Videos for February 2015


Chicago intersection

Japanese intersection

Equilibrium trailer


The full album, by My Bloody Valentine

iPad: Make a film with iPad

The Midnight Pine, "Caution"

Official video

The Midnight Pine covers Radiohead

"Exit Music (For a Film)"

The Midnight Pine, "Caution"

A trolley show

Flogging Molly, "Don't Shut 'Em Down"

Rincon Fires Away

Dane, Yadin, and friends tear her to shreds

Malnourished seal beaches himself

Malnourished seal beaches himself outside the Marine Room in La Jolla on the morning of February 19, 2015.

How not to surf Todos Santos

Featuring Taz Knight.

A peek at Sky Falconry

A peek at Sky Falconry in Alpine, featuring "hawk walking."


Training a Harris's Hawk to fly with a paraglider.

Golden Hour Surf from Above

I filmed this recently at Del Mar beach from my quadcopter with my wife. We set out to capture the sunset from above, but couldn't help but also capture the surfers being amazing out there. My short film has been selected to be shown at America's finest film festival in San Diego in August.

"Deep Six" by Marilyn Manson

From Marilyn Manson's new album, The Pale Emperor

Folding Mr. Lincoln: "Missing Her Pretty Green Eyes"

David Ybarra — electric bass | Harry Mestyanek — vocals & acoustic guitar

Fake baby!

Olsen Perri wines and their basket press

Will Perri and Mark Olsen talk about the Italian, manual basket press they use at their urban winery in San Diego.

GroundFrog Day 2015

Barbarella reports from Snohomish, Washington

The Duke of Burgundy Official Trailer

Fifty Shades of Grey Official Trailer

Tour of San Diego's Blue Door Winery

Proprietor Mark takes us on a short tour of his Blue Door Winery facility.

Major Minus at Fluxx

Playground Slap

Playground Slap funks it up for the first time in 18 years at the Casbah. The 'Slap are: Marcelo Radulovich- Guitar, David Ybarra- Bass, Ray Dezonia- Keys and other sounds, Bill Ray- Drums, Mike Keneally- Guitar

Das Boot: Directors Cut

The Stone Foxes, "Everybody Knows"

How to chop wood

National Gallery trailer

Ninja III: The Domination trailer

Art of Élan

Tom Brosseau, "Roll Along with Me"

Earthless, From the Ages

Tiny Doo, "24 Hours"

Movimiento Aparente

By Francisco Eme

Do Try This At Home

Marilyn McPhie at TEDxAmericasFinestCity

Bracero prototype

by Daniel Ruanova

TJ in China

Interview with Mely Barragán about TJ IN CHINA Project Room. (In Spanish.)

Kate Voegele, "Hallelujah"

Let’s Be Friends

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