Videos for August 2018


Sandi & the Accents, "Let Me Go the Right Way"

Live summer 1966

Sandi & the Accents, "Better Watch Out Boy"

Single on Downey, California-based Commerce records

Shostakovich: Symphony No. 7 in C Major

Mariinsky Theater Orchestra, Valery Gergiev, conductor August 21, 2006, Berwaldhallen, Stockholm

Tony Hawk demo of 360 at TJ bullring

Birdhouse video

Sister Speak, "The Stand"

Filmed in Peru and Bolivia at Machu Picchu, Cusco, Puno and other sacred sites

Even Dwarfs Started Small trailer

Natural Act live in San Francisco

Occasional members of It's a Beautiful Day backing former Penrod frontman Tim Dawe

Brain Police, "Election For Mayor/Ride My Train Of Love"

From the 1968 Brain Police demo album

Brain Police, Beyond the Wasteland

Full album

Brain Police

1968 full album

The Paladins live in Belgium, May 2017

Complete set

Powershake, "Mercy"

Teen band covers the Paladins

Tom Palmisano's admission on video

Tom Palmisano, Edison's chief nuclear officer

Timothy And Ms.Pickens With Natural Act, "Hotel Nerdowell"

1976 renamed remake of "Junkie John"

Time Dawe & Penrod "Junkie John"

Original version of "Junkie John" from the Penrod album

Trailer for BlacKkKlansman

Jordan Peterson, Maps of Meaning

Excerpt from lecture on Pinocchio

Geezer, "Island/Blister in the Sun"

Geezer mashes up "Island" by Weezer & "Blister in the Sun" by Violent Femmes

The Mattson 2, "Resolution"

From Mattson 2 Play A Love Supreme

Let’s Be Friends

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