(Auto)Biography Channel Entries for March, 2010


Party Crasher Returns - elsewhere

Party Crasher Returns - elsewhere

http://www.sandiego.com/crasher/party-crasher-ombac-s-unjust-dessert Tho the Reader's Crasher column existed before Josh Board wrote it (Daniel Ridge had the gig until late 2003), ...

Local Book Reviews and Author Interviews

 Immersing Deep Into Jazz—and Heroin Captivating tale of addiction and redemption to be featured at this year’s California Library Association ...

Why I Don't Like Hippies

Or What I Drink and Where I Drink It

WHAT I DRINK AND WHERE I DRINK IT or Why I Don't Like Hippies What I Drink: Kahlúa White Russian - 2 ...

Five Questions, plus More Free Band Names

Five Questions, plus More Free Band Names

FIVE QUESTIONS, FIVE THINGS   I enjoyed the replies to the previous “Get To Know Me” blog, so here’s a ...

What's YOUR Favorite Twilight Zone?

When interviewing local musicos, one of my favorite questions to ask is "What's your favorite Twilight Zone?" It's amazing how ...

When Cult Movies Ruled at Midnight

MIDNIGHT MOVIES, A LOCAL HISTORY: The '80s Part 1 July 29, 1983, Ken Cinema: First Known “Shadowcast” Fan Participation at a ...

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