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People have recommended Pappalecco in Little Italy to me for gelato, but I had never tried it, loyal as I am to Gelato Vero. I'd been meaning to make my way over to the corner of Cedar and State streets, but life and beaten paths tend to get in the way.

This morning, I finally made it to the European-style coffee/gelato/food spot, but not for gelato (though I'll be going back for that). I went for breakfast. My friend Kristen (once the weekend morning anchor for KUSI, but now anchoring Good Morning Connecticut) suggested we meet at Pappalecco for coffee and breakfast for when we were able to connect and catch up. According to one of Kristen's friends, the breakfast menu is a fairly new deal at Pappalecco. We ordered "strong cappuccinos," by which I mean I asked for "lots of espresso."


I got the Italiano, Panino style. It's advertised as "eggs, grilled chicken, artichokes, tomatoes, and mixed green salad," and Panino style, as I was told, meant you get all that in a sandwich. But my sandwich was missing the eggs. I didn't need them, so didn't make a stink about it, just ate it and it was certainly tasty (especially when dipped in the balsamic vinaigrette that was drizzled on the plate), but I was aware that I didn't get what was promised. Also, when the woman behind the counter asked, "Do you want potatoes?" she failed to clarify that potatoes are an extra $2.50, and do not come with the plate. It's on the menu, and I didn't get them, but I found the way it was asked, without the clarification, to be misleading.


Kristen got the very same thing, Italiano, but with scrambled eggs. You can see in the picture how it looked -- she did get the potatoes, with a "sure." Seriously, it sounded like they came with the dish and that they were just checking to make sure you wanted them, not that they were asking you to upgrade. Now I realize they meant something more along the lines of, "You want fries with that?" Without the potatoes (or eggs, which I hope was just a mistake), my Italiano panino was $9.50. The better deal for me would have been to go with the standard breakfast.


The food was scrumptious enough, and I loved the reminiscent-of-Paris seating on the sidewalk, but I probably won't be back for breakfast. That doesn't mean I won't be back at all -- I'll most definitely try out the gelato, and maybe some of those tasty looking numbers in the glass case on my return visit.

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Barbarella Fokos July 11, 2011 @ 1:47 p.m.

I'd like to add, now that the pictures are visible in the text, that rosemary tossed arbitrarily on a plate is simply annoying. Restaurants, please stop doing that.


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