Videos for November 2013


November 24 border-crossing attempt

Cheech Marin in Born in East L.A.

Ramona Wineries

Interviews and tours with winemakers at Kohill, Cactus Star, Woof'n Rose, Edwards, and Schwaesdall in Ramona, California.

Good Guys Car Show, Del Mar

Oregon's Multnomah Falls

Rabbi Silverman, the Kennedy assassination's last insider

An interview with Hillel Silverman, Jack Ruby's rabbi and friend. Topics include his love for baseball, his time as a soldier in the 1948 Arab--Israeli War and rabbi in the US Navy, his thoughts on the JFK assassination, and his experiences with Jack Ruby before and after the killings of JFK and Lee Harvey Oswald.

Jeffrey Tambor: Performing Your Life

Hoover High football

Footage of the field at Hoover High, cheerleading and football practice, and a chat with some players.

Amen the printmaker

Traditional batik printmaking in a Dar es Salaam shop.

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