Almost Factual News Entries for January, 2013


Atheist advocacy billboard goes up in Encinitas

Something to cheer you up during your afternoon commute? The San Diego Coalition of Reason, a collection of local groups ...

Entire San Diego Boy Scout troop comes out to each other

"Wait, you mean we're all gay? That's kind of anticlimactic." When the word came down that the Boy Scouts of America was discussing the elimination of its universal ban ...

Breaking! New Chargers coach "Mike McCoy" revealed to be Chargers counsel Mark Fabiani

Leaked memo outlines "new strategy" in struggle for new stadium

Change the part on the hair, plump the nose, tweak the ear angle, clean up the eyebags, and voila! Documents ...

Mayor Filner to impatient pot proponents: "Quit harshing my mellow."

Mayor responds to chargers that he lacks motivation.

"What a drag," said Sunshine Sparklepony, owner of the Rolled Gold medical marijuana dispensary next to the First Impressions Daycare ...

NAVAL NINNIES: Vandegrift scandal reveals so-called "P***y Protocol"

Our boys just don't have what it takes to go toe-to-toe with the Russians

HANGING OUR HEADS IN SHAME DOWN AT THE VFW HALL - Fallout continues following the Navy's astonishing decision to not ...

Representatives of United States reprimanded for accurately representing United States

After two months without a break, Navy sailors dock in Russia, get drunk, and visit strip club.

Relieved Commanding Officer of San-Diego based frigate Vandegrift: "What else, exactly, were they supposed to do in Vladivostok?"

Peanutty: Peter Robbins has a moment of clarity

It really helps if you imagine the Peanuts adult "Waa-Waa" voice lecturing throughout...

Peter Robbins: see you in the funny papers

Poor Peter Robbins. Did he learn nothing about failure and regret from his years spent voicing Charlie Brown?

Filner takes on the La Mesa sewage spill!

Mr. Mayor dares to work a little blue - or in this case, brown.

Filner takes on Mickelson!

The stand-up Mayor on the famous golfer's tax-rant.

I have a dream...

...a dream of a getaway for two at Baja's favorite beachfront hotel!

San Diego Symphony debuts innovative new fundraising technique

Pleasure is just the absence of pain!

Telesco, McCoy, and Whisenhurst lay out strategy for Chargers' future

"Together, we've got decades of experience - from our days in Indianapolis, Denver, Arizona, and even Pittsburgh - with trying to make sure the Chargers lose. We're just gonna do the opposite of all of that, and the wins should follow as a matter of course." We can't lose!

Chargers hire Terry Richardson as new Charger Girl photographer

Team owner Spanos: "The 2012 Charger Girl swimsuit calendar just didn't do it for me. It was time for a change."

Among the hundreds of staff changes at the San Diego Chargers this off-season, perhaps none is more important to team ...

New Chargers coach Mike "Real" McCoy: "Moving to San Diego is the opportunity of a lifetime."

"I love this town!"

Mike McCoy has always wanted to live in San Diego. And why not? Between the weather, Sea World, the beaches, ...

Sycuan band of Native Americans plans Great White Slaughter in February

Should folks be worried? I think folks should be worried. They're advertising it.

Bob Filner, stand-up guy

The Mayor takes on the City and U.S. Attorney!

Bob Filner, stand-up guy

The Mayor takes on The Reader!

Local horror film

It was the only reveal the awful truth! Junior Seau, RIP.

A message from the gladiators of the gridiron

Ladies and gentlemen, your San Diego Chargers! Junior Seau, RIP.

Bob Filner, stand-up guy

Mr. Mayor considers the Balboa Park Earth Day proposition for 2012

District 8 Councilman Alvarez clarifies clarifying statement

"When I referred to 'human sewage escaping into America via the Tijuana River and wreaking havoc on the local economy,' I was talking about actual human feces."

"Come on, people, let's get serious here."*

District 8 Councilman Alvarez clarifies statement

"When I said, 'We must act quickly to stop the brown tide coming from south of the border,' I was referring to the human sewage escaping into America via the Tijuana River and wreaking havoc on the local economy."

"I mean, really."

City proposes new site for Chargers stadium

Filner: "We think this is more in keeping with their current level of performance." Site features ample room for parking, innovative integrated-landscape design.

Bob Filner, stand-up guy

Mr. Mayor considers the San Diego Chargers

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