National City may have been the place of the first transportation by bus in San Diego County in 1922 but not much progress has been made since then. Just 97 years later and little has changed. The trolley station at 24th street offers little incentive for the passenger to venture off and visit the local merchants, merchants being one hot dog vendor and a convenience store. Two women in their late 60’s approach me and ask me if I know how to get to the dance hall bar. Now my first impression is that it is 2 in the afternoon on Saturday and these two are starting early. They are lost and dressed with no where to go. I have just under ½ hour to spare before I need to be at work. After a few minutes of relaying directions to their specified address, I kindly tell them that I can take them. After they have mentioned over 10 times that the next bus does not come for another hour I assure them it will be safer if I take them then walking alone this neighborhood. We head off down National City Blvd, which is basically a long auto mall. They inform me that the Dance hall is a gallery and outdoor Filipino market behind a warehouse. Quickly I become worried for these two. Are you sure you know where you are going I repeat. Do you have someone expecting you? They assure me that the only one waiting for them is a hangover and they are off and out of the car as soon as I pull up to the curb. Before I get a second glance the two older ladies are off hugging friends and walking into what looks like a Fast and the Furious movie come to life. Go figure, and I am the one in my 20’s.


bohemianopus June 18, 2009 @ 11:40 a.m.

Ha! This is funny!

Maybe they weren't in their late 60's. Maybe they were actually in their 20's and just looked old from all the carousing!

You are a good person for being concerned and driving them to their destination.



SandySurfer Sept. 2, 2009 @ 1:52 p.m.

I just moved to National City from Ocean Beach to be a live-in nanny and I LOVE IT! I have always shied away from this place, coz it has a bad rep. But I live in Mazatlan for six months out of the year, so even tho I am wada (white girl... woman aged 51, but feel 22!), I feel very comfortable here, one block west of Highland, between 18th and 19th.

I think it is San Diego's next hot neighborhood!


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