Aguirre confronted by CHP

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Video of CHP officers confronting Mike Aguirre

Local attorney was asked to surrender box of papers at public meeting

Mike Aguirre tells the audience at a June 16 public meeting of the California Public Utilities Commission in Costa Mesa why he opposes the so-called “settlement” that would force ratepayers to shell out $3.3 billion ...

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Arne Duncan visit

Good Guys Car Show, Del Mar

Young Republicans' Mayoral Debate

rom February 27 debate at Randy Jones All American Sports Grill in Mission Valley. Poor lighting, interesting sound from the mouths of Republican San Diego mayoral candidates Carl DeMaio, Bonnie Dumanis, Nathan Fletcher. — Editor

Boeing 787 Dreamliner Lands in San Diego

The newly designed and touring Boeing 787 Dreamliner paid a visit to Lindbergh Field on Monday, March 12. As an air-traffic control student, I was fortunate to be approved for tarmac access so I could ogle the graceful plane as it approached for a landing around 11:00 a.m. A crowd of VIPs and media people also watched. Later on, local politicians, airport employees, and business executives climbed aboard to take a tour. The Dreamliner was parked in San Diego for one day, near the Landmark Aviation tarmac on Pacific Highway. The plane left this morning, March 13, and will make another promotional stop in Long Beach tomorrow.

Opening Day at El Chaparral Border Crossing

Mexico's El Chaparral border crossing station opened its 22 gates to the full flow of Mexico-bound traffic on Friday, November 1. Traffic jams lasted for hours. These videos, shot from different vantage points on the pedestrian crossing walkways, give a sense of what commuters will be up against until the kinks are worked out.

El Monte Valley Bobcats

Eagle watch at Ramona Grasslands

A young pair of bald eagles are nesting and raising a single offspring.

Weasel watch at Lindo Lake

Fire on El Cajon Mountain

On Tuesday, July 2, a fire that started at about 1:30 p.m. on El Cajon Mountain burned up steep, rugged terrain. Helicopters, including a Sikorsky skycrane equipped with a water tank, battled the blaze as ground crews work the perimeter. The cause of the fire was unknown.

Thoughts on Encinitas

Music lovers, surfers, "eco-freaks" and mythical masked robbers: Beth VanBoxtel gives the scoop on her home town. Interviewed at Lou's Records on Highway 101.

Thoughts on Ocean Beach

Gary Hoag discusses life as an Ocean Beach business owner and resident. Interviewed at Ace Tattoo on Newport Avenue.

Quad-copter at 1000 ft.

Encinitas tree-light stringing

El Caballo Park

Mission Beach house fire

OMBAC Coming Out Party 2010

Tree fire

La Maguana

Faulconer party

ShinBi arrives in the U.S.A.

Audio of Leitner's tantrum

Audio of Leitner's tantrum

Beerfest 2014 Participants

Fire at Malena's

CPUC meeting, January 8, 2013

"SF CPUC Judge [Darling] Goes Off & Out of Control…"

May 14 meeting

"I'm not here to answer your goddamn question…"

Fire report

Michael Davis talks about driving for Uber in San Diego

Michael Davis talks about making a living as a driver for the Uber car service on the streets of San Diego.

CPUC meeting, January 8, 2013

"SF CPUC Judge [Darling] Goes Off & Out of Control…"

May 14 meeting

"I'm not here to answer your goddamn question…"

San Diego River cleanup event

San Diegans of all ages contribute to the Creek to Bay Cleanup event by cleaning up garbage in the San Diego River area.

BIO party in the Gaslamp

12-foot fall

Schaar's winning run

Crossing the border at Boquillas

Crisis drill

Shadow Mountain video

Gas leak

May 14 meeting

"I'm not here to answer your goddamn question…"

CPUC meeting, January 8, 2013

"SF CPUC Judge [Darling] Goes Off & Out of Control…"

Keith Solar Lincoln Club video

Zombie Walk incident

Mapping Tijuana

Contemporary Dance Intervention

TJTQ balloon release

Vandenberg launch

SDPD observation van

Signature gatherer

BYOB: Tijuana

"I'm scanned, therefore I Am" Intervención por Dubus Gráfico de Max Lizárraga - Auayuaví

BYOB: Tijuana

BYOB: Tijuana

Fernandez tribute

RIP John Paul Fernandez, 1994-2011

Gas station incident

Morning marchers at Ché Café

Protestors against eviction march and chant in early morning hours at UCSD.

Darrell Issa's pedicab ride

CNN video

Plaza Bonita Bikeway gets linked

Public comment

Angela Reed

Lunch at KULA Revolving Sushi

World's Smart Cities: San Diego

Trailer for upcoming National Geographic documentary

Mount Taylor

Carlsbad fires, May 14, 2014

Downhill Playas

First hour at the fair


East Village in transition

Alisunn Curtin, Administrative Director of Space 4 Art, talks about the transitional state of the East Village, San Diego neighborhood.

Joel Rocco's rooftop

The owner of Undisputed gym, located in San Diego's East Village, shares the considerable view from his rooftop.

Joel Rocco's loft tour and thoughts on East Village housing

Joel Rocco of Undisputed gym shares his loft living space and view into the gym, and then discusses his experience of living near a large population of homeless people.

East Village homeless storage depot

Inside the storage depot in San Diego's East Village neighborhood where homeless people are able to safely store their belongings.

Condos and tents in East Village, San Diego

The Pinnacle building, under construction, rises over the sidewalk tent community in San Diego's East Village neighborhood.

Spanglish at the Natural History Museum

“The Desert at Night” is the Natural History Museum’s attempt to engage Spanish and English speakers at the same time.

Logan and Gary's wedding

John Lennon's missing guitar...

...now found, goes up for auction.

Raise the Balloon

Stop Runaway Development in San Diego

Liang, the Chun Kun Lady

Flooding of Alvarado Creek


monaghan June 24, 2014 @ 1:39 p.m.

Great video by Ace Hoffman showing intrepid attorney Mike Aguirre making a strong case for investing in SoCalEdison/SDG&E which gets fabulous rates of return for its shareholders by screwing ratepayers; for colluding with the State Public Utilities Commission whose chairman is a lobbyist; and for secret payoffs to alleged "watchdog" agencies like TURN and Friends of the Earth and UCAN. I'm calling my broker now.


CaptD June 26, 2014 @ 9:04 a.m.

Here is an article where a SCE and MHI engineers brag about how they made a huge number of design and engineering changes to improve the Original Steam Generators which proves that the Replacement Steam Generators were not identical to the Original Steam Generators as required by the NRC Like-For-Like 50.59 Regulations.

Note the charts of all the changes which led to the new steam generators failing shortly after being installed, which caused a radioactive leak which could have been much more dangerous.

Improving Like-For-Like RSGs


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