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Here’s a bad-start on the Bobby Lee comic, where I TRIED to do the usual realistic intro-portrait and failed miserably at capturing his likeness. So I killed it and went with the cartoony version instead --- musta still been in drafting mode from the La Paloma art (which took me most of an entire day – I’m r-e-a-l-l-l-l-y slow sometimes….)



Little Richard Miller, born without arms or legs, plays piano AND bass! The back cover shows the bass draped around his neck, but no indication how he plays it. I actually own this album, and it's very inspirational, but I have to say that the cover - is - just - effin - weird --- are they trying to say he drives the tour bus, too?? If so, did he hit a hydrant, or what?

Geraldine and Ricky, Trees Talk Too - she gives him wood, he gives her splinters -

With the only cover text reading "I'm Gonna Be Raptured," is that the name of the performers, the name of the album, or just a coupla goofy kids trying to start a new catchphrase for kinky sex? And, hey, why aren't they BOTH gonna get raptured?? Which one is getting left behind? I'm betting it'll be the one who paired a green double-breasted blazer with a pink tie and loafers ----

PREVIOUS WTFs - http://www.sandiegoreader.com/weblogs/bands/2009/jul/24/wtf-album-covers---strange-bizarre-and-butt-clench/


 Say, did you ever go to the Hare Krishna temple on Garnet in PB? I used to be addicted to their vegetarian feasts - when I lived at the Palms on 12th and Island downtown in the late '70s/early '80s, I bussed to the temple at least once a week, usually on Sundays when they had the biggest variety and desserts like rice pudding, halava and ambrosia fruit salads.

I still don't know what half the dishes were, but there was a lot of curry potatoes and fried tofu and veggies with ghee (clarified butter), pakoras (deep fried sweet potato, brocolli, cauliflower, peas and flavored curd sauce), thin wafer chips that were crunchy/flaky like pastry but not at all greasy...man, I'm getting hungry just remembering!
They really weren't pushy, and you could donate whatever you wanted or even eat free - they might chant for a little while before serving, but other than that it was mellow - no sermon, no drugs in the food, and the building was an amazing replica of an actual Indian temple, using plaster molds taken of all the carved walls and columns along with lots of beautiful painted artwork of their various dieties and "myths."
The PB Temple even has a MySpace page - www.myspace.com/krishnalounge
Shiva Shoes - painted by Lil E I spent the night once and wasn't too happy about everyone waking at 4am to stare at their feet and chant on their beads (mandatory participation), but - once they served breakfast (maybe the best I've ever had, with mysterious unknown fruits and chewy grains and edible flower petals!) - I was perfectly happy to have stayed over!
Gotta go check the fridge now ------------ here's an actual Hare Krishna-created cartoon, courtesy http://ramanujadasan.wordpress.com/2008/05/24/nice-iskcon-cartoon/

http://www.reverbnation.com/controller/fan_reach/pt?eid=1361450_13060946&url=http://www.myspace.com/cathrynbeeksordeal CATHRYN BEEKS’ WEEKLY LISTEN LOCAL HOTSHEET  

http://www.reverbnation.com/controller/fan_reach/pt?eid=2232333_13060946&url=http://www.myspace.com/timmalley23 http://www.reverbnation.com/controller/fan_reach/pt?eid=2232333_13060946&url=http://www.myspace.com/keefersongs http://www.reverbnation.com/controller/fan_reach/pt?eid=2232333_13060946&url=http://www.myspace.com/paulecannon http://www.reverbnation.com/controller/fan_reach/pt?eid=2232333_13060946&url=http://www.myspace.com/moontuckyrisin

Wednesday 7/22/09 - Backstage at The Bitter End at 5th and F downtown has NEW COUCHES!  :)  8:00 Tim Malley 8:30 Dave Keefer 9:00 Paul Cannon 10:00 Moontucky Risin 11:00 full band spot open for your band, full backline, email me!

http://www.reverbnation.com/controller/fan_reach/pt?eid=2232333_13060946&url=http://www.listenlocalsd.com/EventsExtras.html Sunday 7/26/09 - Hey, IT'S THE GAME!  I've heard rumors that Josh Damigo is playing his SLOW GOING song all over town and people are loving it.  Did you write your song to the title "Slow Going?"  Whether you have a song or not, you're invited to The Game this Sunday.  Email me to rsvp, I'll send you details and info about The Oasis in Sorrento Valley.  $5 for all, refreshments available, all ages.    

