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Craft Cocktails 2015!

Join two Reader special operatives as they taste their way through the Craft Cocktails 2015 special issue.

Guitars, Banjos, and the American Dream

At Sam Radding’s shop, the twang was destined to meet.

Keep out!

Bob Kuczewski couldn't believe it. Was he really getting arrested again?

Fun things to do from beach to backcountry

Bored? Now read this!

Poker refugees in Rosarito

I could lose $5000 right now and I wouldn’t feel anything.

San Diego for sale

Ocular onslaught

Urban Wineries

Most people’s impression is that San Diego’s wine is crappy.

Printers That Can Make (Almost) Anything

I have always thought that among humankind’s most lofty inventions is the printer — the machine, not the person.

Pennies an hour

Success, failure, and hope on the Great Sea of Apps.

Type 1 terror

There’s no cure and no way to prevent it. From the January 14, 2015 issue of the San Diego Reader.

Thank you, Matthew McConaughey

Watch your burn rate.

I'm Judo Math Dude

Sensei Dan Thoene’s got a black bracelet in arithmetic. From the January 1, 2015 cover story.

I make 300 cups of coffee every day. I get $9 an hour plus tips.

News from the Fight-for-Fifteen front.

Doing sound could be reckless

From the November 4, 2014 cover story, Doing Sound Could Be Reckless.

Terminal art

Video of "The Journey," an art installation in SAN's Terminal 2, and some thoughts about the piece from veteran airport visitors. From the October 2, 2014 cover story of the San Diego Reader.

Waterfront videos

A perfect food day

Behind the scenes with Reader and Solare staff as they create the cover of the September 4, 2014 issue of the San Diego Reader.

Music videos


Conversations with users of who have come together to share interests in contacting spirits, wearing animal costumes, and using cryptocurrency.

Craft Cocktails Issue 2014

The crafting of special cocktails at some of our favorite local watering holes.

From the July 10, 2014 issue of the San Diego Reader.

Chillin’ inside Paras with the man of 4000 titles

North Park's Paras Newsstand survives in the Internet age by supplying a variety of specialty magazines to customers of all sorts. A customer explains his particular interest and buying habits, and proprietor Junior Najor gives a guided tour of what is for sale. From the June 19, 2014 issue of the San Diego Reader,

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Videos from our featured advertisers and Street Team events.

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