Videos for March 2015


Mission Beach Barrels

Darrell Issa's pedicab ride

CNN video

"Something's Coming" by Will Butler

Lead single off of Will Butler's solo debut, Policy

Robin Thicke feat. Marvin Gaye

Got To Give Up The Blurred Lines (Mashup)

Kensington Video: A Tribute

Morning marchers at Ché Café

Protestors against eviction march and chant in early morning hours at UCSD.

Javier ripping Swami's point

Checkout this clip of Javier Huarcaya at Swami's. He is one of the better surfer/shapers in our area, and the inventor of the XTR surfboard manufacturing process. I guess you could even call him a 'Pro Surfer', as he hold the reigning title in the Grandmasters division in International Surfing Association!

Chuy Reyna tests out the newest Firewire

Surf along with Chuy Reyna next to the Oceanside pier in California as he shows the hyper agility of the Firewire model call ‘The Cornice’. Shot by Drew Coalson on the Sony Action Cam Mini.

One Turn in surfing - 'The Wallet Drop'

The front-side lay-back is one of the staples of a solid San Diego surfer. Drew Coalson lays down what surfers call "The Wallet Drop". This clip was shoot at Ponto Jetties on the Sony Action cam AS100V.

Barrel and a front-side air at Ponto jetties

It's not to likely to get a decent barrel from the inside of the tube in North County San Diego, but they happen. Here Drew Coalson defies the odds the a barrel and an air on the same wave at Ponto Jetties.

"Sometimes There's God," John Mellencamp

John Mellencamp's "Sometimes There's God," from his latest record, Plain Spoken

Red Detachment of Women

Red Detachment of Women

Here's how you don't do it

"Psycho" by Muse of this year's concept album, Drones

Overheard montage

"Maple Leaf Rag" by Scott Joplin

The Wrecking Crew: Movie Trailer

East Jesus & environs

Terminally Ill, "Living the Dream"

Beecham - Berlioz: VII. Offertorium

Derek Dunfee at Puerto Escondido

2015 Billabong Ride of the Year Entry - XXL Big Wave Awards

Deli Man Official Trailer 1

Tam Hoang discusses his childhood in Vietnam

Tam Hoang shares memories, good and bad, from his impoverished youth in Communist-run Vietnam.

Tam Hoang translates his father's release papers

Tam translates the documents for his father's release from a reeducation camp in Vietnam.

Road to Andalucia

John Adams - Nixon in China

"I am the wife of Mao Tse-tung" by Kathleen Kim

Relocos y Repasados Trailer

Las Búsquedas Trailer

Güeros Trailer

Stockholm Trailer

Surfing Sandspit

Thelma & Marty

13-minute clip Of Martin Scorsese & Thelma Schoonmaker In The Editing Room.

100 Years At The Movies

Originally shown at the Academy Awards in 1994 on the 100th Birthday of Film.

Orcas in Bahia de Los Angeles

Gas station incident

The Loons, "Miss Clara Regrets"