 Music News

http://www.reverbnation.com/controller/fan_reach/pt?eid=2232333_13060946&url=http://www.myspace.com/moontuckyrisin Artist of the Week:  Moontucky Risin are an excellent and FUN band, don't miss them this Wednesday Backstage at The Bitter End, 10pm, no cover!

http://www.reverbnation.com/controller/fan_reach/pt?eid=2232333_13060946&url=http://www.listenlocalsd.com/Girlcamp.html Link of the Week:  Chick Camp Fall '09 happens October 23rd and 24th at Lake Jennings.  Sorry guys, it's not that we don't love you, it's just that sometimes it's fun to get together with the girls for some fun by the lake.  Sunshine, songs, snacks, spirits, stars, smores... you get the idea.  Female musicians and music loving ladies of all ages welcomed but there is limited space.  $20 per person, get all the details here!

http://www.reverbnation.com/controller/fan_reach/pt?eid=2232333_13060946&url=http://www.myspace.com/astrakelly Astra Kelly's band plays this Friday at O'Connell's joined by Bobby Pena, Echo Revolution and the Napoleon Complex.  $5 cover
http://www.reverbnation.com/controller/fan_reach/pt?eid=2232333_13060946&url=http://www.northparkmusicthing.com The North Park Music Thing is a three day music event happening August 7-9th at the Lafayette Hotel in North Park.  All conference registrants will learn about the music business during panel discussions, workshops, mentoring and demo review sessions. NPMT will feature speakers who have been involved in local, regional, and national music.  The event also features 2 days of music, featuring over 150 bands on over 20 stages.  GET AN ADVANCE TICKET TODAY & SAVE MONEY!  Advance 2 day tickets are only $25. Day of event tickets are $30  Advance discount tickets are available now online.

http://www.reverbnation.com/controller/fan_reach/pt?eid=2197725_13060946&url=http://www.sandiegomagazine.com/media/San-Diego-Magazine/Your-Song/ If you voted, you must vote again... there was a glitch in the system!  Go here and vote for your favorite song about San Diego!

http://www.reverbnation.com/controller/fan_reach/pt?eid=2197725_13060946&url=http://www.myspace.com/kprihomegrownhour Shows are posted here, if you missed this Saturday you can hear it at kprifm.com this Friday.  Join The Homegrown Hour Mailing List.

http://www.reverbnation.com/controller/fan_reach/pt?eid=2232333_13060946&url=http://www.myspace.com/derrenraser Derren Raser releases his newest (it's GREAT!) at Lestat's this Thursday the 23rd and The Mark Jackson Band will release their new CD (can't wait to hear it!) this Saturday the 25th at The Rock Valley House Concerts.  Doors open at 7:00 for the potluck and the show starts at 8:00. Signed CDs with your admission.  Email Mark for more info!

Alicia Previn and David Ybarra have just released a cool kid's book called The Earthworm Book.  Check out the site for video content and info on how to buy it for your favorite kids.  Sunday August 9th go to the Stone Brewery in Escondido to hear Alicia sing the Earthworm song (produced by David Ybarra), read the book, dig for worms and demonstrate building your own wormbox.  Nice!

August 1st Bviolin Presents: Zen House Concerts August Showcase with John Torres.  Interested parties should go to http://www.zenhouseconcerts.com for info.

That's it for this week, see you at a show!



We 7/22: Tracy Morgan, Leslie Mann, Diane Birch
Th 7/23: Diddy, Vera Farmiga, Ginuwine with Missy Elliott
Fr 7/24: Amy Poehler, Nick Griffin, Judy Collins

Mo 7/27: Dave Matthews Band
Tu 7/28: Eric Bana, Silversun Pickups
We 7/29: Amy Adams, Tom Dreesen, Elbow
Th 7/30: Adam Sandler, Cage the Elephant
Fr 7/31: Regis Philbin, Dave Matthews Band


We 7/22: Mat Kearney
Th 7/23: Zach Galifianakis, Jason Aldean
Fr 7/24:
Seth Rogen, Rose Byrne, De La Soul

Mo 7/27: Meryl Streep, Judd Apatow
Tu 7/28: Heidi Klum, Steve Zahn, Jimmy Carr
We 7/29:
Rachel Maddow
Th 7/30: Paul Giamatti, Regina Spektor
Fr 7/31: Ben Harper & Relentless7


We 7/22: Kelly Rowland, Jim Breuer
Th 7/23: Cheryl Hines, Ben Mezrich
Fr 7/24: Rashida Jones, Chef Jose Andres, Dobie Maxwell

Mo 7/27:
Chelsea Handler, Richard Wolffe, Gavin DeGraw
Tu 7/28: Christiane Amanpour, Johnny Galecki
We 7/29: Rodney Carrington
Th 7/30: James Spader, Rose Byrne,
Franz Ferdinand
Fr 7/31: Saffron Burrows

Mo 8/3:
Edie Falco, Les Stroud, Lisa Landry


We 7/22: The Mighty Boosh, Flo Rida
Th 7/23: Kevin Nealon, Demi Lovato, Twisted Sister
Fr 7/24: Bob Saget, Anthony Mackie, John Mulaney

