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Dave Adey takes his summers off from teaching to turn his classroom into an art studio. The Point Loma
professor invited us into his world of extreme detail, lessons through failure and ridiculous artistic talent.
Click through for a video on how he constructed the piece below.


After months of anticipation and a long journey across the country, Morgan Blair finally arrived in San Diego.
Spending a week at Luce Loft, Morgan completed an 8 x 6 panel, scoured SD's thrift stores and made a ton of
new friends. Here's a collection of photos from the two-night opening of Brain Glamor.


Tonight is Subtext's Third Anniversary Party. The downtown gallery will open Wanderlust this evening from 6-10pm with a live performance from Swim Party at 9pm sharp. Click here for details.




“I haven’t done too much playing in concert as of late,” says singer/guitarist Dave Gilbert, “so I started the OB Happy Dog Walking Service.”


He says the doggie duty requires walking from six to twelve miles each day, making the job more consistent than musician work, despite playing in three local bands at the moment. “Club owners don’t pay their acts much, if anything at all. You can make decent cash playing casinos, but it can also destroy your musical soul if you play strictly for pay.”

 Gilbert launched his canine sideline by posting tear-off flyers around O.B. and Point Loma and, more recently, commissioning promo T-shirts from local poster artist George Davis. “Working with dogs is my Zen,” says the longtime animal lover. “I was born in the Year of the Dog, so I think that gave me a leg up, so to speak. The past few of years of dog walking have taught me a lot about patience and understanding.”  

He says Happy Dog rarely conflicts with his show schedule. “It was a lot harder juggling music gigs back when my day job was working in the automotive industry. Not to mention few gigs are as lucrative and steady [as dog walking]…I really wouldn’t want to be in another tribute act.”

 Some of Gilbert’s dog friends have shown their own musical aspirations. “I recorded my Rottweiler barking on an improvisational piece I was working on called ‘Rockweiler.’ And then I had a dog that didn’t like it when I would jam on my axe. But, when I sat the guitar down, she did a mean Jimi Hendrix-style solo, playing it with her teeth.”


“Hahaha, even my dog plays guitar!”



September 2009: Lady Dottie & the Diamonds applied to CMJ 2009 using its Sonicbids account and was invited to showcase. (Note: I didn’t say “confirmed.” What is confirmed is that they’ve been invited!) www.sonicbids.com/LadyDottieandtheDiamonds

Album cover Lady Dottie & the Diamonds -- including former members of GoGoGo Airheart -- perform covers of songs by Etta James, Muddy Waters, BB King, Buddy Holly, the Everly Brothers, the Staple Singers, Sam and Dave, Ray Charles, Howling Wolf, Danzig, the Rolling Stones, Leadbelly, Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels, the Sonics, Chuck Berry, Nazareth, Ike & Tina Turner, Billie Holiday, Little Richard, Guitar Slim, Otis Redding, T-Bone Walker, Skip James, Stevie Wonder, AC/DC, Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, Foghat, Sam Cooke, Robert Johnson, Bessie Smith, Huey Piano Smith, and the Clowns,.

Originally a gospel singer, Dorothy Mae "Lady Dottie" Whitsett's early career included performing with Kool and the Gang and Clarence Carter, among others. Back then, she called herself Miss Dynamite, moving around from residences in Alabama, New Jersey, Portland, Seattle, and Atlanta.

After moving from Atlanta to San Diego in 1984, she eventually formed a jazz duo after meeting keyboardist Joey Guevara in a local piano bar. They were joined by Guevara's bandmates from Operator X, Stephen Rey (bass) and Brian "Nucci" Cantrell (drums). Rounding out the band are two guitarists, Isaiah Mitchell and Nathan Beale (of Dirty Sweet), as well as Joey's brother Dan Guevara on horns.

Album cover The band won two 2007 San Diego Music Awards, for Best Blues and Best Blues Album, as well as landing Best Blues again in 2008. They're signed with Hi-Speed Soul Records, a label launched by local music store M-Theory Records.

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"The final curtain has come down for me as a private guitar teacher, after thirty seven years of lessons," says local guitarist Wayne Riker. "However, I'll be starting an exciting series of on going four hour workshops,every fifth to sixth Sunday,at Old Time Music in North Park. It'll be an excellent social network to meet other guitarists,both electric and acoustic, focused on playing strategies over ten tunes,all various styles,with handouts for each on chord positions, scales and licks for improving your overall fretboard knowledge."

"Although I'm excited about this new project, I'll very much miss one on one teaching for now. Other than musical rehearsals, road gigs and funerals, I never took a day off or called in sick - here's the link for the full details to the upcoming Fretbook Workshop(s), beginning on September 27th." http://waynerikerguitar.com/teach_sched.htm

Album cover Since 1967, Riker has played just about every musical style, and in an array of musical settings — house parties, coffeehouses, nightclubs, musical theater, cruise ships, arena rock concerts, and stadium festivals.

As a member of the Guitar Institute of Technology, Riker cohosted workshops around the world with A-list jazz and blues cats such as Larry Carlton, Robben Ford, Marty Friedman, Dave Grissom, and Duke Robillard.        

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Thermals by William Crain

The Thermals' 2006 album The Body, the Blood, the Machine was a punk-rock concept album about an America tyrannized by a fundamentalist Christian theocracy. Sound familiar? One online ...


From New York City to Mexico City by Jay Allen Sanford

"I'm a serial collaborator," says Christopher Leyva of Blizzard and Revolution 89. In addition to his band projects, Leyva has collaborated with Greg Laswell, Phil Solem (the Rembrandts), Steve Poltz, members of Louis XIV ...


Jackson of All Trades by Dorian Hargrove

Days after returning from a solo tour opening for two-piece folk-punk act Andrew Jackson Jihad, Jackson Milgaten sits at a table inside North Park smoothie joint Señor Mango's for an interview and update on the four bands ...


Metal in the Blood by Ken Leighton

Gabey D'Schiavone spent the '80s on the Sunset Strip in L.A.'s glam-band scene. His band, Ambush, played the same clubs -- Gazarri's, Troubadour, Roxy -- that cradled Poison, Ratt, and Mötley Crüe. "All ...


Where is "Sweet Rock and Roll?" by David Stampone

Somewhere in San Diego a tantalizing Holy Grail of rock performance history is awaiting discovery in a dusty corner...maybe. As documented in Richie Unterberger's comprehensive new book ...


AC/DC by Dave Good

Last year filmmaker Eddie Martin announced plans to make a biopic of the life of the late Bon Scott. Not a bad call. As former lead singer of AC/DC, Scott's fame was palpable at the ...


Secret Assassin by Jay Allen Sanford

"The first concert I ever saw was Assassin in early 1985, at Straita Head Sound in La Mesa," says Deep Shag Records exec Michael Reed, who ended up running the band's fan club. "They were ...


************************************************ screaming1 TODAY'S "WHAT THE F-CK" ALBUM COVER

TV variety show producer Jeff Kutash and the Dancin' Machine, circa 1980 - a disco band that actually makes the Village People look like the Righteous Brothers by comparison. None of the people on this cover play OR sing on their only album (it's all studio players) - hey, wait, is that Eddie Murphy in the sleeveless Tweety jumpsuit?!

Holy crap, Sanjaya's dad!!! And Sanjaya inherited his entire wardrobe, right down to the bead necklaces!!

Oh, to be a fly on the wall as the photog explained his cover idea to this poor bewildered-looking hard rock band, all of whom have since quit the music biz in shame and embarrasment, like Billy Squier after prancing around in lil' silk jammies for his "Rock Me Tonight" video ---

Speaking of silk jammies ---- there is no noise that this sartorially-challenged crew could ever make that I would be willing to subject my ears to - other than the sound of them being devoured by hungry wolverines ---

Not just a WTF cover, but a helluva WTF-idea for an album! What else could possibly be on this thing besides "Kung Fu Fighting," "The Ballad of Bruce Lee," and maybe an old Hai Karate cologne commercial???

This cover is hideous, but I SOOOOO wanna hear the story of who created it - and wtf?!? I don't even give a crap about what's on the record itself -

Sher, the cover above looks like the result of a bet that started off with "My two year-old could do better than that"....but below gem probably resulted from some drunk guy bragging "I bet I could wipe my ass and make a better cover..."

Those Truth-In-Advertising laws have far ranging impact indeed...

I'm sure this is an inspirational album from a trio of gifted singers, on the Heart Warming label, no less....but it was awfully cruel of the cover photog to put those gawdawful outfits on three blind women....

PREVIOUS WTFs - http://www.sandiegoreader.com/weblogs/bands/2009/jul/24/wtf-album-covers---strange-bizarre-and-butt-clench/

************************************************ ************************************************

News footage released of Cattle Decapitation 'body farm' killer

--> Gauntlet reports: News footage has surfaced from the body farm that was unearthed yesterday in San Diego, CA. It is being reported by Channel 12 News in San Diego that The Harvest Floor CD by Cattle Decapitation was discovered in the killer's room. The CD contains a track title "A Body Farm." The news footage is below.

 As previously reported by The Gauntlet, authorities in San Diego County have confirmed that the remains of several bodies have been unearthed in the backyard garden of a coastal San Diego home on Wednesday.

