Videos for January 2015


Whale watching

From Sea Adventure 80 Sportfishing

A New Wave by Sleater-Kinney

A New Wave by Sleater-Kinney

Horse riding in Palm Springs

Shaochen Chen discusses his bioprinter

Dr. Shaochen Chen's "homemade" bioprinter in the UCSD laboratory where he works with his team to "print" living tissue.

Dr. Shaochen Chen's bioprinter

Nanotech bioprinting created a scaffold that gives structure to heart muscle cells.

David Feeney and SD3D Printing

SD3D founder and CEO David Feeney takes the Reader inside his shop, filled with 3D printers operating "26 hours a day."

Black Sea trailer

"Better Than He" by The Burning of Rome

"Furries" by Pony Death Ride

"UNI" by The Lovebirds

The Motets

Funk is Dead Tribute

"New Difference" by Manual Scan

As performed on a San Diego TV show in 1984

In Harmony with Whales

As you watch this know these cows bring their calves to the pangas for the interaction. If they held any just resentment toward humans at all they could easily and skillfully smash the boat and all aboard. Awesome may be overused, but not in this case.

California Dreaming

Featuring California marine life.


BAJA was produced to show and share with the world the amazingly beautiful creatures that inhabit the waters around the Baja California Peninsula including the Revillagigedo Archipelago of Mexico/

Rescued surfer

Hans Rott - Symphony in E Major (1880)

Paddleboarder's close encounter with orcas

My dream of seeing Orcas (aka killer whales) recently came true. Watch as a friendly pod of 5 orcas interacts with me on my paddle board. This was filmed with my GoPro off the coast of Laguna Beach California last week. You'll see the whales come directly under my board twice. This was an amazing, magical afternoon.

Logs on skyline

Tolan Shaw: Eyes

Alison DaRosa and the San Diego Essential Guide

The app's creator discusses its fate.

Rocket's genesis

Developers of the Rocket app discuss its beginnings and plans for the future.

Italian guide at Craco, Italy

Oscar Nominations 2015 Dick Poop

The LEGO Movie: "Everything Is Awesome"

Gavin gets a new glucose monitor

The father of a child with Type 1 diabetes installs a new blood glucose monitor on his son's arm as part of a diabetes management program that keeps him alive.

A shoal of sailfish

A massive, rare and colourful shoal of sailfish hunt down their prey.

Orca video from Dana Wharf

Schumann Requiem für Mignon op. 98b

Inside Mogl with Jon Carder

Jon Carder, Mogl founder and serial entrepreneur, talks about the operations and beginnings of the business. Special guest appearance by Mojo.

Inside Knockaround

Exploring the space of Knockaround, a San Diego sunglasses company started by a young entrepreneur.

Judo Math on KUSI

Kayak fishing tale

Kayak fisherman Jim Sammons hooks a monster roosterfish.