Mo 7/27:
Holly Hunter, Mark Seliger, Spinal Tap
Tu 7/28: Puffy, Marissa Jaret Winokur, Tom Colicchio
We 7/29:
Leslie Mann, Passion Pit
Th 7/30:
Ashley Tisdale, Tim Meadows, Jarvis Cocker
Fr 7/31: Adam Sandler, Jimmy Buffett


We 7/22: Adam Scott, Renee Gauthier, Cold War Kids (R 4/1/09)
Th 7/23:
Dr. Drew Pinsky, Yvonne Strahovski, Nico Stai (R 4/2/09)
Fr 7/24: Spraugue Grayden,
the Pains of Being Pure at Heart (R 4/3/09)

Mo 7/27: Cameron Richardson, Eric Price,
Adele (R 4/14/09)
Tu 7/28: Mr. Brainwash,
the Duke Spirit (R 4/15/09)
We 7/29: Liz Hatch, Kevin Hart,
Lykke Li (R 4/16/09)
Th 7/30: Cassidy Freeman,
Ben Harper & Relentless7 (R 4/17/09)
Fr 7/31:
Tom Lennon, Crystal Antlers (R 4/22/09)


We 7/22: Kevin Nealon


We 7/22: Matthew Waxman, Chris Anderson
Th 7/23: Zev Chafets

Mo 7/27: Movits!
Tu 7/28: Arianna Huffington
We 7/29: TBA
Th 7/30:
Kathryn Bigelow


We 7/22: Zooey Deschanel, Rev. Al Sharpton, Jewel
Th 7/23: Katherine Heigl, David and Shaun Cassidy, La Roux
Fr 7/24:
Tom Arnold, "Trailer Park Boys" Rob Wells, John Paul Tremblay and Mike Smith

Mo 7/27:
Samuel L. Jackson, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Sean Patrick McGraw (R 6/14/09)
Tu 7/28:
Leslie Mann, Eric Winter
We 7/29:
Jonah Hill, Ryan Sheckler, the Sounds
Th 7/30: Seth Rogen, Melissa Sagemiller, Jack's Mannequin
Fr 7/31: Anne Heche, Aubrey Plaza, Diane Birch

Mo 8/3: Larry King, Marisa Miller, Chester French (R 7/15/09)
Tu 8/4:
Ashton Kutcher, Nigel Lythgoe, the Script
We 8/5: Vanessa Hudgens, Eli Roth
Th 8/6:
Sienna Miller, Dave Salmoni
Fr 8/7:
Quentin Tarantino, Rachel Nichols


We 7/22: Tyler Florence
Th 7/23: Demi Lovato, Miss USA 2009 Kristen Dalton
Fr 7/24:
Kevin Spacey

Mo 7/27: Mary Jo Buttafuoco
Tu 7/28: Jessica Lange, the Broadway cast of "Rock of Ages"
We 7/29:
Ashley Tisdale, Hugh Dancy, Rose Byrne
Th 7/30:
Seth Rogen, Judd Apatow
Fr 7/31: Tyler Florence

Mo 8/3: A day of Hot Topics
Tu 8/4:
Eric Bana
We 8/5: Selena Gomez, David Henrie, Jake T. Austin, the Broadway cast of "Hair"
Th 8/6: Adam Lambert,
Regis Philbin
Fr 8/7: Meryl Streep, Amy Adams, Nora Ephron, Lauren Costello


We 7/22: Anna Paquin
Th 7/23: Kevin Nealon, Flo Rida
Fr 7/24: Gerard Butler, Chef Kevin Howe

Mo 7/27:
Holly Hunter
Tu 7/28: Jonah Hill
We 7/29: "Bachelorette" Jillian Harris
Th 7/30:
Amy Adams, Leslie Mann
Fr 7/31: Adam Sandler, guest co-host Bette Midler


We 7/22: Amy Poehler, James Morrison (R 1/26/09)
Th 7/23:
Ben Stiller, David Cook, six dancers from "So You Think You Can Dance" (R 5/20/09)
Fr 7/24:
Clint Eastwood, Jason Mesnick (R 1/9/09)

Mo 7/27:
Chris Rock, Elizabeth Banks (R 10/28/08)
Tu 7/28:
Jennifer Aniston, Stevie Wonder (R 2/6/09)
We 7/29: Simon Baker, Miranda Cosgrove (R 2/16/09)
Th 7/30:
Kate Walsh, Brooke Burke and Derek Hough, cast members from "Thunder From Down Under", piano prodigy Emily Bear (R 11/17/08)
Fr 7/31:
John Mayer, Josh Groban, Lady Antebellum, Chester Pitts, Ephraim Salaam (R 2/9/09)


We 7/22: Carlos Santana (R)
Th 7/23:
Christopher Guest, Harry Shearer, Michael McKean (R)
Fr 7/24:
Joan Baez (R)

Mo 7/27: Berry Gordy (R)
Tu 7/28: Berry Gordy (R)
We 7/29:
Lionel Richie (R)
Th 7/30: Ashford & Simpson (R)
Fr 7/31: Lamont Dozier,
Raphael Saadiq (R)