Authorities found the bodies after an anonymous tip led them to the location.

For much of the day Sunday, neighbors tried to catch a glimpse of what was going on as a number of detectives were digging in what appears to be a vegetable garden of the home, located just off Interstate 5.

Then around 9 p.m., they watched as several body bags were rolled out on stretchers from behind the home. Those body bags were then driven away by San Diego coroners.

"I thought there was just one. I was surprised to see they kept bringing them out," said neighbor Josephine Wagacknyk.

After witnessing the disturbing scene, dozens of neighbors were left with even more questions.

But the one thing that was obvious to everyone Sunday night was a strong foul odor which seemed to emanate from the home.

"The stench. [It's a] real bad smell. If you've never been around a dead dog or something, then you wouldn't know. But I've been around dead animals so I know it's pretty bad," said Wagacknyk.

Although police aren't releasing the name of the owner of the home, neighbors tell Channel 12 News that the suspect spends much of his time working in the vegetable garden while listening to heavy metal music.

Album cover Upon further investigation, authorities found a CD which contained a song titled "A Body Farm" in the suspect's home; a song from an album that was released by local band Cattle Decapitation. Authorities are looking into this tragedy as being a possible "copycat crime" based on the band's disturbing music and lyrics.

Channel 12 News attempted to contact the band, but the band's representatives declined to comment.

The sheriff's office isn't expected to release the victims names until the coroner finishes the identification process and the next of kin are notified which is expected to be lengthy due to the advanced state of decomposition the bodies were in.


THE RETURN OF RIP MAGAZINE (or "Why I Got Fired By Larry Flynt")

Rock writer Lonn Friend, former MTV host and publisher of the terrific '90s music mag Rip, is announcing an online archive of the magazine! Rip is where I first launched the Rock Tales comic strip before it ended up at Spin Magazine.

RokTalesSTP RipSTP2

After around a year of the two-page Rock Tales strips, I turned one in mocking Courtney Love called "12 Steps to Stardom" - little did I know that Rip publisher Larry Flynt had just arranged for Love to play his wife in the movie The People VS Larry Flynt.

Flynt took one look at my Love strip and fired me on the spot (it finally saw print years later in Real Deal) - Rip continued for several years before finally falling victim to the same low circualtion killing most newsstand mags.

So here's a message from Lonn Friend and the RIPpers -----

 Dear Friends and Fans of RIP Magazine & Lonn Friend: We are excited to announce that the long-awaited on-line home and 'resting place' for the archives of the iconic RIP Magazine has been officially launched at theripfiles.com/

We are launching this great site with just a small fraction of the archival photos, videos and audio files from back in the day with a great deal more content to follow!

 We are also building a bibliography of all of the issues, scanning them and getting them up on the site. As requested, we are bringing back the vaunted 'RIP Girls'! We have begun our search for our 2010 'RIP Calendar Girls' with a contest that is now under way. Please Send us a current picture and enter now ladies! You could win $1,000! www.theripfiles.com/rip_girls

We also invite you to JOIN the site as a 'member'. This will enable you to access the exclusive content that is being added daily. Come back often to browse or leave us a note. Our objective of the site is to build an active on-line RIP community of the true fans, past and present. Also, we are interested in seeing the next generation of hard rock/heavy metal fans step forward, grab the torch and shout it out loud.

 The RIP Store is now OPEN! Time to step up and wear the RIP shirt and headgear again! www.theripfiles.com/store

Published between 1986 and 1996, RIP magazine was heralded as the finest hard rock/heavy metal publication of its day. RIP's coverage of the bands that ruled, tooled and fueled the decade of decadence earned it the nickname "Bible of the Bang" and was hailed by fans and artists alike.


My own favorite RIP memory involves a concert they threw in L.A., featuring Stuttering John's metal band, Entombed, members of Metallica and Gn'R, and headliners Pantera. The company I ran, Rock 'N' Roll Comics, had bought a piece of the sponsorship package, and we were there giving out free schwag to attendees and hanging out backstage with the bands.

My mom in Georgia - who passed away in 2004 after a long bedridden illness - took her last real vacation then, around 1993, where she finally got all the way to CA and to Hollywood for the first time ever. A longtime theater actress on the east coast, it was a journey she'd been planning and dreaming of all her life 

It was nighttime when we drove her around Hollywood, before the concert, and she wanted to stop at the Ripley's Believe it Or Not Museum (she was into Fortean Times mag and strange phenomenon) - on the sidewalk, a very colorful "bum" tried to hustle money out of us with some fast crazy meth rap none of us could understand.

 She laughed about it, but later on she told people back in GA her favorite part of the trip had been the VIP lounge of the heavy metal concert and watching the mosh pit from an upstairs lounge, comparing it to an Indian tribal ritual --- (She did enjoy Grauman's/Mann's Chinese Theatre and the footprints) ---

Tho Pantera was the headline band, she could never recall their name after the concert - I'd get several calls a year from her asking "Who was that Panther band I saw?" -

 Usually when she'd call, I could hear nieces and grandkids and other youngsters in the background, oooing and awwing to find out this almost-70 year old lady had actually hung out at a Hollywood party with Pantera! The band dubbed her "Hard Rock Grandma" that night, as later emblazoned on a custom T-shirt for her.

 So thanks for that, RIP Magazine! Even if I did almost get beat up by roadies for whipping out a mid-eighties glam-era Pantera photo and getting Dimebag and the boys to sign it for my mom --------

Here's the comic strip that got me fired by Larry Flynt --------------







From producing Viewmaster reels to scratch-N-sniff flyers and custom Wheaties boxes, the self-marketing requirements of today’s music biz can result in some offbeat promo endeavors.


“We sell what we call a ‘hands-free cell phone device’ on eBay,” says Trophy Wife singer/guitarist Joe MacAskill, “which are really just headbands to hold the phone against your ear, with our band logo hand-drawn onto it.” The “devices” sell for $5 to $8.


“We’re just trying to market different, goofy things. We’ll sell them at our shows, maybe throw one in as an incentive to purchase a CD. It would be great to see someone driving around town with one on their head. I’m assuming the cops can’t give you a ticket, but I’m not brave enough to try it myself.”


Among the band’s other promotional ideas, “We bought a bunch of candles and put a picture of our album on them. We’re shooting a video soon, and we’re auctioning off guest spots in the video, and we also have Christmas cards we’re working on for this year.”


“At shows, we occasionally sell other bands’ old T-shirts or CDs.”


To help finance recording, MacAskill says “We have a program where people can invest. $25 gets you a CD before its release date and a pass to get into shows. For $100, you get to sing backup vocals on a song, and you get a mention in the credits. Let’s just hope those people can sing in key, or that they don’t make us look bad by singing better than we do.”


“We did try to auction off a date with Trophy Wife, but nobody bid! If CD sales don’t pick up, you may see us standing on the corner with Trophy Wife Car Wash signs.”


Formed in 2002, Trophy Wife have released an EP and two full-length albums, Kissing Hands and Shaking Babies (2005) and Rose-Scented Cuddle Moments(2008). They've opened for performers like White Denim, the National, Steve Poltz, the Farmers, and Flogging Molly.


Trophy Wife appears Saturday, September 26 at Java Joe's at Café Libertalia . Subscribe to this band's/performer's events: iCalendar | RSS


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“Most of the women were involved with someone else, so I had to behave appropriately,” says Happy Ron Hill of the video shoot for his song “Pitter Patter,” which featured nine different San Diego women singers playing potential love interests. “Sometimes, I hate behaving appropriately.”


Dressed in a pimp-like purple suit and porkpie hat, Hill is seen in the video professing his love to all nine women, including Marcia Claire (as MC Bassalicious), Cathryn Beeks (Catastic Beats), Laura Kuebel (Laura Fab), Brooke Mackintosh (Brooklyn), Marie Haddad (The Marrying Type), Elizabeth Abbott (Tipsi Holiday), Alyssa Jacey (Alyssa Jacey Blue), Nancy McCartney Mestyanek (Sister Linkun), and  Jenene Lambert (Neener). “All the women were at the shoot at the same time,” says Hill, “though many were late.”


“At one point, the cops drove up, saw the purple outfit and the women, and said ‘What are you doing?’ I felt awkward for a second, and then I realized we weren’t actually doing anything wrong.”


Album cover Happy Ron Hill debuted the video August 20 set at Lestat’s. The album it sprang from, Terribly Happy, has been nominated Best Local Recording at the 2009 San Diego Music Awards, to be held September 10 at Viejas.

"The announcements were made on Tim Pyle’s radio show live at The Casbah," says Hill. "I happened to be there and was shocked when they said they were going to announce the winners. I spent the next two hours being a nervous wreck and made so much noise when I got nominated that Tim interviewed me right there on the spot. Wish I got that on tape."


As for how he rounded up so many prominent local musicos, Hill says “As a native San Diegan I know lots of local women, and I know the most beautiful women in the world are here...the hard part is it they had to be beautiful AND SINGING women.  Lots of women are beautiful, but singing - not so much.” 


Asked about women who declined his invitation to appear, Hill doesn’t name names, but he does provide the top six excuses for NOT showing up:


“My car got stolen the day before.”


