A therapist's mantra: do NOT dwell on things you cannot do, rather think about what you CAN do. That is a great concept that requires lots and lots of practice. Embrace your disease, injury, limiting physical anomalies. Chin up, put on a happy face, & whatever other appropriate cliches you can think of!

I remember when the pitcher, Jim Abbott joined the California Angels baseball team. Jim was born with one arm & he did not particularly like the term "disabled". A reporter once asked him how it felt to be a winning disabled pitcher. Jim Abbott answered that since he was born with one arm, it was all he ever knew. He did not think about being disabled and, in his younger years, decided he really wanted to play baseball. He never played a single minor league game. He was amazing to watch. He could transfer that glove, throw that pitch, field his position with such agility, that the fans got used to seeing this humble, able, talented pitcher. He threw a no hit game against the Cleveland Indians, while he was with the NY Yankees in 1993. In case anyone is wondering, he now works for the Department of Labor, Disability Policy section.

Have you ever thought about what you would do if you lost something you assumed would always be there? For instance, losing an arm, a leg, a foot, a hand, or even your senses; hearing, feeling, seeing, tasting??

It is a uneasy transition and is similar to the stages of grief. Fear and anger seem to be the first of these difficult stages. It may be best to warn your friends & family and to solicit their support.

My brother had an accident when we were in Cincinnati for a family reunion, probably 1966/67. He hit his head and sustained a major concussion. He was admitted to the local hospital. He was unaware of where he was. He's a strong fella & I recall my mother having a very hard time seeing her son when he did not know who she was. I went to the hospital to see him, before I left to head on back to Michigan. By that morning (day after injury) he was in & out, even occasionally coherent enough to talk to Mom. I was standing at his bedside, talking to him, when he lifted his arm and landed a solid punch to my right jaw!!! I couldn't believe my brother had hit me. Later on, he seemed to just suddenly awaken, wondering why he was in the hospital. I told him what he had done and I would wait til he returned home to get him back!!! I do not recall if payback was achieved.

A good friend went to Disneyland for her birthday on Monday. It was pouring down rain! She sent a text message that it was wet, but fun. I hope there were pictures taken of the adventure.

Another dinner at KousKous Morrocan Bistro and another success. The food is truly delicious and the service is great. They are now offering bottles of wine for 1/2 price on Monday & Wednesday nights. I was there on Tuesday!! My friend and I shared a bottle of wine anyway. If you get a chance, go try it. They are in Hillcrest, on 4th between Washington & University, south side of street.

So long


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