We 7/22: Jewel, Heather McDonald, Chris Hardwick, T.J. Miller
Th 7/23: Kristin Cavallari,
Josh Wolf, Jen Kirkman, Ross Matthews
Fr 7/24: Marissa Jaret Winokur,
John Caparulo, Heather McDonald, Brody Stevens (R 7/2/09)

Mo 7/27: The Mighty Boosh,
John Caparulo, Whitney Cummings, Billy Gardell
Tu 7/28: Melissa Gilbert, Loni Love, Guy Branum, Brad Wollack
We 7/29: Chris Kattan, Big Boy, Arden Myrin, Chris Franjola
Th 7/30: Eliot Chang, Gary Valentine, Greg Proops
Fr 7/31: Margaret Cho, Jo Koy, Randy and Jason Sklar (R 7/21/09)


We 7/22: Lily Allen, Garry Marshall, Dana White (R)
Th 7/23:
Shai Agassi, Joshua Jackson, Chris Noth (R)
Fr 7/24: Gary Bettman, Jason Mewes,
Darius Rucker (R)

Mo 7/27:
Diana Krall, Lewis Black, Bruce Greenwood (R)
Tu 7/28:
Tim Robbins, Ricky Gervais (R)
We 7/29:
Russell Peters, Spike Lee, Kings of Leon (R)
Th 7/30: Joe Clark, Kat von D,
Eugene Levy (R)
Fr 7/31: Colin Mochrie,
Richard Florida, the Killers (R)

Mo 8/3:
David Frum, Levar Burton, Margaret Atwood (R)
Tu 8/4:
Howie Mandel, Rush, Alex Trebek (R)
We 8/5:
Chuck Palahniuk, Keith Urban, Suzy Welch (R)
Th 8/6: John Pinette,
Adrien Brody, Christopher Hitchens (R)
Fr 8/7:
Larry King, Steve Earle, Paul Potts (R)


We 7/22: Brendan Fraser, Emily VanCamp (R 1/23/09)
Th 7/23: James Denton, Kate Gosselin,
Eric Hutchinson, Bryan Dattilo (R 10/28/08)
Fr 7/24: Jordana Brewster, Cheryl Burke & Gilles Marini (R 4/3/09)

Mo 7/27:
Robin Williams, Joe Mantegna, Meiko (R 9/8/08)
Tu 7/28:
Kevin Pollak, 6-year-old entrepreneur Ethan Haney, Shenae Grimes
We 7/29: Rosie Perez,
Kat Von D (R 2/25/09)
Th 7/30:
Kristin Chenoweth, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach (R 4/29/09)
Fr 7/31: Ashley Scott,
the Bacon Brothers, Phil Keoghan (R 3/27/09)


(www.antimusic.com reports) Mower have taken the insanity of their backstage antics and captured it on film for their new video "The Party", which can be seen online.

The video features two elements that are synonymous with the band; wild women and outrageous parties. "The Party" is the lead track on Mower's new album Make It a Double, which hits stores on July 28th through Suburban Noize.

"The video shoot for 'The Party' was the most fun out of all our videos. We had one night to call a bunch of girls and invite them to the shoot. We bought as much booze as we could, threw a party and filmed it. No script, no acting, just a bunch of people getting drunk, singing and listening to the same song 100 times and we had a blast," says Mower frontman Brian Sheerin. "It's a whiskey drinkin', Jager shooting rock n' roll song about the good times we've had partying up the coast in Los Angele, and a great way to kick off our new album Make It A Double."

Mower's Make It A Double is the group's third studio album for Suburban Noize Records and features guest appearances by Rob Caggiano (Anthrax), Mikey Doling (Snot), Roy Mayorga (Stone Sour) and Fernando Apodaca (Mad Juana). The effort was recorded in Los Angeles, CA with producer Eddie Wohl (Anthrax, 36 Crazyfists) and includes nine new Mower tracks that harness the band's explosive live energy and six songs by Mower's jazz lounge alter-ego, Slower, that experiment with creepy riffs and hazy, mellow tones. The album is available for pre-order at www.SubNoizeStore.com and comes with a limited edition autographed.

The party video can be see at www.MySpace.com/Mower ---



Agua Dulce : “We were  on stage playing during a bikini contest when a very large (contestant) collapsed on to the conga players drums. We kept playing.”

Scott Anderson / This Holiday Life: “At one show, when it was time to hit the stage, we couldn't find our drummer, Mark (Nagel). After freakin' out, we had to take the stage without him. We started into one of our most rockinest songs without drums. Meanwhile, Mark, sitting on the toilet, heard our song and thought, "Weird, why are they playing our CD right before we go on?"

Wendy Bailey:  “We played a show in East County where the only person on the dance floor was a homeless woman, who for two songs, kept flashing us. We tried to ignore it, but at least she seemed to be enjoying herself.”


