Videos for July 2015


"Another One"

Title track from Mac DeMarco's latest

Mako attacks kayak

We caught this beautiful 100 pound mako off our kayaks in La Jolla last week.

"Complicated Girl"

Off of the Aggrolites' Rugged Road album

"Never Really Good at Sports"

Sledding With Tiger's, Folk-O-Rama session

"Treasure Hands"

From Lucy's Fur Coat's debut album, Jaundice

Farmer Bob's Pocket Skunk

"Sittin' Around in a Restless Dream" San Diego psych-rockers Sacri Monti


From Unknown Mortal Orchestra's album of the same name.

"As One," Odessa Kane

Reclaiming the Community album promo. The record is due to drop Tuesday, July 28.

"Biscuits" of Kacey Musgraves's latest, Pageant Material

Flooding of Alvarado Creek

Lil Style Masters

My 4-year-old Son Dane stood up for the first time on a soft top surfboard and it lit a fire with his other two buddies. They all stood up for the first time together. It made for a special day. I'm so glad I had my camera and got out in the water filming these Lil Style Masters for the first time and they all shared it together. Lil Bro's! It stoked me to see how much fun these little guys are having and it stoked the people watching. We now have a Friday mandatory surf session for the little guys. It also sparks other kids to join in on the stoke!

Planned Parenthood Uses Partial-Birth Abortions to Sell Baby Parts

By the Center for Medical Progress

Raise the Balloon

Stop Runaway Development in San Diego

I'm 50!

Child no more

Before turning 16, Sherry Sotelo won the right to adulthood in juvenile court.

Unexpected trailer

Pavane - Gabriel Fauré

"Por El Destino"

Official music video for San Pedro El Cortez, a psychedelic garage rock band from Tijuana, México.


Little Dove single, performed live at the Viper Room

Liang, the Chun Kun Lady

"Something in the Water" Pokey LaFarge

Michael Gordon: Rewriting Beethoven's Seventh Symphony, for orchestra (2006)

Of course you also risk getting compositions such as this offering by Michael Gordon. Sorry, but this sounds like a section of Formula One cars downshifting over and over. It’s a prolonged gimmick.

Anti-treaty with Iran ad

"'Cause I'm a Man" of Tame Impala's latest, Currents

Anton Bruckner - Sinfonia N° 4

Craft Cocktails 2015!

Join two Reader special operatives as they taste their way through the Craft Cocktails 2015 special issue.

Do I Sound Gay?

Peter Grimes - Jon Vickers

John Oliver on stadium lunacy

"The Rain, the Park & Other Things" the Cowsills


Off of Chappo's Nothin' to Sell You EP


Off of Chon's new release, Grow

"Young Girls"

From Pins' second record, Wild Nights

Cartel Land Trailer


...and the cholo-goth life

"Gone Daddy Gone"

Violent Femmes' official video

"New Moon"

Natalie Cressman performs her original composition

"Coming Home"

Title track off of Leon Bridges's debut

Sam shares the process of creating a Go Guitar

Sam shares the process of creating his Go Guitar and the story of how the guitar and business came to be.

Sam & zebrawood

Sam Radding talks zebrawood for his guitars.

Sam Radding and the birth of Go Guitars

Sam Radding of Go Guitars talks about the genesis of his travel guitar design.

Let’s Be Friends

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