“The dolly to carry my harp broke.”


 "I was too sad that day to be in a Happy video".


"I forgot"


"I had to work."


And finally ----- “I’m gay, not happy.”


(PHOTO L to R: Cathryn Beeks, Laura Kuebel, Elizabeth Abbott, Marcia Claire, Marie Haddad, Alyssa Jacey, Brooke Mackintosh, Nancy McCartney Mestyanek, Jenene Lambert - photo by Richard Pollard)



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Cathryn Beeks AKA  "Catastic Beats" www.cathrynbeeks.com

Laura Kuebel  AKA Laura Fab         www.laurakuebel.com

Elizabeth Abbott AKA Tipsi Holiday  http://www.sandiegotroubadour.com/

Marcia Claire AKA MC Bassalicious  www.myspace.com/marciaclaire

Marie Haddad AKA “The Marrying Typewww.myspace.com/mariehaddad  

Alyssa Jacey AKA Alyssa Jacey Blue  www.alyssajacey.com

Brooke Mackintosh AKA Brooklyn www.reverbnation.com/brooklynmack  

Nancy McCartney Mestyanek AKA Sister Linkun www.myspace.com/foldingmisterlincoln  

Jenene Lambert AKA Neener  www.myspace.com/neenersplace2


Jay Allen  Sanford WHAT I'M WATCHING:



Ehhhhh. I'm not a big fan of the original series (Next Gen is much better), but there were some fun movie moments in the recast restart that caught the funny vibe of a lot of the 60s episodes. But the rest of the movie was indistinguishable from any number of mediocre sci-fi films, with nothing Trek-like about it, least of all the actors playing the original cast characters.



Only the guy from Heroes playing Spock seems to grasp his predecessor's work (probably because Nimoy is in the movie too, and probably coached him on-set), other than a couple of quick moments from the guy now playing chief engineer Scotty (who should have had a larger role in the movie) –


Funny about the guy who played Bones - he seemed more like the character as written in the better Trek novels than like his TV predecessor. Since the books tend to add a lot more character fine tuning than TOS, in a way the new guy is a better Bones than DeKelley - the new guy certainly brings a lot more instant- personality than De did when debuting on the air in Trek's Man Trap/salt vampire ep, one of George Clayton Johnson's poorer stories (tho he had very little info about the show when he wrote it). It took awhile for DeKelley to get into his full grumpy southern doc groove -



It may seem silly, but I have a huge problem with Scotty being portrayed in the new movie as someone who would have used Captain Archer's pet beagle Porthos (from the Star Trek: Enterprise series) in a transporter experiment that resulted in Porthos being left in transporter limbo somewhere in space.


 Well, at least the same thing happens to Scotty himself in the original non-altered timeline, where Scotty rematerialized years later on Picard's ship. But I take great exception to the notion of him not only endangering (and losing) Archer's beloved (and famous) dog, needlessly (any living creature would have worked - or rather, NOT worked), but then Scotty seems to find this a funny tale to tell. I find this intolerable, matter how young and rash he may have been at the time ----


 I've never thought much of most Trek fan fiction, but now I have an idea for a "Return of Porthos" story that would sure as Hell teach that alternate timeline Scotty an ass-biting lesson or three ---


Shabby way to treat one of the few pets ever seen or referenced in the Trek universe(s), other than the Shelat Spock grew up with, Phlox's medicinal animals, Data's cat Spot (his Ode to Spot below) and, I guess, tribbles -----


 The BEST thing about the new movie, tho? MORE ORION SLAVE GIRLS! IMHO, there can never be too many green hotties, in ANY universe or timeline!




  • Data, "Schisms"
  • Felis Cattus, is your taxonomic nomenclature,
    an endothermic quadruped carnivorous by nature?
    Your visual, olfactory and auditory senses
    contribute to your hunting skills, and natural defenses.

    I find myself intrigued by your subvocal oscillations,
    a singular development of cat communications
    that obviates your basic hedonistic predilection
    for a rhythmic stroking of your fur, to demonstrate affection.

    A tail is quite essential for your acrobatic talents;
    you would not be so agile if you lacked its counterbalance.
    And when not being utilized to aide in locomotion,
    it often serves to illustrate the state of your emotion.

    O Spot, the complex levels of behaviour you display
    connote a fairly well-developed cognitive array.
    And though you are not sentient, Spot, and do not comprehend,
    I nonetheless consider you a true and valued friend.

    RevMcray COMMENT: Patrick McCray, Director of Dramatic Arts - Webb School of Knoxville, author Elvis Shrugged, co-producer Star Trek: The Continuing Mission


    I'm going to have to out-geek you on this. 

    And canonically-speaking...

    Keep in mind that the timelines don't diverge until 2233.

    Jonathan Archer was born in 2112.  By the time he gets command of the NX01 in 2151, he's 39.  By 2184, he goes from admiral to Federation president at age 72.  Scotty isn't born for another 38 years, in 2222. 

    The timelines don't diverge until 2233, when Archer (if still alive) would be 121 years old.  Scotty would be 11 at this point. 

    By the time of the launch of the alternate Enterprise in the new movie, it's 2258.  That would make Archer 146 years old.  (And Scotty 36.)

    To put this in perspective...

    Yes, humans live longer in the 23rd century, but 146 is still incredibly old.  In the first episode of TNG in 2364 (106 years after the launch of the alternate Enterprise), McCoy appears to be extremely frail.  He has access to medical technology that is 106 years more advanced than what
    would exist in 2258, and he's not looking in the best of shape.  It's not a wild leap to imagine that Archer would be dead at age 146, especially with a century's fewer medical advances

    And Porthos?  Still alive?  Porthos was living with Archer in mid-2150. By the time of the launch of the NX-01 in 2151, let's say he's 365 days old.  By the time of the launch of the alternate Enterprise, that would make the dog 108 years old in human years or 445 years old in "dog years."

    That's an old dog.  The only way he'd be transported would be in a small casket or urn.

    And besides, in either timeline, Archer becomes president, because that's in 2184, 49 years before the timelines diverge.  Thus, even with his illustrious record of service in Starfleet, he'd still probably be called President Archer, rather than Admiral Archer. 

    The point of all of this is that it is incredibly unlikely that Jonathan Archer was around for Scotty to take *any* pet of his to experiment on. And certainly not Porthos. 

    So, I think famous Star Trek pets are safe.  This had to be the pet of some different admiral's.  A relative of Jonathan Archer's.  Maybe. 

    Besides, in the novelization, the beagle rematerializes on the Enterprise as it's going to warp.  Given that we have no sense of the passage of time while in transport, the chances of the dog actually suffering is zero, unless he suffers from canine transporter phobia, similar to the human
    form suffered by Reg Barclay.  But Barclay was an engineer, with an intimate knowledge of what could go wrong with the transporter.  A dog, lacking this knowledge, would probably just be a little surprised by the change of scenery. 

    It's suggested that the Admiral Archer who sent Alternate Scotty to Delta Vega in 2257 is still alive, since Scotty's still there to be found. Thus, I think it's safe to guess that dog and owner were eventually reunited to the joy of both. 
    Patrick McCray



    RevCrompton COMMENT: SS Crompton, comic book creator Demi the Demoness


    I agree with most of what you are saying here, but one undiscussed possibility, which has happened on Start Trek before is that maybe Archer and his dog get either frozen in time, teleported 75 years to the future or their lifespans are enhanced by grateful aliens at some point.

    So given that all of those things have happened to others in the Trek universe maybe this would explain it...



     COMMENT: Patrick McCray


    Well, this is the thing about science fiction...Any of this is possible.  But if we're looking at it with no real writer-interference, then the dog had to be someone else's, rather than the only engaging character from ENT.
    Patrick McCray,




    COMMENT: Jamie Ralph Gardner, Carnal Comics creator


    Dear Jay,
    The audience at the movie theatre laughed when the dog story was told. This made me feel uncomfortable because people were laughing about a tragedy that happened to a dog. Someone I talked to said that people were laughing because of the way that the story was told by Scotty. I think this scene was put in to give some reference to the Enterprise TV series.

     I think The Man Trap is one of the better Star Trek episodes. I think the creature is one of the most realistic looking aliens on the show. I read an article in a Star Trek fanzine that had the viewpoint that this is a underrated episode. I think the viewer is supposed to feel sympathy for the creature because it kills people to get their salt. This is similar to people eating animals for food. One of the moral dilemmas of the episode is whether it should be killed since it is the last of it's race.