Cathryn Beeks: “In 1998 I was performing with a Cleveland band called 3 Penny Pussy when the two lead front guys dropped their pants and each poured whiskey on their male extremities only to light them on fire a second later.  If anyone was suspicious that it was a hoax the smell of burning hair convinced them otherwise.”

Ed Been / Y3K:  “One night at The Blue Haven in Chula Vista, there was a heavy set woman in a dress that insisted on doing handstands.  Much to our horror, she was not wearing underwear at the time.” 


Cindy Lee Berryhill: “I was opening for Sarah McLachlan when a piece of the bridge fell off my guitar, mid-song, rendering it unplayable. Rather than stop playing, I motioned for the bassist to keep going and turned the lyric into a request for audience members to come onstage and help look for the missing guitar piece, while we continued. They found it and I reattached it as I improvised lyrics, going back into the song where we left off. That was the ultimate audience participation.”


James Brady / New Day Mile: “During my teens in New Jersey I attended a Sunday Bible study every week. The woman running it asked if my band would like to play at the youth group meeting at her church. We were a metal band, so we were a little shocked at the request, but we were happy to get our first gig. It turns out we were opening for a slide show that depicted our kind of music as the type that leads to violence and suicide.”


Brooklyn : “ I was watching a drummer friend of mine play at Humphrey's Backstage Lounge. He'd told the band he was playing with that I'm a singer/songwriter and near the end of their set they introduced me to the crowd as an up and coming singer. Well, the crowd started cheering to get "Brooklyn on stage!". (The band) pulled me on stage to sing whatever it was they were playing at the time. I don't know what they were thinking I was going to do, but it was a song I'd never heard...and it was in Spanish., so even if I had known the melody...I wasn't going to sing the correct lyrics. It must've sounded like a bunch of muffled humming. It was more than a little humiliating.”

Amy Castner / Compass Rose :  “I had a seagull crap into the f-hole of my violin while I was playing at a party on Sunset Cliffs a couple of years ago.”

Ron Fountainberry / The SoftLightes/Incredible Moses Leroy :  “Last year we were on tour with Wolfmother and in Austin one particular guy flipped me off the entire show. I don't know how he was able to keep his arms up the entire show. There were several times on that tour that I thought we would be murdered for our lack of hard rock.”


Greg Friedman / The Truckee Brothers: “In my old punk band we played a charity Christmas show at a school for the mentally disabled. We started off too loud and the entire audience was crying in agony. We turned down and by the end of the second song they were overjoyed and screaming out "You're better than Michael Jackson". It was amazing to be responsible for such completely opposite emotions within the span of five minutes.”


Larry Grano / Soul Persuaders:  “At Dick's Last Resort. I was singing and some young lady came up who had a leash attached to a dog collar around her neck ...and handed me the leash. What does one do ? After mugging Johnny Carson-style for the crowd, I read her tags and called her owner.”

Marie Haddad : “A guy came up to me during a show and told me that he was a psychic and that he wanted to do a reading for me during a break in my set. I was, of course, intrigued, and so at the break we sat down for a little bit and i listened to his reading. he predicted that I would be getting a new pair of boots for the rain! Darn it if he wasn't spot on with that one.”

Lee Harding / Echo Revolution: “A classmate (a guy) came to our show once.  He never said two words to me in class, so I was jazzed he had come out.  At some point in the set, he was 2 feet in front of me while I singing at the mic and started licking himself and dancing totally homoerotic.  Yeah.”

Robin Henkel : “I remember that I (fell) asleep onstage one time.  Before a show with Big Rig Deluxe, I'd eaten a huge Mexican meal and was sitting in this comfy chair playing steel guitar.  It was almost like trying to stay awake while driving.  After dosing off, the steel bar, which weighs about a pound, fell out of my hand and hit the wood stage with a loud clunk.  That's when I woke up right in the middle of a tune the band was playing and had no idea how long I'd been out.”

Dave Humphries:   “In England, we were playing in a workingmen's club, halfway through a number and noticed we no longer had bass. We looked around and saw our bass player with the neck of his guitar at somebody's throat up against a wall. Some guy had been messing with his girlfriend and he wasn't very happy about it. On another occasion the same bassist left the stage to sell bingo tickets while we were still playing.”

Laurie Lewis / Mamas and Papas “We were on tour in Germany and (singer) Spanky MacFarland was green as green could be. I asked her what was going on, and she just shook her head and walked back behind the stage and projectile vomited. This was an outdoor stage and she didn’t notice that there were people behind the stage as well, so she basically threw up over a whole bunch of people. But then afterwards they brought their shirts up that were covered in puke and asked if we would autograph them.”


Jane Lui: “I once had a chick pole dancing to a song about my dad. I loved it that she responded with her whole body. You have to be strong to pole dance.”


