Videos for July 23, 2015


Flooding of Alvarado Creek

Lil Style Masters

My 4-year-old Son Dane stood up for the first time on a soft top surfboard and it lit a fire with his other two buddies. They all stood up for the first time together. It made for a special day. I'm so glad I had my camera and got out in the water filming these Lil Style Masters for the first time and they all shared it together. Lil Bro's! It stoked me to see how much fun these little guys are having and it stoked the people watching. We now have a Friday mandatory surf session for the little guys. It also sparks other kids to join in on the stoke!

Planned Parenthood Uses Partial-Birth Abortions to Sell Baby Parts

By the Center for Medical Progress

Raise the Balloon

Stop Runaway Development in San Diego

Let’s Be Friends

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