    [Episode writer] George Clayton Johnson has been critical of his opening dialogue being changed by Roddenberry. Roddenberry's dialogue further emphasized the relationship between McCoy and who he thought was the woman he knew.
    Jamie Gardner

    Jay Allen  Sanford MORE "WHAT I'M WATCHING" DVD AND MOVIE REVIEWS, 1970 THRU 2009 - Including S Darko, Futurama: Bender's Game, the Sentinel, Andy Warhol's Bad, Night Gallery: Brenda, Stranger Than Fiction, Cloverfield, Black Ceasar, Forbidden Zone, Cover Me Babe, Final Destination, Wicked Wicked, Watchmen, Coraline, Land of the Lost TV show, more



    WEILAND'S WIFE IS TELLING ALL (to anyone who cares, anyway)

    law100 Blabbermouth and AntiMusic reports: Mary Forsberg Weiland, the estranged wife of Stone Temple Pilots/ex-Velvet Revolver singer Scott Weiland, will publish her memoir, Fall to Pieces, on November 10, 2009 via William Morrow, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers. A description of the book reads as follows:

    "A visceral, rollercoaster ride inside bipolar disorder, rock 'n' roll, celebrity culture, and the competitive world of modeling from a rock star wife and recovering drug addict

    "On the surface, Mary Weiland had a fairy-tale life. She was a highly paid fashion model married to successful rock star Scott Weiland, the notorious frontman for Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver. Then came the rampage in a Burbank hotel room and the resulting media frenzy that revealed to the world her bipolar disorder and drug abuse.
    - more on this story

    Related links

    Scott Weiland

    FLASHBACK REPORT: 4-5-07 - Famous former neighbor Scott Weiland and his wife Mary will face charges for allegedly wrecking their room while arguing at Burbank’s Graciela Hotel March 24. The couple is alleged to have “ripped alarm clocks and phones from their sockets and threw them, made dents and gauges in the walls…there was even blood found on some of the linens afterward,” according to TMZ.com. “The police were called, and the hotel is pressing charges for the damage caused.”

    A few hours after being booted from the hotel, Weiland’s wife was arrested for burning her husband’s clothes in front of their Toluca Lake home. She posted $50,000 bail and was released. Online reactions to the story posts include:

    “Don’t they live in L.A.? Why would you be checking into a hotel in [nearby] Burbank unless you were going to do drugs.” SouthernCaGurl4Opri

    “I’m getting this vision in my head of Mary getting a phone call, tipping her off to the place she can find her husband.” JaneSays

    “Hope they put them both to cleaning toilets for the next six months.” Katie

    “She needs some ghetto lessons…put [his clothes] in a big garbage bag and pour a bottle of Chlorox in the bag.” mybestguess

    “Since when is it illegal to burn clothes?” Just A Thought

    “I was thinking of Scott today. I was wondering why he is alive and Anna Nicole and her son are dead, he’s taken so many more drugs.” Michelle


    Recent Blog now only found in the "archive" section: Comic-Con 2009 - Final Wrapup, with more costumes, costumes, costumes!





    On Friday night Sept 11, and Saturday and Sunday, Sept 12-13, a design workshop will be held at the New School of Architecture. The overall objective is to involve the greater San Diego arts & music community in developing prototypical designs for future affordable work/live space for artists and arts organizations.

    Friday September 11, 5:30-9:00 PM All participants invited to workshop designs
    Saturday, September 12, 10 AM-6 PM Architects and Designers, but all interested are invited
    Sunday September 13, 10 AM-2 PM Brunch and display of completed designs
    LOCATION: New School of Architecture 1249 F St Downtown San Diego

    The project of sdspace4art, initiated in 2005, is to develop and build specific key sites in San Diego for affordable live/work spaces for artists and arts organizations. The process for establishing live/work space will involve local architects, artists, designers, arts organization and neighborhood residents. Through a series of design workshops (called charettes) and community built projects by members of the local arts community, unique, one of a kind solutions will be realized which will reflect and preserve the diversity and culture of the people of the neighborhood.

    Approximately 25 local architects will each lead different design teams on Friday night to brainstorm ideas for designs for six specific San Diego building sites. Teams will be comprised of artists, musicians, designers, developers, arts organizations, contractors and arts supporters. Saturday the architects will draw up blueprint plans based on Friday’s design ideas, and Sunday’s program will involve presenting the the drawings to all participants who are interested in continuing to attend through the weekend.

    The result of the collaborative design process will be unique building designs responding to the needs of the artists, musicians, and organizations who will live and work in the buildings. The construction phase of the project aims to also include the community in a series of volunteer-built projects.

    Artists, musicians, writers, and arts organizations interested in participating in the workshop are invited to attend. Please help by filling out the survey at SURVEY Thanks!

    This event is sponsored by Synergy Art Foundation, a non-profit foundation, together with the New School of Architecture.

    Contact Cheryl Nickel, 858-243-1312
    Email: [email protected]
    the san diego border observer


    SNOW PRODUCTIONS is looking for local bands looking to sell music for film soundtracks. We don't have the info RE pay and other details, but bands can submit songs for Grazia or other film and TV productions to [email protected].

    Some info is posted at www.snowproductions.net and info about the Grazia film being scored by the company are at www.graziafilm.com

     "We will be filming next month and editing Grazia from October to November," says Snow Productions. "We also have industrial and misc. short films coming up."


    ICN Logo


    Skope has partnered with the Independent Coffee Network and we are currently looking for music videos for airplay. The Independent Coffee Network consists of 42" flat screen TVs placed in independent coffee shops around the country that are programmed with video content, news, music, and much more. We are looking for a diverse line up of indie coffee shop friendly music to rotate all day and weekends on this ad-supported network. 

    Independently owned coffee shops across the country outnumber the chain stores 3-1. This is a great opportunity to have your artist seen and heard in a growing digital out of home market.

    To see a sample content reel from the Independent Coffee Network click the link: http://www.worldwidearts.com/download.php
    Password: icn1234

    If you are interested in having your video featured contact Gary Jacobs at [email protected] for selection process info, release form, and video mailing instructions.

    AD Rates, Questions, Comments, Etc:
    Gary Jacobs
    [email protected]
     Skope: Diverse Music Media For The Digital Age



    “Although I started on the banjo as a child I am a multi-instrumentalist today,” says Eric Van der Wyk, aka King Tet. “I also play jazz/blues guitar and guitar synthesizer.  I play hand percussion including the Roland HandSonic hand-controlled drum sets which I use with a looper to create what I call the one man drum circle.  One instrument isn't favored over another - the challenge is keeping in practice on all instruments while running a full-time home business.” 


     Banjo is his first love, however, and recently Van der Wyk landed an endorsement deal with Goldtone Banjos. “This month, they selected me as their Artist of the Month and if you visit www.MySpace.com/goldtoneinstruments  they are featuring some of my music and videos.  One of the videos you'll see there is my electric banjo/tenori-on duet called ‘Eric's Breakdown.’"  


    In addition to performing, Van der Wyk’s home business King Tet Productions is enjoying its 12th year providing audio restoration services online at www.CustomAudioCDs.com   “I provide professional quality vinyl, cassette and reel to reel to CD conversion services,” he says.  “This business which started as an idea 30 years ago when I was a street musician and began 12 years ago with one computer and one tape deck has been growing every year.” 


     “The work is very interesting as I receive rare and unusual recordings daily.  Of course much of the work I do consists of personal family recordings, interviews, weddings etc.  Much of it is live and studio music recordings from amateurs and professionals.  The most challenging work would be the 60+ year old 78rpm acetates that people used to record for their loved ones.  There are many institutions with libraries of tapes that I am currently working with to preserve their priceless recordings for the 21st century.” 


    Tape to CD services start at $25.  78s are $7.50 per side, 45s are $4 per track.  LPs are $40.  All prices include full cleanup services.  Every customer gets a sampler CD of Van der Wyk’s Sounds of Our Planet series of pure nature recordings.  www.SoundsOfOurPlanet.com (featured on NPR)


     Here’s a King Tet performance video from a recent Friday night at Ladera Ranch.



    Related links

    What Do You Tenori-On? 

    “I heard about the Tenori-On when it was being test-marketed in the U.K. in 2007,” says Eric Van der Wyk, aka King Tet, reportedly the ninth person in the U.S. to obtain the experimental Japanese ... More


    http://www.reverbnation.com/controller/fan_reach/pt?eid=1361450_13060946&url=http://www.myspace.com/cathrynbeeksordeal CATHRYN BEEKS’ WEEKLY LISTEN LOCAL HOTSHEET  

    http://www.reverbnation.com/controller/fan_reach/pt?eid=2449036_13060946&url=http://www.listenlocalsd.com/AA.html Link of the Week: The Acoustic Alliance is happening on September 20th at The Brick by Brick.  Schmooze will be opening, have you heard these guys?  Here's who's playing the Alliance, it's gonna be a good one.  From now until the 20th, if you attend a Listen Local event not only will you get a free CD of your choice but if you stay to the end you'll get a free ticket to the Alliance, too. 

    http://www.reverbnation.com/controller/fan_reach/pt?eid=2449036_13060946&url=http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1841260778&ref=profile#/photo.php?pid=90817&id=1841260778&ref=mf My neighbor, Alfonso De Alba and his camera have been hanging out with us on Wednesdays at The Bitter End shows.  See his photos here, you may be in one or two of them!

    http://www.reverbnation.com/controller/fan_reach/pt?eid=2449036_13060946&url=http://www.cathrynbeeks.com The Cathryn Beeks Ordeal is excited to announce 2 shows this month.  The first is on September 19th where we'll play completely acoustic, unplugged and intimate Live at Rock Valley.  Cotact Carol for info and reservations.  On September 24th we'll be amping things up a bit and going all electric as we share the night at my old home away from home, The Tiki in PB with our new favorite band S03.  Hope you can make it out to one or both of these shows!

    http://www.reverbnation.com/controller/fan_reach/pt?eid=2449036_13060946&url=http://www.cathrynbeeks.com/CBOMOODSWING.html Save the Date!  November 14th will be the party to celebrate the release of Mood Swing, our new CD.  It's still under construction but with your help it's coming along.  Huge thanks to those of you who purchased your discounted copies early and especially to those of you who sponsored this CD.  On November 1st I'll be throwing a little private "appreciation party" for those involved in the making of this CD and I'll be inviting everyone who sponsored $50 or more.  If you're interested in sponsoring, here's all the info. 

    http://www.reverbnation.com/controller/fan_reach/pt?eid=2449036_13060946&url=http://waynerikerguitar.com/teach_sched.htm Wayne Riker has announced that beginning in September he'll start an ongoing workshop, every five to six weeks, at the Old Time Music shop in the North Park.  Go here for all the specifics.

