Here we go Padres Here we go. Baseball is in the air. Opening Day is approaching. I have my tickets and am ready to go.

Speaking of tickets, the Padres organization made a truly bonehead decision in printing the season tickets with the price we pay, instead of the actual price for the seat. This is stupid because if one wants/needs to sell a ticket, there is no more profit. BUT, if we turn in those tickets, the Padres will sell them for the listed price. So, they get the profit. To use a movie quote: "Stupid, stupid, stupid."

There is not much doubt that attendance will be down this year. In our small section, 303, 8 seats are non-renewed. I also know of at least 10 others who did not renew. And, one person is actually negotiating with the ticket office!

What is this Frequent Friar Rewards Club and the $10 fee to join? Is this replacing the Compadres Club? Some information on this would be helpful--Hello Padres, what is this?? What is going on??

Have you seen the Founders Club Memberships up for sale? There are 43 listed, involving 107 seats. Lots of money for those. I have not seen any statistics about season tickets, but I am sure the sales are way down.

One reason may be that people accessed the Padres website and looked at the 40 man roster. Recognizable names are few. 21 pitchers, 7 I know, with a few more that were called up last year near the end of the season. There are 6 with "no information" and the others with a few appearances. 3 catchers with Henry Blanco as the one with the most experience. Nick Hundley has 60 games played. The third one is "no information". Infielders is much better, with 5 known entities and 3 with little or no experience. Outfielders, 5 known, with Cliff Floyd & Brian Giles being the old fellers. 3 with minimal or no experience. Looks rather iffy to me as far as fielding a competetive team. Although this is the NL West, where no one wants to win!!!!

Food & drink folks have come up with a "value deal", 1 hot dog, 1 soda, snack size bag of peanuts, snack size popcorn and a giant cookie; ALL for $5. OR, you can substitute a 16 oz. beer and pay $10. Since the beer alone is over $8, we just might have some leftover food. OOPS maybe not, except on Saturdays when I bring home baked stuff. I have already been going through recipes to see what new things I can make. There will definitely be more cupcakes.

So, see you on Opening Day, Monday April 6, against the dreaded (I love to hate them) Dodgers.

So long


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