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My laments over the closing of Little Italy’s Red Velvet are well publicized. The combo wine bar-resto had great food. So, it pleases me to know that one of the culinary minds behind that venture, Lhasa Landry, is at the heart of a new spot to hit SD—The Lion’s Share.

Located in Downtown’s Marina District (and destined to be referred to as “that place by Kansas City Barbeque”), it’s a bar serving craft cocktails using simple, fresh ingredients and high quality spirits. Such is the MO of many bars opening and embracing the craft cocktail movement. What will make The Lion’s Share different from others places like it is the food.

Landry, The Lion's Share's executive chef, has created a menu that’s focused in large part on game meats. While the word “game” conjures mental imagery of large hunks of ruby red meat with foot-long rib bones jutting from them, expect more than Stone Age-style chops thrown on the grill.

The food at The Lion’s Share will be geared toward its bar setting, meaning the dishes will be smaller and more casual, yet still feature plenty of Landry’s cooking chops. Expression will come in creative takes on bar staples, rich sauces and classic techniques.

Aesthetics-wise, expect a mix of worldly relics and contemporary design features, exposed brick and the ubiquitous animal head up on the wall. Here, the latter item makes sense, given the place’s food thematic. The bar opened to the public last Friday and it’s sure to provide a shot in the arm—or at least a few shots down the hatch—for a community that’s been thirsty for a good bar for some time. The Lion’s Share is located at 629 Kettner Boulevard.

Pictured: Lion's Share logo

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