     Ward Wade has revived his San Diego Songwriters Cooperative Google Group and is inviting you to join.  Thanks WW! 

    http://www.reverbnation.com/controller/fan_reach/pt?eid=2413376_13060946&url=http://www.creativestarart.com Patrick Carney has created a new San Diego Artists Gallery at his website CreativeStarArt.com and gave Listen Local some love, thanks Patrick!


    9/13 - The Game - "ALL I KNOW" is the song title - write a tune by that name and show up to perform it with other songwriters!

    9/20 - The Acoustic Alliance, check out the lineup!  

    http://www.reverbnation.com/controller/fan_reach/pt?eid=2376678_13060946&url=http://www.myspace.com/novasnewmusic New Release: Nova's new CD is called ON THE COUCH and it's a beauty.  Check out her music here --

    http://www.reverbnation.com/controller/fan_reach/pt?eid=2376678_13060946&url=http://www.tviff.com/ The 15th Annual Temecula Valley International Film & Music Festival (TVIFF) is Sept. 9-13th at the Movie Experience/Tower Plaza Shopping Center in Temecula.  This year Nova will be performing on Saturday, Sept. 12, at 8:30 pm.  For more information on the TVIFF and venue information, go to www.tviff.com

    http://www.reverbnation.com/controller/fan_reach/pt?eid=2340724_13060946&url=http://www.listenlocalsd.com/GirlCamp.html Listen Local's Chick Camp happens again on October 23, 24th and 25th in Lakeside and there are still a few spots left!  BYO camping gear, musical instruments and booze.  $20 reserves your site and includes water, wood and smores for this "girls only" campout featuring sunshine, singalongs, songwriting, spirits, snacks, starlight and sisters relaxing by the lake.  Check out the photos of our first one, then email me to reserve your spot, limted space, unlimited fun. 

    http://www.reverbnation.com/controller/fan_reach/pt?eid=2449036_13060946&url=http://www.kprifm.com/ Shows are posted here, if you missed this Saturday you can hear it at kprifm.com this Friday.  Join The Homegrown Hour Mailing List to stay up to date about some exciting shows coming up at Anthology!




    I'm currently recording my first full length album with the extremely talented producer Alex Zander,” says Lindsay White. “He plays keys for local band Echo Revolution. He is helping bring my songs to life in the way I would envision playing them with a full band.  I'm hoping to have it ready for release by next summer.”


    (I.am.lost.photography)  Given the influx of comments after Lindsay’s recent Lists article ( Musician Interview ), we decided to do a full length interview with the shoe-crazy chantreuse:    


    SDR: Perhaps you could tell us a bit about your current sound and your band?


    LW: Even though I've been singing and playing music so long, I never had proper guitar or vocal training, so I kind of just think out a song in my head and then try to find it by ear on the guitar.  The sound really just depends what kind of phase I'm in mentally.  Sometimes it's pop/rock, sometimes it's blues, sometimes it's so folk it almost turns into old school country.  Lately I've been through a hurricane of family problems, so I've been writing one gut-wrencher after another.  I'm looking forward to my next "fun" stage.


    Joel Mendoza started playing percussion for me about two years ago.  He is the bee's knees, as a performer and as a friend.  When we play out, people are always amazed by his talent.  They come up really close to the stage to try and figure out how he's making all those different sounds.  On top of his music skills, he is the nicest and most positive person I've ever met; I feel so lucky to be his friend.  He recently celebrated 1000 days of remission from Leukemia with a trip to Ireland! Suck it, cancer!


     I do envision adding more members to my band when the time is right, but I don't want to force anything.  I need to make sure I have the time and energy to put into a full band first.  Until then, Joel and I will continue to be a pretty bad ass duo.


     (Hayley White)


    SDR: Do you see San Diego as kind of a hotbed for "chick rock" right now?

    What other local female performers inspire you?


     LW: I see San Diego as a hotbed of musical talent, male and female alike, and we all support each other.  I think it's great to be a part of a music scene where women are admired because of their talent, not because of their sex appeal (although sex appeal never hurts).  There are so many local female performers whose music I love.  Off the top of my head, some of my faves are Allegra, Cathryn Beeks, Jasmine Commerce, Veronica May, Anna Troy, and Brenda Xu.    


    SDR: Who do you peg as the best bet for a career surge in the near future (and why)?


    LW: I wish I had the self-promotion skills to lie and say my music is the best bet for a career surge in the near future.  But I have no desire to "make it" in a household name kind of way.  I hope that my music career will surge in the sense that I can actually call it my only career.  If I could make a modest living writing music, that would be the ultimate career surge for me.


    Someone who I do see going "all the way" is Nova.  I saw her perform a few weeks ago, and she blew the roof off the place.  I have never witnessed a more polished local act. She has everything the major music leaguers are looking for: amazing voice, musical ability, very talented band, radio-friendly tunes, great following, and gorgeous to top it off.


     What's the first thing you'd do if you could suddenly read minds?


    Wouldn't that be awful?  I think I'd lock myself in a room alone.  I have a hard enough time reading my own mind! 

    Worst movie you've seen (and why was it so bad)?


     Mr. Magoo.  I used to love the cartoon, but the movie was AWFUL! When I watched it, there were only three other people in the theatre.  I should have taken that as a cue to leave. 


    Magazine subscription you always renew?



    Do you workout in a gym or at home (no, that’s not a pickup line)


    I have a home gym, kind of. I use a video workout called Wii Fit. It's silly and fun, and an easy way to get in a little workout if I'm too lazy to go on a run.


    Most visited websites?


    1. yahoo.com (I'm addicted to checking my email)

    2. facebook.com (although I hate the way they keep changing everything around, this networking site has allowed me to keep in contact with distant friends and relatives)
    3. myspace.com (this site is definitely more user-friendly for musicians).

    4. wamu.com (this is where i go every day and pray that i didn't overdraft)

    5. perezhilton.com (I know, it's so trashy but i have a weird obsession with all things pop culture)


     Mac or PC (and why)?

    Mac, although sometimes mine outsmarts me and it takes me a million years to do what would take me 2 seconds to do on a PC.

    Favorite quote from Spinal Tap?


    "It's like, how much more black could this be?...And the answer is none...None more black."


     (Moises Orozco)


    What’s the best thing you’ve ever won?

    Once I was so broke and desperate for cash I entered my sob story to KGB's "Grand A Day Everday Giveaway."  And much to my surprise, I actually won!  I wish that would happened to me on a monthly basis! 

    What’s your drink of choice?


    Widmer with Lemon. Get in my mouth.


    First book you remember reading?


    When I was 4, my parents taught me to read using Dick & Jane books. Then I moved on to deeper literature, like Dr. Suess and Shel Silverstein. I still read Shel Silverstein to this day.


    web: http://web.mac.com/lindsaywhite

    tweet: http://twitter.com/listentolindsay

    newsletter: sign up!

    space me: http://www.myspace.com/lindsayannwhite

    face me: Lindsay White's Facebook Page

    Lindsay White Lists

    “When people ask what I’m like onstage,” says Lindsay White, “I tell them to imagine Bob Dylan with a skirt.” The soulful singer-songwriter got her local start playing open mikes around town at venues like ...More Comments (16)


    *************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** ************************************************



    EX-PLAYMATE/EX-WIFE CALLS THE COPS ON TRAVIS BARKER - but he has an explanation....

    antiMusic reports: You may have read some trash media reports on Tuesday that Blink-182's Travis Barker was threatened with arrest outside his ex-wife's home on Monday night. These reports of course were based on sensational "insider" testimonials from unnamed sources. But a quick read of a report from a real news outlet, who based their story on the police report, tells quite a different tale: Barker was just being a concerned dad to his kids.

    The gist of the story was that Barker was dropping off his two kids with his ex-wife, (former Miss USA/ reality show star, Shanna Moakler), but he refused to leave the kids with her without a certified nanny present because the car of someone he says is a pedophile was parked at her house. Apparently this person is in fact barred by court order from being near the children, according to WPRI's report (see below). An argument ensued and she called the cops.

