Videos for August 27, 2014


Shooting the Pier at Malibu, CA - Drone Footage

A strong SE swell started filling in at Malibu on 8/26/14 giving us long lines of perfection. This isn't the only time Allen Sarlo shot the pier, he was charging!

Bitcoin enthusiasts discuss the cryptocurrency

Operators of a San Diego-based Bitcoin business directory service talk about what Bitcoin is and consider its future and viability as an investment.

Furries group

Several people who like to socialize while dressed in elaborate, cartoon-character costumes share their stories.

Lifeguard Rescue — Newport Beach

Newport Beach lifeguards attempting to help a body-surfer who became distressed while trying to stay afloat among waves up to 25 feet near the Wedge (map) had to be rescued by a boat Wednesday morning.

Ghosts Happen meetup event

Members of the San Diego "Ghosts Happen" group gather next to a freeway and feel that the spirit of a deceased child is near, so they try to convince it to stand on a picnic table and knock things over.

Let’s Be Friends

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