Dune Murderous / Defamation League: “One time I belligerently kicked Khemical Ali in the ribs during a performance, prompting him to start vomiting almost immediately. Somehow he didn't miss a verse and trudged on.”


Josh Pann / Circa Now :  “One time this really drunk guy starting dry humping my monitor. He nearly unplugged it so I couldn't even sing. I looked for help to my band mates and they were laughing just as hard. The song finished without vocals.” 


Gregory Page: “At Lestat’s a guy walked on stage and stood at attention next to me while I was singing. I knew he was on drugs. First I asked him politely to leave, and he just stood there like a statue mumbling to himself. Then I said "Hey mister see that plaque on the wall? it reads “The Gregory Page Stage,” now get the F-ck Off My Stage." Police were called and he was taken away and I continued singing…”


Patric Petrie / Skelpin: “One night my skirt flew off mid-twirl during a performance at downtown’s annual “Shamrock” St. Patrick’s Day Street Fair. I was in the middle of playing a fast tune, jumping all around, and couldn't stop to grab it. What a show.”


Patric Petrie / Skelpin. “We were performing a corporate gig at the Embarcadero Marina in 2006, when my wireless mic’d fiddle slipped from my hand as I danced. Unfortunately, I was still in motion, so I managed to drop kick the instrument into the audience. No one in the crowd thought to catch it, instead they moved en masse out of the way. It was like watching the Red Sea part. I’ll never forget the sound it made when it hit the concrete.”


Jordan Reimer: “When I was on tour in San Francisco in ‘06. I was playing at a nearly empty coffee house/laundromat called the Brain Wash Cafe when a homeless man came in with a tree branch that had a large, white, blooming flower on it. He walked up to the stage and set it on top of my amp for me. For a while I thought it was really creepy, but after a while I realized the true meaning of it. He gave me all he could, and that is a very touching action.”


Victoria Robertson: "I was booked to sing the National Anthem at the Miramar Airshow each morning of the event. It was very unfortunate that the sound company didn't prepare for my solo as much as I did that weekend.  During Friday's show, the band began but my microphone didn't kick in until "...what so proudly we hailed", missing the first 10 seconds of the 1 1/2 minute anthem.  As if this wasn't unfortunate enough, the same mistake was repeated Saturday and Sunday.”

Randy Seol / Strawberry Alarm Clock:  “At an open air festival we played in the seventies, there were supposed to be fireworks following our set. There were problems right away. One of the guys setting them up was showing off or something. The first blast made us wonder what was going on. The second blast slightly injured the fire marshall who came over to investigate the first. By the third blast we were running.”

Randy Seol / Strawberry Alarm Clock: “We got to play a big music festival, on a side stage. It was a big production, with modern dancers and backing singers. For some reason, we had our keyboard player playing from a hot air balloon tethered to the stage. A woman ran out of the audience and started tugging at the rope and just about tipped the gondola over while our keyboard player screamed for someone to stop her.”

Amber Shaffer / Secret Apollo : “At the Ken Club, our drummer sat down on his drum stool and his phone fell out of his pocket.  It managed to fall through the 6 inch gap between the back wall and where the stage begins and slipped another 2.5 feet to the actual floor under the stage. The sound guy brought a flash light over and we saw the phone resting on a floor covered with a foot of garbage: old beer cans, set lists, sticky stuff I don't want to know about and certainly it's share of bugs and unidentifiable objects. And who was the only one with arms skinny AND long enough to fit in that 6 inch gap? It was bad enough having to lay face down on the Ken Club stage, but then to have to blindly stick my hand in that mess and dig around for a phone-like shape? Steve's still paying me back for that one.


Mike Stax / The Loons: I suppose (lead singer) Ray Brandes getting yanked off the stage by the cops mid-song back in the Tell-Tale Hearts days was kind of surreal. He reappeared a few minutes later with one of his best ever one-liners to the audience: "It seems I had a couple of library books overdue."


Anna Troy:  “I played an outdoor gallery opening in North County on a makeshift stage. The gig itself was nothing unusual except that I was told to keep an eye out for poisonous spiders, because the stage had been built in an area that was known to have them. I had a hard time concentrating on the music while looking around for spiders, especially since I noticed the soundman occasionally making “squishing” motions with his foot.”

Brandon Welchez / Crockodiles: “While in the Prayers, in Los Angeles a pretty well-known Hollywood transvestite closed our show with us with an impromptu cover of “Louie Louie.”

Rockin’ Johnny White (promoter): “I've had my share of the girl with the new boob job who wants everybody in the club to check them out. But that one always starts out like this "Do you dare me to flash my Boobs?" And I always reply "Yes."




Hoping to combat the notion that hip-hop competition breeds violence, several local performers are banding together for a Best of Daygo City compilation album. “We’re shooting for 99 percent exclusives, stuff that’s never been out before,” says Chris at On Fyre Entertainment. “This will not be a mixtape. A fully-pressed and professionally packaged CD will be distributed through retailers, iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby.”


