First of all, I'm not gay. Just wanted to get that out of the way.

Now, what does the gay community want? To be recognized as equals? By who?..... To be given tax breaks as a marriage couple? So its about money?.....The 'right to marry'? Isn't marriage a sacred bond between two people and God, the universe, society, friends, family? What does the government have to do with it?

Here's my point. The question should not be should gays be 'allowed' to marry, but should our government have the authority to hand out marriage licenses in the first place.

By asking permission from our government (which is what a marriage license is), the gay community is legitimizing our governments false claim that we need their permission to do anything, including who we choose to marry. Why do you need the government's permission to marry? Since when is our government in the marriage business? Where in our constitution does it say the federal government decides who we can marry? If you want to get married, then go get married! You don't need their permission. The day we need our government's permission to marry, is the day we no longer live in a free society. If you want your government to take care of you because they know better, move to Saudi Arabia and the government will give you your permission to marry.

This false claim that anybody, including straight couples, needs a license to marry stems from ultra conservative/ religious groups who wrongly use our government to impose their authoritarian laws on the rest of society. Again, we are suppose to be living in a FREE COUNTRY! And that means we cannot pick and choose which freedoms are in line with our own personal beliefs and values and which are not. We all need to compromise some of our own personal values in the name of individual liberty. Furthermore, our government needs to get out of our personal lives and start doing their job, (like defending this nation, not nation building, protecting individual's basic human rights and liberty, some sensible regulation of commerce, etc.), all of which they're not doing a very good job of in the first place.

I only hope the gay community will start fighting the right fight, which is a fight for all AMERICANS and a fight to live in a truly FREE SOCIETY.


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