    According to WPRI, who obtained the police report from the Barrington RI. Police department, "Moakler provided the officers with the couple's court order that explained the children's visitation schedule. That order did not require that a nanny be certified, but did state that a particular person was not allowed near the children. The person's name is redacted from the police report. The report says that a vehicle registered to that person was parked outside the building. The officers said that person wasn't there at the time, but his wife was."

    That's quite a different story than the one reported by the tabs, but you can read more details based on the actual police report and not unnamed trash media sources - here. - Cops Called On Travis Barker, But It's Not Quite The Story You Read In The Tabs



    Blink-182 has teamed with an artist by the name of Acorn (http://www.myspace.com/5035061) to create this limited edition blink 182 toy bunny which will be available on the band’s upcoming tour. The bunny is 3 inches tall and full of fury. There will also be a 40cm tall version to follow, limited to only 250 pieces. http://pickrset.com/bands/blink182/ 



    Blabbermouth.net reports: Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine  has issued the following update ---

    "Recently I made [an online] post about my new radio show and that I was blessed to be able to be working with Clear Channel with my own channel, like the CHRISTINA AGUILERA and the EAGLES channels. I am unaware of if their channels are accessible yet, but I know mine will be in just a few weeks.

    "Here is an update: I talked to the Clear Channel people again last week and we are ready to go. We are going to do the first show from the Clear Channel station in San Diego, and I will hopefully be able to do an interview for the local San Diego Clear Channel rock channel. After that, I will determine what I need to make my studio ready to do the show.

    "I am going to play music I like, music that influenced me, and 'zingers' — which are songs that you would never know that I liked (like THE BEATLES, or stuff like the DEAD KENNEDYS).

    "I am going to collect all of your suggestions for some bands and songs, and we are going to start the show before I leave for New Zealand. I am also going to interview people from the bands that I meet or am on tour with, and I will try to do things like interview other celebs from other walks of life that like metal. I also will have a small part of the show feature a close friend and great radio personality from over the pond that came here and was rocking until his station got changed to a talk radio show or some crap like that and he ended up going back overseas. We talked about him sending a U.K./Euro show over each week, or so, and we are good to go. It will take time, but we are getting ready to start.

    "I still have to come up with a name for the show, and I still haven't chosen a name for my autobiography. Any ideas?

    "Lastly, just because I want 100,000 listeners, doesn't mean that is a reality in the beginning. I will have the best show in metal, because I am going to listen to you.

    "On a personal note, I had a good day today, went to service, then to the beach, then did a 1 1/2-hour Yoga X program. I am getting ready for bed now, and will do some reading before I go to bed, and get ready for a busy week of trying to take care of all the things I need to tackle before we leave for [MEGADETH's tour] Down Under.

    "More to come this week." http://www.roadrunnerrecords.com/blabbermouth.net/news.aspx?mode=Article&newsitemID=125808


    antiMusic reports: Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine has walked back some comments he made about rock legends AC/DC in a recent interview. Here is what he had to say according to Blabbermouth: "I just read the [Metal Hammer article where I talk] about Acca Dacca, and I am so disappointed in how I said what I said.

    "No excuses; I didn't say what I was trying to say, and what I said is rude and childish. Not my style (well, at least not my style for the last decade or so, thank God), and I am even offended at what I said. I have never in thirty-plus years disrespected AC/DC one of my favorite bands in the whole world; I think I just got too comfortable and forgot that we were recording and I was being an ass.My apologies to my friends, especially Brian [Johnson]; that just did not come out right at all and I'm sorry, bro."

    In the Metal Hammer article in question, Mustaine was quoted as saying the following about AC/DC and how Megadeth's live shows differ from those of the Anglo-Australian hard rock legends: "I love AC/DC and I've always been a fan of AC/DC. Bon Scott was my frontman. I love and respect Brian, but it's the same record. They've been making the same record for 20 years. I love 'em, but it's the same stuff, so you don't need to buy the record, just go to the concert." - He goes on from there


    Aspiring Comic Creator Jake Tinsley, 14, Seeks Justice for Unsolved Murder in His Latest Book

        ComicsAlliance.com reports: http://www.comicsalliance.com/2009/08/18/crime-pays-the-greatest-crime-and-noir-comics-old-and-new/Fictional murders and detective stories have become increasingly popular in comic books, yet at least one new comic is addressing a very real unsolved murder. In the upcoming comic "Amber Hagerman Deserves Justice," 14-year-old Jake Tinsley writes about a murder that captured the attention of the nation and spurred the creation of a new program to rescue abducted children.

      Although the kidnapping and murder of 10-year-old Amber Hagerman in 1996 lead to the creation of the national Amber alert system for abducted children, her murderer was never caught. When Tinsley recently learned that the Cold Case Investigative Research Institute was reexamining Hagerman's murder, he decided to bring attention back to the unsolved crime by featuring it in a self-published comic.

      "Amber Hagerman Deserves Justice," which comes out in October from Tinsley's own Wham Bang press, revisits the details of Amber's disappearance in a superhero comic featuring Tinsley's superhero Night Owl (not to be confused with the Nite Owl of "Watchmen" fame), a defender of justice devoted to protecting children.

      Like most comics today, however, Tinsley's book is not intended specifically for children, but rather to inform a broader audience about the crime. Even Sheryl McCollum, the Executive Director of the Cold Case Investigate Research Institute, has hopes that it may spark new leads in the case, telling NBC that "a number of people are going to pick that up and go, 'Oh yeah, what did happen to her?' We're going to start this conversation that's not going on right now. Somebody knows something."

    In an official statement Corgan released on the band's site, he shares the details. "Some exciting news to add as well, as Dave Navarro and Mark Weitz have joined the tour. Dave sadly can't play San Diego with us, so hopefully we can find an Ace up our sleeve somewhere to fill in. It's gonna be crowded onstage, that's for sure with Mike and Kerry on drums, Mark on bass, Dave and I on guitar, and Mark #2 on keys. Whoa..." Corgan wrote.

    Navarro began expressing his enthusiasm for the Pumpkins' song "Superchrist" via Twitter, tweeting that it is "awesome on so many levels." That message clearly stuck with Corgan, who has invited Navarro out on the road for a set of intimate club dates, taking place at the end of August in Southern California.

    Could this meeting of two alt-rock icons usher in a full-on early '90s nostalgia trip? We'll have to wait and see. One thing is for sure: Corgan seems to have a lot of tricks up his sleeve. It will be interesting to see what's next for this musical three-ring circus — and whether or not those two famously cantankerous performers can actually share the same stage.


    (Sleeve design for a single for local punk rockers The Bugs)



    (well, they did in 1981)

    Tony Villodas aka Tony Mindcontrole emails to say “I have  released  Jeb Tone records production of Swollen Monkeys Live at Hurrahs ‘81 on YouTube.”

     YouTube - Swollen Monkeys Live at Hurrah - "I Can't Come"

    It's our 30th anniversary and it's rumored of a possible Swollen Monkeys regrouping. If so, I would like Nelson Bragg (of Brian Wilson, Big Noise) and Hal Wilner in it. If Hal, Ralph Carney (of Swollen Monkeys, Tom Waits, B52s, etc) and/or an other Swollen Monkey(s) join, I will match 50% of the travel expenses. Then, I m willing to put up for  a studio CD as well as a live DVD.”


    Okay, former Monkeys, the (swollen)ball’s in your court ----



    Mindcontrole also recently discovered the music of kindred forebearer, Larry “Wild Man" Fischer, one-time Frank Zappa protégé and a former San Diego street figure. “Just found Larry Fischer's MySpace" and Zappa radio, nice. Larry's songs  are the best mood elevators one could buy for a dime. I wish him well.”


    Mindcontrole cites Zappa himself as one of his main influences - he says he got to know Zappa through his "mentor," former Zappa sideman Jimmy Carl Black.

    "Jimmy couldn't even use his own name for a while, due to litigation with Frank over the Mothers of Invention characters. Frank and I didn't get along at all.... One day, before the recording of Zappa's Bongo Fury LP with Captain Beefheart -- around '75, '76 -- I sparked up a doob as Frank and his band rehearsed, and he stopped the song mid-tune, spun around, aimed his guitar at me, and snarled. I love his music, but it sure was hate at first sight with me and him. He hated pot and I hate cigarettes."

    Related links



    Metal Blade reports: An update from Cattle Decapitation front man, Travis Ryan: "It is time to announce a few things that have been going on in the Cattle Decapitation camp. First off, we have officially parted ways with bassist Troy Oftedal due to musical and personal differences. There is no bad blood and we wish him the best of luck. Filling in on upcoming tours will be our friend Rahsaan Davis. You may have seen him on our recent tour as Troy left tour early due to a physical ailment."

    CattleFloor  Cattle Decapitation has been keeping busy throughout 2009 supporting what has been unanimously declared by press and fans as their best record, The Harvest Floor. This fall will be no exception. San Diego's finest death/grind torch bearers have just confirmed an October tour with legendary metal acts, Soulfly and Prong.