So what’s the performer incentive to donate fresh tracks? “We’re not charging these artists $50 to $2,000, like mixtape DJs do. We also provide free promotional material, and the ability to purchase CDs in bulk, so they can resell on their own.”


Chris estimates pressing and promotion costs at around $2,000, which he’ll cover with partners Kayo and Young Mass. “The money will be raised through tax refunds, sales of Mass and Kayo albums in the streets, pimpin’, recycling, blood, sweat, and tears…just playing about that pimpin’ thing.”




So who gets Daygo’s Best proceeds? “The money will be invested into promoting musicians from San Diego, and to the production of the next compilation album.”


Confirmed contributors include Vokab Kompany, O.C.T./Outta-Control, James T. Powers (Clay Pigeons), Play B, Kitty, Shock G, Kayo, Young Mass, Parker and the Numberman (Pac 10), female rapper Vision, and Bucky Adams (who at this writing claims “40,904 CDs sold in the streets of SD”).


 (Young Mass)


“I represent all of San Diego, but I’m from Southeast,” says Kitty. “Everyone is out for self, because the biz is so tough to crack. So people feel that, if they help someone out, they’ll be outshined.”


Pacific Beach-based Vokab Kompany say they don’t mind donating a track. “We don’t really see it as a problem, nobody owes us anything,” according to an email from Burkey Baybe and Rob Hurt. “Complaining just attracts a temporary ear. Opportunity is there to be created…maybe when this is all said and done, we can be looked at as the ones to thank.”


“There aren’t too many people in San Diego I wouldn’t work with,” says Powers (who last month held most-downloaded slot on the Reader website).  “Though there are some people I’ve reached out to on numerous occasions who won’t give me the time of day. DJ Fingaz, get at me, haha!”



http://www.reverbnation.com/controller/fan_reach/pt?eid=2198688_13060946&url=http://www.artbyshano.com/ "My new cd MOOD SWING is almost done," reports Cathryn Beeks. "We started recording in late January at Berkley Sound, Jeff Berkley producing.  Matt and I laid down rough versions of around 20 "Game" songs I'd written over the past 3 years and we decided on 12 of those plus a Paul Simon cover and a few others."  

Since The Ordeal had never heard most of the songs, Beeks hired studio guys to expedite the process.  "I was pretty excited to work with Brian "Nucci" Cantrell and Rick Nash, they helped bring these songs to life.  I was also blessed to have guests such as Dennis Caplinger, John McBride, Wes Wilkes, Ben Moore, Earl Schreyer, The Grass Gypsys, Barbara Nesbitt, Steph Johnson, Lisa Sanders and Brown Sugar, Matt Hannifin, Becky Fleming, Bill Coomes and of course Jeff Berkley, The Reverend Stickman, Matt Silvia and Marcia Claire." 

According to Beeks, "These songs are the first I've recorded where words and music are mine so it's a deeply personal collection and really scary this time.  Despite the fear, this is my proudest work and I can't wait for you to hear it."



Hostile Comb-Over has announced it is playing its final show August 11 at the Radio Room. According to Hostile singer/guitarist John Cota, "I've started something new called Rats Eyes with Jason Blackmore from Sirhan Sirhan, Jimmy Armbrust from Louis XIV, and Gabe Serbian from The Locust."


http://www.reverbnation.com/controller/fan_reach/pt?eid=2125142_13060946&url=http://www.myspace.com/foldingmisterlincoln Folding Mr. Lincoln filmed their 1st music video to "Lay It All Down." They partnered with young filmmaker Geeta Malik of Shetani Films.  You can check her stuff here.


"Trying to raise funds to help my 'kids' shoot a music video. They are ages 13, 13 and 17 and very talented. If we get 50 people to donate 10 bucks we will have reached our goal. Feel free to pass it on to anybody who you think would be interested in supporting a little girl who will (hopefully) be opening for Taylor Swift in a couple years. If we don't reach our goal of $500.00 - everybody gets their money back, its an honest deal!"

Fundable.com lets groups of people pool money to make purchases or raise funds.  Similar to online auctions, Fundable's collection pages are created by people who use the web site. Each page contains a description of how much money needs to be collected and what it will do.  Once enough pledges for a collection have been secured, Fundable turns them into real payments and sends the total to the collection's organizer.

FUNDRAISING - Aja Alycean's Music Video



This is the final week San Diego bands can apply to showcase at this year’s CMJ Music Marathon in NYC.

Here are the San Diego bands who applied using their Sonicbids accounts last year and were selected by CMJ to perform an official showcase: Crocodiles and Lady Dottie and the Diamonds - (http://www.sonicbids.com/LadyDottieandtheDiamonds)

Going back farther, here’s all the Sonicbids bands CMJ selected going back to 2005: http://www.sonicbids.com/Profile/PromoterProfile.aspx?account_id=12435 

Bands can apply here until midnight on Wed. 7/15: http://www.sonicbids.com/cmj



A local “retired” hip-hop act, Kastle Vania, is back in the game, having called it quits after winning Best Hip-Hop at the 2002 SDMAs. Now calling themselves Kastle Creeps, their new album is slated to debut with a July 31 CD release party at Portugalia.

