So, Naomi Campbell is a nut job. We can all pretty much agree on that.

Russell Crowe threw a phone at a hotel clerk. But...when you look into that story, it made a little sense. He was trying to call his wife from his room, and couldn't. She had been getting mad, thinking he was staying out all night. And, he wanted to prove he wasn't. Now, why he doesn't have a better cell phone, I don't know.

But, with Naomi Campbell, she's now done the phone throwing thing at 3 different people. And, a maid, and personal assistant, are now suing her.

So, her latest temper tantrum happened during an airport argument, in which her bags were lost. She spit on a cop, and I think threw a punch. And then threw a cell phone. I swear, she should be banned from owning those things.

Now, what's the kicker? She did what I've noticed a lot of African-Americans do when they get in jams. She said this is happening to her, because she's black. Yep. She played the race card.

Now, Olympian Marion Jones, who is serving prison time...I can't believe she hasn't pulled the race card. She could say "They didn't take the Cy Young Award away from Roger Clemens, and he did these things, too. Is it because he's white?"

Unfortunately, they did take the gold medal, and bronze medals, away from her teammates, who are now lawyering up. That's really a shame for them, but really, what else can you do?

I saw Serena Williams won a tennis tournament, but for some reason still got angry, and smashed her racket. Maybe she was mad that a white guy built it, or refed the match. I dunno. I'm beginning to think, everything with African-Americans, comes back to race. And, when they always bring race up, it really sets race relations back years.

The Williams sisters have done their share of idiotic things. But then, they were raised by an idiotic father.

But, That doesn't top the tennis player that has been Youtubed almost a million times.

He was mad after a play, and pounded his head and face with his racket. Blood then started trickling down his face.


Josh Board April 11, 2008 @ 8:37 a.m.

There was a funny joke in the new movie THE HAMMER. Adam Carolla is at a party these Nicaraguans are having. They are all so proud of these various boxers from their homeland. And other things about their homeland. He then asks, why they risked their lives to come here, if they love the place so much.

I hate the sound of phrases like "going back" and anything like that. But...I just saw this report, I believe in a well-known Washington newspaper, that showed various races do differently on tests. Asians the best, Caucasian in the middle, blacks at the bottom. And, I've seen that stat before. And then, everyone likes to try to analyze why that is. Maybe, just maybe, there is a difference in races. And, discussing that, shouldn't freak anyone out. We could just as easily discuss why there are more blacks in the NBA.


RobertC April 11, 2008 @ 4:12 p.m.

Uhhh...I think SLAVERY set race relations back years.

Josh Board you are a hack and an ignorant one at that. I love this part of the comment you left:

"I hate the sound of phrases like 'going back' and anything like that. But..."

You go on to talk about how blacks score lower on tests. So based on your logic, low test scores are a valid reason to send blacks back to Africa. I know, I know, you didn't mean it like that. Only idiots like "fifibutton" propagate that kind of racist trash. You are just obviously a very poor writer.

Maybe you should examine how other factors like poverty affect test scores before jumping off to wild conclusions about the "difference in races."

Most racist Reader blog EVER.


Josh Board April 12, 2008 @ 1:28 a.m. is a question I have for you. For years, it's been shoved down our throats, the poverty thing, environment, nature vs. nurture, and all that. I have a childhood friend that's a professor at Berkley. He and I used to go back and forth on these issues. But, here's the thing. Blacks weren't getting into UC schools here. So, they lowered the test scores for them. I don't know what to say about that, because we aren't talking about blacks living in Barrio Logan. We're also talking about ones that lived in middle class, and upper class, neighborhoods. The Union Tribune just did a story the other day, that said 6% of the population is African-American, but only 3% of the doctors are. They wondered why. And, it makes me wonder, too. If you can shed some light on that, I'd love to hear it. Because, I know there are certainly more scholarships available to African-Americans and minorities. So, if they want to go to college, and can't afford it, that isn't a problem.


NachoDaddy April 13, 2008 @ 4:53 p.m.

I wish you had left the comparison to Naomi Campbell and Marion Jones. Who knows why Serena threw a tantrum, but trying to make the incredibly long stretch to pigeon-hole this behavior to race took a little bit away from your blog. I used to walk passed the tennis courts at SDSU to go to class. You could always hear one of those babies screaming, cussing and throwing a temper tantrum. Tennis players are notorious babies. On the positive side, it can be frustrating when you beat yourself. She might have won the tournament, but could not overcome something she was working at. By doing what she did, she did look silly, but until she makes some kind of statement as to why, silly is all you can gather.

Whenever you lower the test requirements for a group, you create a weak workforce that, when you compare them to the workers in the rest of the field, do not measure up. This causes the population, as a whole, to use race as a measuring stick when seeking out the services of these people.

Finally, if you knew you were getting into college no matter what, would you have bothered to work hard in high school?


fifibutton April 16, 2008 @ 7:54 a.m.

RobertC it sounds to me like you are obsessed with race and racist towards white people and possibly also guilty of positive discrimination. It sounds to me like you are either black or an over zealous white person with too much time on your hands. If you care that much go and seek an apology from Spain and Arabia for starting slavery, or from the english for inventing concentration camps.


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