Chula Vista school hurries to get ready for Arne Duncan

This is what the community needs to know about Bleisch. 1. He coerces students and their parents into forced attendance recovery through after school tutoring and Saturday schools. He tells parents and students that if they don't attend and make up an absence they will be dropped to independent study. This is how CPM's attendance percentages have increased so much. While it is true that the kids should make up absences, using bully tactics to frighten parents and students into submission is unacceptable. I would love to see him try to manipulate and intimidate parents on the East Side who generally have a more comprehensive understanding of the system and are usually more informed about their students' rights. Consider that recovering attendance through after school or Saturday school doesn't mean the students are actually recovering time missed in math, English, science, or history class. It means that the school is receiving lost ADA for the periods that child was absent. The real data that needs to be examined is CPM's actual attendance and not cleared attendance. 2. Bleisch has sacrificed teaching content in core area classes to improve test scores in English. Social studies teachers have been directed to teach a reading intervention program during their history classes instead of teaching the California State Standards or Common Core Standards. Shouldn't CPM students be learning what the state and district have mandated? Remember, the content and skills these courses teach is essential for transitioning into high school A-G classes, AP classes, and IB classes. Or does Bleisch not really care if students are prepared for their futures as long as CPM's test scores go up? Would any principal on the East Side get away with this? 3. Bleisch has consistently been accused by teachers and counselors of bullying. These are teachers from Granger, MVH, CPM, and even teachers on special assignment at the district office. Anyone who challenges him faces an uncertain future. Teachers who have raised questions about his management decisions are transferred out, but only after receiving humiliating text messages at 2 am or threatening reprimands where Bleisch uses his imposing physical stature to intimidate them. 4. Bleisch likes to take all the credit for the Granger Turn-Around Model. He has NEVER acknowledged National City Elementary School District's efforts at transforming literacy among their students. Much of Granger students' success is related to the education they received in elementary school. But giving credit to someone else doesn't help Bleisch's bottom line . . . promoting himself. 5. Bleisch has routinely provided South Bay Community Services with confidential student information so that they can recruit kids for outreach services. Bleisch has family connections with South Bay Community Services who financially benefit from this arrangement.
— September 7, 2013 2:15 p.m.

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