Education Will Integrate Disabled (Tijuana Press, 9/19/12, By Daniel Angel/Leonardo Ortiz)

Tijuana, BC - This Tuesday, the first binational forum on the rights of persons with disabilities was conducted with the intention to include this sector with the rest of the society in an atmosphere of respect for their rights.

Federico Fleishmanâ, a National Human Rights 2011 awardee, commented that the difference between both countries is not the infrastructure but the people who are demanding the rights. If they can have a special parking spot, it improves their opportunity to have a good job.

"But how we are going to have access to decent work if we cannot have access to schools," he asked, and added the area of development for persons with any disability is limited by the intellectual scope of their physical conditions. It's a vicious circle, said the man who has difficulty walking, because if there are no resources for education to integrate him beyond charity.

According to National Commission on Human Rights (NHRC) data in Mexico, there are about 10 million people with a disability which limits their opportunities for development. "Disability is only a feature of the person. You cannot define them, we must not stop at the disability, but must reach people and their capabilities", said Federico Fleishmanâ.

Participating in the Forum was the local Congress, provided with reforms that had been made at the federal level. Civic associations that organized the Forum and promoters for all human rights recognized the lack of opportunities for this population sector.

In a law amended in January of this year, the State Government committed to create a regulation within 60 days that corresponded and assured part of the annual budget would place 50 million pesos ($3.9 million US) for 27 programs.

250,000 Beneficiaries Have Popular Insurance: In Rosarito alone there are almost 61,000. (Tijuana Press, 9/19/12 by News Release)

Tijuana, BC - The General Director of the Social Protection System of Health (Repss), Mirna Rincón Vargas, reported that to date a total of 250 - 300 thousand citizens have been enrolled with Popular insurance, which meets its goal for this year. She stressed that according to statistics, Popular insurance went beyond a projection set at 83.3% and if it continues, the trend a goal of 300 thousand patients will be served by December. Vargas indicated that to date, Playas de Rosarito has 60,748 beneficiaries, of which 38,279 have been confirmed.

She pointed out that on instructions from State Governor Jose Guadalupe Osuna Millan, agent brigades travel to the furthest places in the community on a daily basis in order to continue bringing Popular insurance’s comprehensive services, especially to persons with limited financial resources.

The General Director of the Repss urged beneficiaries who have an expired policy for Popular insurance to see any of the 21 affiliation offices operating in Baja California to reaffiliate or receive free guidance, or see the brigades who come to the colonies. She also says the population can also process your policy via email and by that same route are given an appointment to come to sign the policy when instructed.

Mirna Rincón said to send documentation via e-mail [email protected] This e-mail address is protected from spam bots. You need JavaScript enabled to view the following documentation: CURP's scanned (jpg format) of the owner and members, indicating the relationship of kinship with the holder; official ID of the policyholder (format jpg) on both sides, and a proof of address (jpg format) not more than 90 days old. And in the event they wish initiate the re-application process, they will have to scan and send the expired policy (jpg format) in the same e-mail.

The Repss spokesperson said all citizens who come to process their membership and/or make reapplication for comprehensive services to receive free preventive medical services will have their fingerprints recorded to their electronic medical record.

Finally, she said that for questions about the location of offices or brigades, members or the community in general can communicate free of charge by calling the Popular insurance official information line: 01 800 025 11 11.


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