, Crisp Basil, and Lettuce Hearts paired with Stone Pale Ale (Escondido, CA).

Robiola a Tre Latte with Belgian Sourdough, Caramelized Almonds, Summer Berries, and Grilled Peaches paired with Duchesse de Bourgogne Flemish Ale (Belgium).

“Chocolate Neugatine Tart” with Frozen Chocolate Ganache, Lightened Chocolate Mousse, Hazelnuts, and Butterscotch Ice Cream paired with Old Rasputin Imperial Stout (Mendocino, CA).


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