Videos for January 2019


The Rat Race trailer

Jammin´ The Blues

Three Little Bops trailer

Shoplifters trailer

The Hate U Give trailer

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs trailer

Matthew Aucoin chorus from the opera Crossing

At the Music Academy of the West in July 2017

The Beat Farmers live set (Club 33)

The Beat Farmers performing live on a 1984 episode of Club 33.

Manual Scan, "The American Way" (Club 33)

December 1983 episode of Club 33 featuring Manual Scan performing "The American Way."

The Monroes live set (Club 33)

The Monroes performing live in 1984 on Club 33

The Tell-Tale Hearts "Hey Tiger" (Club 33)

December 1983 episode of Club 33 featuring the Tell-Tale Hearts performing "Hey Tiger."

Newscenter 39 report on Club 33, June 1984

San Diego's Newscenter 39 reporter Jack Gates does a story in June 1984 about Club 33, featuring clips of a taping with Urban Umbrella and an interview with Cox programmer Maya Gallagher.

"We saw an octopus in a shallow tide pool."

Video shot Dec. 2018 by Monique Leibee

Black Mirror Bandersnatch trailer