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Some comments about this year’s SDMAs –


Album cover Jason Mraz’s album We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things entered Billboard’s< Top 200 chart at #3 on May 20, 2008,. Fourteen months later, the record wins Album of the Year?! Isn’t there some kind of time limit that an album should be eligible each year – like, say, a YEAR??????


The same thing happened at the 2008, when Slightly Stoopid’s Cronchitis won Album of the Year, and the track "2am" from that album won Song Of the Year – the album had been released since early 2007.


Album cover Anya Marina hasn’t lived in San Diego for over a year, but she wins Song of the Year for “Move You”???


The New Archaic have been around for almost two years, but they win Best New Artist???


The Album Leaf wins Best Electronic two years in a row??? Having added violin, more guitars, live drums, and vocal harmonies to their previously sparse sound, hasn’t it been years since they even qualified for a thus-named award?


Psychedelic electric-soul glam rockers Children of Nova play the city’s Best Hard Rock?!?! Maybe if your idea of Hard Rock is Stryper -----


Well, let's hope videos show up online of The Zeros getting their Lifetime Achievement Award - they were joined onstage by Wayne Kramer of MC5 for a rendition of "Ramblin' Rose," and video testimonials to them included good words from Joan Jett and John Doe of X.


Jimmy Powers (half of the Clasy Pigeons duo) says of his Best Hip-Hop nomination “I don’t feel I should have been nominated for the award. I have only released a limited press EP [200 copies]…I think local artists like Blame One, who hit the top 40 on iTunes this year, should be the ones getting a nomination.”


“[Blame One] charted on college radio at #2, was a featured artist on Myspace Music, was pick by the Editor of XXL magazine as Chairman's Choice for album on the month. Has been making music for 2 decades, [with] 4 critically acclaimed solo albums.”


 Another mostly unreleased hip-hop album, a compilation of local artists called Young Mass Presents: The Best Of Daygo City, was nominated for Best Hip-Hop Album, even though a distribution and promotion deal with Jake Records wasn’t in place until AFTER the 2009 nominations were announced.


In fact, only 100 homemade CDR copies of Best of Daygo City existed when it got the SDMA nod!! The album won't actually be released until November 12!


“I would like to think the Jake Records distribution and promotion deal was scored at least in part on the strength of our SDMA nomination,” says 40oz Chris of Massterpiece Entertainment.


We started our independent grind by printing 100 CD-R versions of the Daygo City album, sending the majority of them out as promo copy's to Jake Records, and  other various media outlets. We then began selling the remainder in the streets to build up money for an official pressing, which requires a minimum order of at least 1000. About that time we got the call from Jake Records CEO Scott Thomas (We have got to know Scott through Mass' connection with Shock G & Digital Underground) and arranged a meeting at there Las Vegas office to discus the disks possibilities. During the conference we let him know about the SDMA nomination, listened to a few of the albums heaters, and broke down some info on the compilations artist... the album is solid knock yall... done deal!”
Through our partnership with Jake, we are getting the album professionally mastered, and pressed...”
One has to wonder if anyone at SDMA had ever actually seen or heard the Best of Daygo before adding it to the ballot. Did they just happen to dig the (excellent) cover art, with a glittering San Diego skyline?
Is THAT all it takes to get an SDMA nod - cover art and a press release?


Blame One says “I got nominated twice [in the past]. Second time, I didn’t even bother to show up…those cats don’t intend on helping out, because they have no desire to understand hip hop culture. Only way it would change is if the board consisted of non-biased real hip hop heads.”


Another past nominee Miki Vale says “I never went to the award ceremony any time I was nominated, because I've always believed it to be bozack [ballsack] worthy and that didn't change just because I was nominated…just do what you do and let the music be your trophy.”


“I think the real issue is ... the awards are a popularity contest amongst who? Should I, a person who admittedly knows absolutely nothing about Rock music, be in charge of selecting nominees for a Rock music award? What sense does that make?”


2009 SDMA hip-hop nominees are ridiculed in posts on websites like Yelp.com, accesshiphop.com, and on the Reader site. “MC Flow nominated again,” complains Jen of the lesbian Jewish rapper’s award nod. “Geez. When will people learn? She's terrible. Lame act. Lame weird-ass dancer dressed in American Apparel crap.”


Dotquan says “MC Flow is the reason California voted Yes on Prop 8…I noticed three of the eight nominees were hip-hop BANDS. Deep Rooted, a straight-up hip-hop act, probably got nominated on strength of their crazy live show more than anything else. Of course, I also think SDMA are probably some f-ckazz b-tches who don't even like hip-hop in the first place.”


Change: “That whole f-ckin’ thing is a joke. We don't need to take sh-t back because they never had it in the first place. F-ck SDMA…it’s a non-profit organization that gives themselves salaries and throws a big awards event at the end of the year.”


Adamnt: “From the outsiders, it looks like one big f-cking circle jerk. The groups that have the media backing win the awards, and thus validating all the articles written about them.”


Alowishious1: “How come Mitchy Slick wasn’t nominated? That right there is proof that it’s all bullsh-t…I’m sick and tired of these same lame ass n-ggas getting’ nominated each year. Getting a SD Music Award is like makin’ a shot after the buzzer. It don’t count, b-tch.”


SubBass49: “SDMAs aren't about who has the best music, or even who is most talented...it's a POPULARITY CONTEST. BECOME POPULAR and you'll win.


MarkMyWords: “If the DMV was run by the SDMAs, 12 year-olds without arms and legs would have drivers licenses sent to their house.”

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