Almost Factual News Entries for February, 2013


Sinaloa drug cartel names U.S. Attorney Duffy its Woman of the Year

Medical marijuana opponent recognized for her work in ensuring the stability of the cartel's lucrative drug-import business. SITTING IN WHAT I WOULD PROBABLY DESCRIBE AS A BEAUTIFUL AND EXOTIC LOCATION WERE IT NOT FOR THE BAG ...

SPECTRE fails in effort to purchase San Onofre for new headquarters

Famed terrorist organization deemed "just not evil enough" by co-owner SDGE STROLLING ALONG THE BEACH, HOLDING A FLUFFY WHITE CAT, SAN ONOFRE - "It's...disappointing," says Ernst Stavro Blofeld, gazing wistfully ...

Billy Ray Smith undergoes sex change; say hello to Billie Rae Smith!

UT-TV host/hostess says, "I finally feel comfortable in my own skin; plus, we needed more hotness to attract eyeballs to the show."

Before: After:

Padres launch investigation into players' use of performance-depressing drugs

Multiple players have tested positive.

At least Grandal was trying, you know? Following the news that catcher Yasmani Grandal had juiced up with shots of ...

Fleeing Filner, San Diego hoteliers decamp for Texas

"You know who else has a coastal location and a bay? Corpus Christi!"

For Texas Governor Rick Perry, it was a matter of right place, right time. The Lone Star leader had been ...

UCSD "mastermind" to head up Obama's Thought Police project

"I know! We'll call it 'Mapping the human brain.' That sounds helpful. People love government help."

Ralph Greenspan, the associate director of the Kavli Institute at UC San Diego, has been tapped by the White House ...

San Diego Hospice euthanized

Organization offered untraditional end-of-life care, employed untraditional financial and regulatory practices

A Medicare Audit has forced the closure of San Diego Hospice. The program helped many local souls go gentle into ...

Former mayor Golding calls former mayor O'Connor's gambling losses "piddling"

"Betting with funds from her husband's nonprofit? That's almost like betting with your own money! It's a sucker's game!"

This morning, former San Diego mayor Susan Golding addressed a gathering of the Rancho Santa Fe Wealthy Women's Society at ...

Dave Rolland: "No Maass."

CityBeat reporter, perhaps fearing KO for print organ, calls it quits and heads online.

"The Kiss" statue gets hot 'n heavy

Crews called in to right supine sailor and naughty nurse "before things get out of hand. This is a public park!"

Manchester clarifies "I'm buying the LA Times" statement

"What I said was, 'I'm buying an LA Times.'"

"Otherwise, how would I know what's going on in Southern California? From the U-T? Ha, ha, good one."

San Diego tourism ad found among ex-LAPD officer Christopher Dorner's effects

Ad included coupon for 50% off steak and eggs at The Waffle Spot in Hotel Circle; alleged cop killer may have filled up before heading south.

Tourism Board President: "In hindsight, the ad represents an error in judgment. We were trying to make use of San ...

Filner v. the San Diego Downtown Partnership - BONUS CODA

The hits keep coming!

A really good joke should always have a followup punchline...

Filner takes on the Downtown San Diego Partnership


The transcript's not out yet, but here's a taste of the Filner act that had San Diego's greederati kicking up ...

A closer look at the lighting at Bob Filner's speech to the Downtown Business Partnership

Oh, this can't be good...

Irwin Jacobs donates $3 million for Plaza de Panama Speed Circuit

"If the people of San Diego want cars in the Plaza de Panama, by God, I will give them cars in the Plaza de Panama. Very fast cars."

"From here on out, the only way anybody is going to see the Museum of Man is by whizzing past ...

Horton Plaza announces new free parking plan

"4S Parking Pass" seeks to maintain GHQ Won't somebody please think of the hotties? SAFELY INSIDE THE VELVET ROPE, FLUXX NIGHTCLUB - San Diego's Gaslamp has ...

Irwin Jacobs seeks consolation after Balboa Park debacle

The billionaire has had it up to here with people complaining that he has both things he wants to do and the money to get them done.

Sometimes, a kind word can come from the unlikeliest of places....

UCSD responds to its critics

"Somewhere along the line, you people seem to have confused "non-profit" with "non-wealthy."

Statement from University President Morris "Mo" Munni: "The University of California at San Diego has always prided itself as one ...

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