Videos for June 2014


BIO party in the Gaslamp

12-foot fall

Steampunk vendors at "Duel at Dusk"

A short tour of the interesting, mostly handmade wares for sale at the "Duel at Dusk" Steampunk gathering in San Diego.

Jeb Haught's gadgets and accoutrements

Jeb Haught, steampunk fan and "maker," shares his story of discovering his passion for creating interesting things and shows off one of his more notable creations.

The fantastical inventions of Lithobius Quick

Lithobius Quick, aka Kim Hutsell, shares some of his complex, artful "inventions," many of them made at the San Diego Lapidary Society.

Aguirre confronted by CHP

Guided tour of Paras newsstand

North Park's Paras Newsstand survives in the Internet age by supplying a variety of specialty magazines to customers of all sorts. A customer explains his particular interest and buying habits, and proprietor Junior Najor gives a guided tour of what is for sale.

Eating a scorpion in Bangkok

Schaar's winning run

When I Saw You Trailer

Crossing the border at Boquillas

Shadow Mountain video

Crisis drill

Bowery Blitzkrieg

Talking with Just in Time for Foster Youth

Just in Time for Foster Youth

Melissa Gutierrez and foster care

Melissa discusses her experiences in the foster care system at various times in her life.