***************************************************** And, in honor of the late, great Michael Jackson, here’s artwork from a comic book biography I did about him (which will be released soon by Bluewater Productions, the company behind the recent Oprah and Obama comic books) --------------------- mjcoverBlog FamMarlon1fnl FamMarlon2Redo **********************************************


THE ROCKETEER AND OTHER FAMOUS '80S COMICS BEGAN RIGHT HERE IN SAN DIEGO - Here's a detailed history of local Pacific Comics, who recruited comic superstars like Jack Kirby to create one of the first successful indie comic book lines. Pioneers in the fight for comic creators' rights and royalties, former employees and operators reveal how they did it, and what went so terribly wrong...




THE KOMPLETE KISS KOMIX KRONICLES - Comprehensive collection of stuff I’ve done about working with Kiss on a comic book series in San Diego, along with a bunch of never-before-seen artifacts from the Kiss Komix archives AND an article by Kiss comic author Spike Steffenhagen, offering his own very-different take, ala Rashomon, on the same events I describe in my essay...



ROCK 'N' ROLL COMICS: THE INSIDE STORY - In 1989, San Diego's Revolutionary Comics ("Unauthorized And Proud Of It") launched Rock 'N' Roll Comics, featuring unlicensed biographies of rock stars, most of which I wrote. Some performers, like Frank Zappa and Kiss, were supportive, while others like New Kids On The Block considered our comics akin to bootlegs and sued. In June 1992, publisher Todd Loren was found dead in his San Diego condo, brutally murdered...



NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK VS REVOLUTIONARY COMICS - The inside story of how a hugely successful boy band tried to sue local-based Rock 'N' Roll Comics over an unauthorized biography of the group, sparking a court case that established, for the very first time, first amendment rights for comic books. Illustrated by comic superstar Stuart Immonen (Superman, etc.)...



OVER A MILLION CARNAL COMICS ARE IN PRINT - Here's how and why we made some of the top-selling erotic comics of all time, right here in San Diego, including what Gene Simmons has to do with it all, backstage tales of porn stars, and more confessions of a comic pornographer...



COMICS AND CENSORSHIP - DON'T BE AFRAID, IT'S ONLY A COMIC BOOK - A local-centric history of comic book censorship, and the fight for the rights of comic creators...


deep38joblog50 joblog51

TWILIGHT ZONE AND STAR TREK WRITER GEORGE CLAYTON JOHNSON PRESENTS - The inside story of a local horror comic book series featuring Robert Bloch, author of Psycho, plus sci-fi king Larry Niven, Zap Comix co-founder Spain Rodriguez, Matthew Alice artist Rick Geary, Vampire Lestat painter Daerick Gross, yours truly JAS, and many more...



THE BIRTH OF IMAGE COMICS: INSIDE STORY OF A LOCAL PUBLISHING POWERHOUSE - Illustrated tale revealing how Spawn creator Todd McFarlane and local comic artist Jim Lee (the Punisher, etc.) conspired to create the ultimate creator-owned comic books...


 Down the Slippery Slope - Arrested For the Crime of Viewing Manga

On March 30, 2004, when Dwight Whorley found the Japanese website of Fractal Underground Studio via Yahoo and clicked on a couple of the thumbnail images... ( http://comipress.com/special/miscellaneous/down-the-slippery-slope-the-crime-of-viewing-manga )


"Before It Was The Gaslamp: Balboa's Last Stand" - Cover story 6-21-07: In the late 70s/early 80s, I worked at downtown San Diego's grindhouse all-night movie theaters, for the owner of the Pussycat Theatre chain, Vince Miranda - this detailed feature recalls those dayz, the death of the Balboa Theatre, etc.

More Before It Was the Gaslamp


"Battle Of The Peeps" - feature article about a weird gig I had in the mid-'80s, running a strip club called Jolar, for the nation's second biggest pornographer, Harry Mohney (Deja Vu Showgirls founder).

More Battle of the Peeps - An Insider History of San Diego Porn Shops

"Field Of Screens" - Cover story 7-6-06: Complete theater-by-theater history of San Diego drive-ins thru the years, including a few which screened X-rated fare for awhile.

More Drive-In Theaters in San Diego: Complete Illustrated History 1947 thru 2008


"Pussycat Theaters - When 'Cathouses Ruled California" -- for the first time, the detailed inside story of the west coast Pussycat Theater chain of adult moviehouses, which peaked in the '70s but later died out. Told by those who actually ran the theaters!

More Pussycat Theater History: When Cathouses Ruled CA


Jay Allen  Sanford  More Music on the Reader Website:

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