     Travis Ryan comments, "We'll be hitting the road in late September with Soulfly, Prong and Mutiny Within for a US tour! Starting in our neck of the woods, the tour will lead us across the country, along the east coast and back home. We have a handful of dates already and there are more on the way! We here at Cattle Decapitation are all about diversity. So when we were asked to do the Soulfly/Prong tour we said "why not!?" I for one am very excited to see Prong. I've never seen them live and when I was in 7th and 8th grade they were one of my favorite bands! True, a very interesting lineup, but that's awesome as our last couple albums have proved we definitely like to switch things up to keep things interesting. - more on this story

    The Harvest Floor also contains an enhanced portion which sports an iPod-ready documentary titled “Pandemic: The Damnation Epic - The Making of The Harvest Floor,” which pretty much makes the new production an apocalyptic multimedia epic.


    The song "A Body Farm" is available for streaming here: http://www.myspace.com/cattledecapitation

    The new CD features guest vocal appearances by Ross Sewage (Impaled) and Dino Sommese (Dystopia). There is also a special appearance by Jarboe of Swans, lending her haunting voice to the death-dirge title track. Jackie Perez Gratz (Amber Asylum) graces a couple tracks with her electric cello.

     Related links



    The final installment in Heath Ledger's career, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, won't make it to U.S. theatres until Christmas, but you can score a peek at the trailer for director Terry Gilliam's hotly-anticipated film here. The film also stars Tom Waits who plays the Devil.

    The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus




    Sweden's, Wall of Noise Records, has just released Souvenirs - Little Gems of Pop - a compilation featuring 21 Rickenbacker packed power pop and jangle tracks, taken from rare vinyl.

    "After the success with the three volumes of "Home Runs", we´re back with another powerpop compilation in pretty much the same style, "Souvenirs - Little Gems of Pop." It´s great North American pop from 1975-95."

    Two San Diego artists, circa the mid eighties, appear on the album. Just in time for The Zeros to recieve thier Lifetime Achievement Award on Sept. 10, bassist Hector Penalosa has two tracks included, one with Flying Color; "Through Different Eyes" and a solo song, "Hurt So Bad." Also included is Manual Scan with "She Said It's Late."





    Mo 9/7: TBA
    Tu 9/8: Julianna Margulies
    We 9/9: Jay-Z, Martha Stewart, George Jones
    Th 9/10: Matt Damon, Jack Hanna
    Fr 9/11: Michael Douglas, Kid Cudi


    Mo 9/7: Seth Rogen, Rose Byrne, Eric Hutchinson (R 7/24/09)
    Tu 9/8: Kate Beckinsale, Richard Lewis


    Mo 9/7: Juliette Lewis, Alex O'Loughlin
    Tu 9/8: Neil Patrick Harris, Spencer Day


    Mo 9/7: Adam Sandler, Jimmy Buffett
    Tu 9/8: Elijah Wood, Margaret Cho, John Fogerty
    We 9/9: Queen Latifah, Ed Westwick
    Th 9/10: Tyler Perry, Amber Tamblyn, Mario Batali
    Fr 9/11: Kaitlin Olson, George Jones


    Mo 9/7: Jo Koy, Mike Shinoda, Lissy Trullie (R 6/3/09)
    Tu 9/8: Jesse James, Dwayne Perkins, the Cure (R 6/4/09)
    We 9/9: Sig Hansen, Derek Dunfee, Diane Birch (R 6/16/09)
    Th 9/10: Jeremy Renner, Brandon Jennings, the Ting Tings (R 6/17/09)
    Fr 9/11: John Scurti, Zee Avi (R 6/18/09)


    Mo 9/7: Rerun TBA
    Tu 9/8: Jennifer Connelly, Jeff Ross, Boys Like Girls
    We 9/9: Kathy Griffin, Ryan Kwanten, Brendan Benson
    Th 9/10: Former Gov. Rod Blagojevich
    Fr 9/11: Rumer Willis, the Used


    Mo 9/7: Stephen Moyer, Jerry Ferrara, Rachel Zoe
    Tu 9/8: Queen Latifah, Annalynne McCord
    We 9/9: Tyler Perry, Laura Leighton
    Th 9/10: Jason Bateman, Amber Tamblyn, Smokey Robinson


    Mo 9/7: Mariah Carey, 6-year-old solar system expert Brandt Bickford (R 11/26/08)



    First annual fundraiser to raise money for treating those with Neuroblastoma, an overlooked cancer which claims the life of one child every 16 hours.

    What if in the span of a few hours you could be front row, dancing to the music of The English Beat; learning how to skateboard from actual pros fresh from competing at the X Games; sitting inside a real World War II fighter airplane; and also cruising in a classic hotrod? Oh, and meeting, Darth Vader, Clone Troopers and Chewbacca from Star Wars, too.


    Not only will we be celebrating Max's life and everything that made him so special, including his love of LEGO, but we'll also be partnering with our friends within the wider business community of Carlsbad and helping to raise awareness and funding for this hugely important area of pediatric cancer research.
    Well, get your calendar out now. That's because the first annual Maxapalooza is going to rock your night away on Saturday, Sept. 26 from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. The event will be hosted within Premier Jet's private aviation compound at McClellan-Palomar Airport, 2100 Palomar Airport Road, Carlsbad.

    The proceeds from Maxapalooza will go to finding more effective, less toxic therapies for kids with advanced Neuroblastoma, an overlooked pediatric cancer that forms in the nerve tissue in infancy or, in some cases, even before birth. It is the most common solid tumor cancer affecting children today and has the lowest survival rates, and currently, no cure. Almost 50 percent of cases occur in children younger than two years old.

    Maxapalooza is inspired by Max Mikulak, a courageous inspiration who was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma at the age of three. Max passed away in late August 2008 at the age of seven after battling hard against the disease for four years. He was known to those who knew and loved him as always "living life to the Max."

    "As any parent of a child who has died at an early age will tell you, there is a desire to create a legacy from the tragedy that took their child from them. With Maxapalooza, the legacy we are creating is part celebrating childhood, and part funding the research that will help to make sure that in the future, parents do not have to lose a child like we have to a common yet overlooked disease," said Max's father, Andy, who along with his wife, Melissa, founded Max's Ring of Fire, a non-profit organization, to raise money to treat Neuroblastoma.

    Funds raised as a result of the event will directly support the research of Giselle Sholler, M.D., at the Vermont Cancer Center, who is a pediatric oncology specialist dedicated to finding treatment alternatives for Neuroblastoma and Medulloblastoma which claim the lives of one child every 16 hours.

    Scheduled "look, touch, and ride" activities will include:

    • Live musical performances to include a headline appearance by The English Beat; local San Diego bands to include A Dull Science, Jason Lee & The R.I.P. Tides, Modern Rifles, Critical Me, and Bayou Brothers
    • Special skateboarding demonstrations by Grind for Life founder Mike Rodgers and other world-class professionals such as Bucky Lasek, Cara Beth Burnside, Mimi Knoop, Paul Luc Ronchetti, and Jean Postec
    • Be at the helm of one of the vintage World War II aircraft on display to include P-51 Mustangs, a Stearman Biplane, and B-25 Mitchell Bomber
    • Hop in and take a spin around the perimeter of the event in one or more of the cool low-riders and classic hotrods on display courtesy of Los Peligrosos Car Club
    • Get close to Darth Vader, Storm Troopers and Chewbacca as The San Diego Star Wars Society will be on hand to capture guests in up close and personal unique photo opportunities

    Silent and live auctions items to include:

    • A "one-of-a-kind" Lego Masterpiece courtesy of LEGOLAND® California Resort
    • A special evening of relaxation for 10 at Casa Blanca Salon & Spa in Fairbanks Ranch
    • One full year of free, no-time-limit, parking anywhere in Del Mar
    • Wii suite of games from EA

    "We at LEGOLAND California are honored and thrilled to be supporting this very special event," said Peter Ronchetti General Manager of LEGOLAND California Resort. "Not only will we be celebrating Max's life and everything that made him so special, including his love of LEGO, but we'll also be partnering with our friends within the wider business community of Carlsbad and helping to raise awareness and funding for this hugely important area of pediatric cancer research."
    For a complete list of the auction items available at the event, please visit Maxapalooza.com.

    Maxapalooza tickets are $250 and include VIP admission to all activities, special cocktails and hors d'oeuvres along with special brews provided by Stone Brewery. To purchase tickets and/or make a donation to support the fight against Neuroblastoma, visit Maxapalooza.com. Maxapalooza is a 21 and up adult only event.


    Win Travis Barker's Vintage Caddy
    Antimusic reports: Blink-182 tour Sponsor State Farm announces the launch of their exclusive and one of a kind promotion that will enable a lucky fan to drive away in a 1966 vintage Cadillac Coupe DeVille previously owned and customized by drummer Travis Barker.

    Now through September 21, fans can participate by visiting http://www.theretown.com/Blink182 to register for the sweepstakes or visit the on-site State Farm booth at any of the Blink-182 concerts and complete an Official Entry Form (while supplies last). The winner will be announced on September 22, 2009, and will receive an all expenses paid trip for two to see Blink-182 perform in Charlotte, NC on October 1, 2009, along with a cherry red 1966 Cadillac Coupe DeVille, valued at over $80,000 US dollars. For prizing details please visit www.theretown.com/Blink182.

    Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker has allowed State Farm to give fans this unique opportunity to win a car that holds significant value to him. "As much as I enjoy giving it to you, I'm really going to miss it," B arker said.
    - more on this story



    Jazz sax symbol Big Jay McNeely shares this tale in the new issue of All About Jazz - after being asked about his wildman stage theatrics, he says "It felt incredible. One time it got out of control, and I got locked up."

    AAJ: Where?
    Big Jay: In San Diego [circa mid-'50s]. I didn't have a wireless microphone for my sax. So I walked up the aisle playing but then kept going straight out the door onto the sidewalk with everyone following me. I was outside the club blowing my horn the way I was inside. A cop saw this and called the station house. More cops came and arrested me. They had some law that said you couldn't play outside like that.

    AAJ: Was your exit something new?
    Big Jay: Nah. I had done that at Birdland in Seattle and the Band Box. But it wasn't allowed in San Diego. The funny thing was the band inside on the stage was waiting for me to come back into the club. But I was in jail. So someone in the band came running down and bailed me out so I could finish the set [laughs]. The kids went nuts.




    (www.antimusic.com reports) Mower have taken the insanity of their backstage antics and captured it on film for their new video "The Party", which can be seen online.

    The video features two elements that are synonymous with the band; wild women and outrageous parties. "The Party" is the lead track on Mower's new album Make It a Double, which hit stores on July 28th through Suburban Noize.

    "The video shoot for 'The Party' was the most fun out of all our videos. We had one night to call a bunch of girls and invite them to the shoot. We bought as much booze as we could, threw a party and filmed it. No script, no acting, just a bunch of people getting drunk, singing and listening to the same song 100 times and we had a blast," says Mower frontman Brian Sheerin. "It's a whiskey drinkin', Jager shooting rock n' roll song about the good times we've had partying up the coast in Los Angele, and a great way to kick off our new album Make It A Double."

    Mower's Make It A Double is the group's third studio album for Suburban Noize Records and features guest appearances by Rob Caggiano (Anthrax), Mikey Doling (Snot), Roy Mayorga (Stone Sour) and Fernando Apodaca (Mad Juana). The effort was recorded in Los Angeles, CA with producer Eddie Wohl (Anthrax, 36 Crazyfists) and includes nine new Mower tracks that harness the band's explosive live energy and six songs by Mower's jazz lounge alter-ego, Slower, that experiment with creepy riffs and hazy, mellow tones. The album is available for pre-order at www.SubNoizeStore.com and comes with a limited edition autographed.

    The party video can be see at www.MySpace.com/Mower ---




    Here's a sneak peek at the first promo art for Rock 'N' Roll Comics: Hard Rock Heroes, a 400 page graphic novel shipping from Bluewater Productions in November, as well as the cover of the 240 page Beatles Experience comic shipping around the same time -

    What goes together better than comics and rock ‘n’ roll? 400 pages of Rock ‘N’ Roll Comics, going beyond Behind the Music in order to tell the real life, behind-the-scenes stories of rock’s greatest Hard Rock Heroes. With art by Stuart Immonen (Superman: End of the Century), Mike Sagara (Carnal Comics) and others, the cinematic stories are realistically drawn and researched from countless photo and video archives, with an encyclopedic eye toward visual and journalistic accuracy and featuring dramatic flair rarely seen in most biographical comics.


    Hard Rock Heroes is a book-length pictorial history covering rock’s heavy hitters, with stories featuring Guns N’ Roses, Metallica, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne, Rush, Van Halen, Motley Crue, Poison, Megadeth, Pantera, Anthrax, and more.


    tod17 "Great ideas, like the marriage of rock 'n' roll and comics, have the half-life of Uranium and will always be popular," says series co-creator Jay Allen Sanford, who has worked on over 200 reality-based comic books and thousands of similar cartoon strips for the San Diego Reader, as well as for magazines like Rip, Spin, and Oui. "The folks at Bluewater clearly have their fingers on the same pop culture pulse that enabled the original Rock 'N' Roll Comics to become one of the top-selling indie comics of the '90s. Truth is often stranger than fiction...and certainly much more interesting!" 



    The Beatles are bigger than ever, now available online for the first time digitally, on the Vegas stage in “Love,” and in the new Beatles: Rock Band video game. Now comes the most comprehensive and encyclopedic illustrated Beatles story ever, the Beatles Experience! Over 200 pages, dramatizing one of the most compelling tales in pop culture history, drawn from thousands of photos and interviews, meticulously researched and featuring stunning art by Mike Sagara (Rock ‘N’ Roll Comics) and Stuart Immonen (Legion of Super Heroes, Ultimate X-Men).


    Covering the Beatles’ lives from birth and beyond their breakup, dramatized in dialogue and scene recreations more akin to a film bio than a mere documentary, the Beatles Experience also includes a Chronolog timeline going down each page, with encyclopedia background and footnotes detailing related events happening at the same time in the world, in music, and in the Beatles’ own tumultuous and extraordinary lives. 







    THE ROCKETEER AND OTHER FAMOUS '80S COMICS BEGAN RIGHT HERE IN SAN DIEGO - Here's a detailed history of local Pacific Comics, who recruited comic superstars like Jack Kirby to create one of the first successful indie comic book lines. Pioneers in the fight for comic creators' rights and royalties, former employees and operators reveal how they did it, and what went so terribly wrong...




    THE KOMPLETE KISS KOMIX KRONICLES - Comprehensive collection of stuff I’ve done about working with Kiss on a comic book series in San Diego, along with a bunch of never-before-seen artifacts from the Kiss Komix archives AND an article by Kiss comic author Spike Steffenhagen, offering his own very-different take, ala Rashomon, on the same events I describe in my essay...



    ROCK 'N' ROLL COMICS: THE INSIDE STORY - In 1989, San Diego's Revolutionary Comics ("Unauthorized And Proud Of It") launched Rock 'N' Roll Comics, featuring unlicensed biographies of rock stars, most of which I wrote. Some performers, like Frank Zappa and Kiss, were supportive, while others like New Kids On The Block considered our comics akin to bootlegs and sued. In June 1992, publisher Todd Loren was found dead in his San Diego condo, brutally murdered...



    NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK VS REVOLUTIONARY COMICS - The inside story of how a hugely successful boy band tried to sue local-based Rock 'N' Roll Comics over an unauthorized biography of the group, sparking a court case that established, for the very first time, first amendment rights for comic books. Illustrated by comic superstar Stuart Immonen (Superman, etc.)...



    OVER A MILLION CARNAL COMICS ARE IN PRINT - Here's how and why we made some of the top-selling erotic comics of all time, right here in San Diego, including what Gene Simmons has to do with it all, backstage tales of porn stars, and more confessions of a comic pornographer...



    COMICS AND CENSORSHIP - DON'T BE AFRAID, IT'S ONLY A COMIC BOOK - A local-centric history of comic book censorship, and the fight for the rights of comic creators...


    deep38joblog50 joblog51

    TWILIGHT ZONE AND STAR TREK WRITER GEORGE CLAYTON JOHNSON PRESENTS - The inside story of a local horror comic book series featuring Robert Bloch, author of Psycho, plus sci-fi king Larry Niven, Zap Comix co-founder Spain Rodriguez, Matthew Alice artist Rick Geary, Vampire Lestat painter Daerick Gross, yours truly JAS, and many more...



    THE BIRTH OF IMAGE COMICS: INSIDE STORY OF A LOCAL PUBLISHING POWERHOUSE - Illustrated tale revealing how Spawn creator Todd McFarlane and local comic artist Jim Lee (the Punisher, etc.) conspired to create the ultimate creator-owned comic books...


     Down the Slippery Slope - Arrested For the Crime of Viewing Manga

    On March 30, 2004, when Dwight Whorley found the Japanese website of Fractal Underground Studio via Yahoo and clicked on a couple of the thumbnail images... ( http://comipress.com/special/miscellaneous/down-the-slippery-slope-the-crime-of-viewing-manga )


    "Before It Was The Gaslamp: Balboa's Last Stand" - Cover story 6-21-07: In the late 70s/early 80s, I worked at downtown San Diego's grindhouse all-night movie theaters, for the owner of the Pussycat Theatre chain, Vince Miranda - this detailed feature recalls those dayz, the death of the Balboa Theatre, etc.

    More Before It Was the Gaslamp


    "Battle Of The Peeps" - feature article about a weird gig I had in the mid-'80s, running a strip club called Jolar, for the nation's second biggest pornographer, Harry Mohney (Deja Vu Showgirls founder).

    More Battle of the Peeps - An Insider History of San Diego Porn Shops

    "Field Of Screens" - Cover story 7-6-06: Complete theater-by-theater history of San Diego drive-ins thru the years, including a few which screened X-rated fare for awhile.

    More Drive-In Theaters in San Diego: Complete Illustrated History 1947 thru 2008


    "Pussycat Theaters - When 'Cathouses Ruled California" -- for the first time, the detailed inside story of the west coast Pussycat Theater chain of adult moviehouses, which peaked in the '70s but later died out. Told by those who actually ran the theaters!

    More Pussycat Theater History: When Cathouses Ruled CA


    Jay Allen  Sanford  More Music on the Reader Website:

    Find a Band

    Today's Top MP3 Downloads


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